Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Latest Shoe Trends on Campus

I'm visiting California right now and today my boyfriend and I decided to people watch for the sake of shoe trend hunting while walking at a near by school. The classes were in session and people were walking everywhere. Our eyes naturally gravitated to their feet so we could study what exactly everyone was wearing!

It was quite amusing and I enjoyed confirming the latest trends in shoes on campus. My assumption before doing the "shoe people watch" was that most gals would be wearing flip flops. I was very wrong! Since it is the beginning of spring in sunny California a lot of girls are still wearing boots, flats, Keds, and occasionally pumps. The entire time we were walking at the school I only saw one girl with a pair of pumps. I'm assuming it's hard to get to class while wearing heels with height? I don't blame the girls who want to stick with flats but it is still fun to wear a pair of heels now and again, depending on the distance you must walk. When I was in school I most often wore flats and flip flops and occasionally boots.

So let me share with you what I saw on campus, starting with Keds.
The Keds Laceless Animal Print shoe auction ends in 5 hours, so by the time you wake up and see it, it most likely will be over. However, type in Keds in our search box and hopefully another seller will have a pair of Keds listed. :) 

Next we saw a lot of flats in a variety of colors and styles:

Check out these adorable flats and their design! So cute! The rounded toe is stylish and well designed in my opinion. I saw a lot of flats on campus, mostly in neutral colors such as this pair. It makes sense if you are walking quickly to class to be in style, but also to be in comfort.
Boots were everywhere, which was surprising to me because my feet get very hot in them! However, if you want to have the spring look with a tunic and leggings, boots are a perfect way to stay warm and cool at the same time. This pair of EMU Stinger Boots are adorable and have the perfect shade of color. Here's another neutral colored pair in beige.
Remember how I mentioned that I only saw one girl wearing a pair of pumps today? Well, if you are going to wear pumps to school, which I had mentioned I did not see very much of, I would wear a pair with lower heels, or at least try to. This pair below has about a 3" heel. I love these BCBGIRLS pumps in multi-colors. They are sparkly, fun, and perfect for the college life, whether you are a first time student or are returning!
The Pink Croc Pumps are also darling if you aren't afraid of wearing hot pink while walking around on campus! I wouldn't be - they're bold and beautiful!

Last, but certainly not least, I mentioned that we saw a lot of flip flops. Why of course! We are in sunny CA and most girls like having their feet to show, if they have a cute pedicure that is. :) Well, at least I care about the pedicure but as it turns out a lot of toes that I saw were not well taken care of in the pedicure department. Oh well, it's the flip flops that count, right?

This is another auction that is ending - but head on over to the flip flop section under Browse. These flip flops are Marc by Marc Jacobs printed shoes.
 So did you learn about the latest shoe trends on a college campus in California? I think the style usually goes back to the current trends, or if you are trend breaker whatever you feel like wearing! The great news is that shoes never go out of style (obviously because our feet have to be safe!) and there are always fresh and fun new shoes to keep us fashionable and entertained.

So I have a question that has been weighing on my mind. 
Are you the kind of girl that would wear pumps to class?


  1. Really, people still wear boots this time of year? Crazy. Then again, you guys were on a campus so naturally all kinds of trends happen "to walk around". ;)

    And no, I would never wear pumps to class. It has to be something comfortable to walk in all day long (and possibly run to class!).

  2. I think its crazy that they are wearing their Uggs in California! I take night classes at a college in NYC and its normal to see tons of boots around here because it is still pretty cold. Once it gets warmer there will be flats and flipflops galore at night classes. I tend to wear those most as well because I'm always rushing/late and need to RACE to class! During the day however, I've heard (and saw the few times I was there early) so many girls wear sky high heels to class. I find nothing wrong with that in any normal circumstance but my entire campus is huge hills and there is one hill that I'm sure it would be almost impossible to walk in heels on! :)


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