Friday, April 29, 2011

Stars and Their Love for Vera Wang Shoes

I always enjoy searching the internet for the latest trends and fashion statements. It's fun to see an actress, star, or singer wear one of your favorite designer's shoes so you can get a good idea what they look like on their feet! One of my favorite designers is Vera Wang. It's easy to understand why. Vera Wang is timeless, classy, and elegant. Her shoes sparkle and it's hard to turn away from such beauty. I went on a hunt on the internet for some actresses who wear Vera Wang and what kind of outfit they paired their stunning shoes with. Let me tell you - they all look fabulous in their Vera Wang shoes and outfits!

Click on each picture and it will send you to its source. :)
Paired with a gorgeous rose colored and form fitting dress, Nicky Hilton looks gorgeous in her pumps and dress at this Vera Wang event!
I love these shoes that Mila Kunis wore. Vera Wang is exquisite with its design in these platforms. They look comfortable and Mila even paired them with black nail polish. I love it!
Reese Witherspoon makes Vera Wang shine in this outfit. I love these black pumps on her, especially since she's shorter so I'm sure she likes the added height. I think she would look amazing in a pair of Vera Wang flats as well! Let's take a look at some of the Vera Wang shoes If The Shoe Doesn't Fit has on its site right now from various sellers.

So what are your thoughts on Vera Wang? Do you feel like a princess if you own a pair of Vera Wang shoes? When I think of Vera Wang I think of Sex and the City and I think of going to a royal ball. Now if only I could save up some money to get myself a pair! The "Nabia" Platform Pumps might be a great start. I love the way the silver glistens! If The Shoe Doesn't Fit has some fantastic sellers that have great taste in shoes: they have Vera Wang for an affordable price! ;)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Do you hide your shoes from your son?

Reading controversial blogs and articles is something I enjoy doing for a short while every day. Somehow reading about all the crazy things people do makes me feel more sane. However, some of the stories makes me think and look deeper into myself, my thoughts, views and opinions. This blog post is not intended to tell you WHAT to think, but just to inspire you to stop for a moment and consider what your thoughts are.

This was exactly what I did when I came across a story about a high school boy who was sent the principle's office for wearing high heeled shoes to school. While the school is said to value freedom of expression, this boy and another boy who wore a dress to school a few weeks ago, were gently persuaded not to do so. The school did not discipline them for their deeds, but they did make the news and were on the receiving end of some harsh judgment.

The comments on the article were varied and passionate, to say the very least. Some said that it is the child's right to wear whatever he wants to wear, others were very judgmental of the child's choice and everyone forgot the issue at hand and attacked one another morally.

My first instinct was to assess it properly, but since the article did not contain much more info, I could not really substantiate my reaction for or against the issue.

Those of us in the world of shoes know that there are high heeled shoes for men and that the ancient Romans made them famous ages ago. It would be wrong to stereotype the child as homosexual if in fact he expressed his style by wearing Latin ballroom dance shoes to school.

Regarding the other boy who wore a dress to school, I have seen that it is a new trend for buddies to make a groom-to-be wear a dress in public as part of his initiation at his batchelor's party. These boys may have been dared by their friends to dress this way. Or perhaps it was actually a kilt and he was embracing his Scottish heritage.

So, after in depth analysis I have come to no conclusion at all. If the school allows kids to express themselves, they open the door to all kinds of things. That's what kids do. I think the reporter should have done a better job reporting on the incident and got the reasons behind why the kids did this. I have learned that we should find the reasoning behind an event before we rush to conclusions and start labeling people - kids in particular.

My daughter has cured my son of all sense of style after making him wear her clothes and putting my make-up on him, using him as her own personal “dress up doll”. He is so sick of it, that I don't think I have to hide my heels, just yet, but then again, would it matter?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blonde in pink shoes

When Little Miss Brat (aka my daughter) told me the other day that pink is not a color for adult women, I could not help but reflect on my shoe collection. This is not strange, as my shoe collection is, uhm... predominantly pink. A variety of shades of pink, of course, not just one shade as that would probably be strange. 

I decided to soothe my growing anxiety. The method I decided on was to decide on was to  very quickly choose my favorite shoes in each category. The results were as such:

In the daily slopping around the house shoes category the winner was: My shocking pink crocs.  Naturally - I wear them most days and they're in my favorite color.

In the beach category:  My pink slip-slops!  I soothed my conscience again, as the walk to the beach is basically just across the road and then I take them off to feel the sand beneath my feet. Nobody actually saw them, so they did not count either. 

I decided to make it harder. What is the hardest category I can think of? Hmmm... Aha! A dressy daytime shoe for "going out". 

Immediately my 4-inch, wooden sole sandals came to mind. They are gorgeous, with a beautiful rhinestone embellishment. I can wear them with jeans and a top or with a pant-suit or with a dress... Working from home, I sometimes wear them with hot pants to the office (at home, which I share with hubby - nudge, nudge, wink, wink).  

Their color? Dark pink. Yup - it is clear that I like pink shoes. So shoot me! 

I guess my daughter probably has a point about all the pink. Will I change it anytime soon? I can't say. Wearing pink clothes with my massess of blonde curls sort of gives me a bit more leeway in terms of what I get away with. People are more forgiving and expect less of me when I am just a "blonde with pink shoes"!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Introducing ITSDF's Incredible Intern Part 5

TGIF! I'm absolutely thrilled that I've been able to introduce you to Danielle this week. Not only is she one amazing gal, but I know that the ITSDF internship and her love for fashion is going to take her very far in life!

Here are the last few questions that I have for Danielle, but I promise this is not the last that you will hear from her! Be sure to be on the look out for Danielle as she interacts on this blog, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites with us.

Now you can find out what Danielle's favorite shoe is! ;)

The craziest thing (g-rated) I ever did was… It’s funny I know there are plenty of things BUT I’m drawing a blank. A think the silliest thing I’ve ever done was run away from a Bee that was chasing me. I was working up North as a nanny and a friend and I decided to tan during our break. Well… We were sitting around peacefully soaking in the sun and this huge honker of a bee started buzzing around us. Well, I’m scared of all bugs! So I jump off and take off running and screaming with my hands in the air… the only thing I can hear is the buzzing of the bee behind me. Luckily after a few moments something else catches the bee’s attention and he goes off to do something else but my goodness was I freaked out. I packed up my stuff and went back inside!

My dream shoe is: Louboutins!!
 Sigh. This is my favorite pair of pumps and shoes too. I mean - 
can a girl truly ask for anything more?
Just to throw some temptation your way - 
here are some delicious Christian Louboutin pumps that recently have 
been up for auction on ITSDF's auction website! If the auction is 
over simply type in Christian Louboutin in our search bar
for new pumps that are currently for sale.
Also - click on the shoe. It will bring you straight to the shoe up for auction.

Thanks Danielle for answering these series of questions! 
I know I've enjoyed getting to know you better and 
I can't wait to continue to get to know you. 

Plus, I love that we have the same passion for fashion!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Introducing ITSDF's Incredible Intern Part 4

Happy Thursday! Is everyone looking forward to the weekend? I am!

Let's get going on our fourth post on Danielle, If The Shoe Doesn't Fit's intern. Tomorrow please come back for the fifth and final post and find out what Danielle's favorite shoe is! Let me tell you - it's one amazing designer! 

Here are some more questions for Danielle, continued from part three:

The super power I want most is… to read minds. That way I’d know what people really wanted rather than having to guess!
The best movie I ever saw was….. Schindlers List. Now I know what you may be thinking and I would have to agree to some extent BUT…. In context the movie is by far the most real, inspirational and beautiful example of human perseverance, kindness and beauty if I’ve even witnessed. I saw Schindlers List and have to saw that it taught me to love EVERYONE no matter what. To always fight for what I believe in and stay true to my morals and to forgive. 

My favorite book is: I don’t have a favorite. But the last book I read was: The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

The food I can’t live without is: Oranges!
  Have a wonderful evening and happy almost Friday! I think I want to go and eat an orange now. :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Introducing ITSDF's Incredible Intern Part 3

Hello! Happy Wednesday shoe lovers! I'm back with more questions for Danielle, and stay tuned to learn more about her incredible personality:

My favorite drink is… Pina Colada. It reminds me of a Tropical Escape.

I wish I was more…. Of a healthy eater. If you put a piece of cake in front of me… it’s gone within moments!

iPhone or Blackberry? Blackberry! I Love BBM.
I like…..Pine apple

I’m afraid of…..Spiders. Every last one.

My dream is to…. Be a lawyer in either the Entertainment or Fashion field.

I’d never in a million years…. Eat a chocolate covered bug. Ick!

I’d jump at the chance to meet… Ellen DeGeneres. I think we’d get along famously. 
The superpower I want most is… to read minds. That way I’d know what people really wanted rather than having to guess!

My music style is … I love everything! I’ll even admit I listen to country. But I turn the volume down so no one can hear!

My man style is … I like a guy that makes me laugh. I’ve never really dated a type. My man style is totally all over the place but I am a firm believer in smiling and laughing and if a guy can make me laugh. Well gosh he has my heart.

There you have it - a little glimpse into who Danielle is and wants to be. Stay tuned for our final set of questions that Danielle answers tomorrow. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Introducing ITSDF's Incredible Intern Part 2

Thanks for those of you who visited yesterday's post. Today I'm back with a few more interview questions that Danielle answered. I just love learning more about her! Don't you?! :)

What are you hoping to gain from If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit as an internship?
That’s a hard question! There is so much that I’m looking to gain. First and foremost I’m looking to gain a better sense of myself before I enter the “real world”. I’d like the hands on experience with professionals while also making real and genuine connections. Not just networking in a business manner but making connections and keeping them. Second, I’d like to develop, improve and refine my social media skills. I’d like to become aware of my market on a more professional level and be able to draw up a social media marketing plan. Third, I love fashion and I want to work more on the business side of the equation rather than retail. While my studies don’t include fashion or give me an ability to study fashion in any way an internship with If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit allows me to work on something that is fun and is just for ME! :)
 What are your goals for If The Shoe Doesn't Fit? or What will you be doing as the Intern for If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit?
My goals for ‘If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit’ would be to gain more recognition on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc… and to be a recognizable online auction site to a larger population. I’d like more people to use If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit and spread the word that If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit is a reputable, fun and valuable resource for shoe lovers of any budget.

Thanks for answering our questions with some amazing answers Danielle! I love social media too and I can't wait to see you interact with everyone on Facebook and Twitter. :)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post with more incredible answers from Danielle! :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Introducing ITSDF's Incredible Intern!

I've been dying to introduce you to If The Shoe Doesn't Fit's intern. A lover of Shoes (of course!) Danielle is ready to give us a glimpse into who she is and what inspires her love for shoes and for life! Stay tuned for the next four days to be introduced to Danielle with a series of interview questions. 

Please give her a warm welcome! 
I just adore her fun personality and her love for cake. I have just a slight cupcake addiction right now so it felt nice to read that I share the same habit as Danielle.

So without further ado, I'd like to introduce If The Shoe Doesn't Fit's Incredible Intern!

Please tell us about yourself.

Here I am in a pretty big nut shell: My name is Danielle and I’m 21 years of age. I attend the University of Winnipeg and I’m majoring in Sociology and Communications. I’m a lover of cake and chocolate milk. I have an obsession with coffee to the point that it may be unhealthy and I love my sleep. I try to work out everyday even though sometimes the only exercise I get is opening the refrigerator door! I've been camping once and even that was enough to kill it for me. I wish I was more in tune with my outdoorsy side but right now all I do is recycle. In hopes of maintaining the environment so one day I can explore the great outdoors! I’m a pretty sarcastic person with a really random sense of humor. I’m easily the loudest person in the room!

I'm your average rebel I like to live life on the edge by J-walking whenever possible, sometimes I forget to hold doors open for people (I’m sorry if you ever walk behind me! It’s not intentional), I walk uber-fast which makes it hard for me to slow down. To top off that insanely daring list I like 3 creams in my coffee instead of 2. I wear heels in winter and that really adds to my on the edge life style.. You never know when your gunna slip and sprain an ankle! When I'm not studying I do enjoy a bunch of 'things' I like to spend time with my friends, shopping, eating cake, kayaking, and I'll trying anything once.. Like camping for example.

When did your love of shoes begin?

My love of shoes began with my first pair of black patent leather shoes my mom bought for me when I was about six. I NEVER wore pants and I saw other girls wearing these shoes and one day I picked my shoes out while at the store with my mom and ever since then… I’ve been buying shoes!
 Now I haven't seen Danielle's closet but I'm sure we both are wishing our closet looked like this! Sigh, we love shoes so so much!

Stay tuned to learn more about If The Shoe Doesn't Fit's Incredible Intern tomorrow night around this time with a new post and new questions!

{All photos are from We Heart It and if you click on the photo it will bring you straight to the source!}

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Girls and Their Shoes

Little girls love shoe shopping almost as much as their mommies love it. (Little tomboys also do, but when it comes to wearing the shoes it is another story for another day.) This can be very frustrating, as they are bound to choose the most stylish shoes with the biggest price tag and end up not wearing it very often as it's uncomfortable - they have not yet developed the ability to grin and bear it! 

Before you know it, they have grown out of the shoes.  The nice thing is that If The Shoe Doesn't Fit allows you to swap or sell the shoes online. But how do you actually get some value for your money?

Many mothers wait until their daughters complain that shoes are uncomfortable before buying new shoes - don't do this!  By the time they become uncomfortable the shoes may already be doing damage to your child's growing feet. Rather do a periodic check to see whether the shoes are still fine.  Stressed seams are a dead give-away as are bulging, tightness and curly toes.

The best time to shop for shoes is late afternoon. While you may want to buy her the latest, cutest pair of shoes available, you should avoid overspending. Children's feet grow very fast and for some moms it seems as though they have to buy a new pair of shoes as part the weekly grocery shopping.

To prolong the next shoe-shopping trip, some moms are tempted to buy a bigger size. Experts say that you should not do that. Shoes should fit snugly, but not too tight. If the shoes are more than one size too big, it can cause your child to develop foot problems, or at the very least to trip right in front of the hottest boy in middle school.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Running shoes - buying tips

My husband used to be quite the runner, having completed several marathons and half marathons and he wishes to one day start running again. However, his running shoes are sacred (read: expensive). Whenever he finds a his running shoes on special, he is likely to buy two pairs in order to stock up.

However, since he has worked his way through 4 pairs of shoes in the last 2 months, despite walking around the house barefoot most of the time (we live on the beach), I thought I'd do a bit of research into why this is happening. I came across an article which said that runhning shoes start aging immediately after production. Seriously?

Running shoes should be replaced after every 350-500 miles in order to prevent injuries, but if the time they spent on the store shelf aged them too, it may have to be sooner.  According to a running shoe expert, the time the shoes spend in the box will not affect their performance. This is obviously great news for runners who like to stock up.

Experts agree that it is perfectly to stock up if you find a deal, as long as you try on each pair. Although each pair may be the exact same size, there could be small differences that occured during the manufacturing process. Ensure that each pair of running shoes fits perfectly and is comfortable enough to run in. It is suggested that you buy your running shoes in 1/2 a size bigger than your casual shoes, as the feet swell when you are running.

While this is great news for hubby, I will have to hide this post. See, Hubs has a tendency to be impulsive and with this news he is sure to buy every pair of shoes on which he can lay his hands. His shoe collection is (almost) bigger than mine already!

Latest Shoe Trends on Campus

I'm visiting California right now and today my boyfriend and I decided to people watch for the sake of shoe trend hunting while walking at a near by school. The classes were in session and people were walking everywhere. Our eyes naturally gravitated to their feet so we could study what exactly everyone was wearing!

It was quite amusing and I enjoyed confirming the latest trends in shoes on campus. My assumption before doing the "shoe people watch" was that most gals would be wearing flip flops. I was very wrong! Since it is the beginning of spring in sunny California a lot of girls are still wearing boots, flats, Keds, and occasionally pumps. The entire time we were walking at the school I only saw one girl with a pair of pumps. I'm assuming it's hard to get to class while wearing heels with height? I don't blame the girls who want to stick with flats but it is still fun to wear a pair of heels now and again, depending on the distance you must walk. When I was in school I most often wore flats and flip flops and occasionally boots.

So let me share with you what I saw on campus, starting with Keds.
The Keds Laceless Animal Print shoe auction ends in 5 hours, so by the time you wake up and see it, it most likely will be over. However, type in Keds in our search box and hopefully another seller will have a pair of Keds listed. :) 

Next we saw a lot of flats in a variety of colors and styles:

Check out these adorable flats and their design! So cute! The rounded toe is stylish and well designed in my opinion. I saw a lot of flats on campus, mostly in neutral colors such as this pair. It makes sense if you are walking quickly to class to be in style, but also to be in comfort.
Boots were everywhere, which was surprising to me because my feet get very hot in them! However, if you want to have the spring look with a tunic and leggings, boots are a perfect way to stay warm and cool at the same time. This pair of EMU Stinger Boots are adorable and have the perfect shade of color. Here's another neutral colored pair in beige.
Remember how I mentioned that I only saw one girl wearing a pair of pumps today? Well, if you are going to wear pumps to school, which I had mentioned I did not see very much of, I would wear a pair with lower heels, or at least try to. This pair below has about a 3" heel. I love these BCBGIRLS pumps in multi-colors. They are sparkly, fun, and perfect for the college life, whether you are a first time student or are returning!
The Pink Croc Pumps are also darling if you aren't afraid of wearing hot pink while walking around on campus! I wouldn't be - they're bold and beautiful!

Last, but certainly not least, I mentioned that we saw a lot of flip flops. Why of course! We are in sunny CA and most girls like having their feet to show, if they have a cute pedicure that is. :) Well, at least I care about the pedicure but as it turns out a lot of toes that I saw were not well taken care of in the pedicure department. Oh well, it's the flip flops that count, right?

This is another auction that is ending - but head on over to the flip flop section under Browse. These flip flops are Marc by Marc Jacobs printed shoes.
 So did you learn about the latest shoe trends on a college campus in California? I think the style usually goes back to the current trends, or if you are trend breaker whatever you feel like wearing! The great news is that shoes never go out of style (obviously because our feet have to be safe!) and there are always fresh and fun new shoes to keep us fashionable and entertained.

So I have a question that has been weighing on my mind. 
Are you the kind of girl that would wear pumps to class?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cinderella, Dorothy and the Old Woman

What do Cinderella, Dorothy and the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe all have in common? Well, a love of shoes of course!  Cinderella’s Glass Slippers were not only beautiful (and much classier than lucite), but they were also magical enough to snag her a hot rich guy.  Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers were so beloved that the chick was willing to throw down with a heinous witch and winged monkey’s just to keep them.  And let’s not forget about the Old Woman who lived in her shoe; she had so many children she didn’t know what to do (I did a whole diatribe about how she might have ended up there in an earlier blog post) …  What she did know? She loved shoes more than motherhood, which would explain why her kids didn’t live in a normal house. 

But digging deeper, there’s something else that links these ladies together besides shoes.  They were all poor! Cinderella was essentially a maid whose closest friends were rodents, Dorothy was the orphaned niece of farmers, and the Old Woman… well she was a single mom… living in a BOOT!

Carrie Bradshaw loved shoes too, but she had an HBO sized budget to work with.  In reality, most women aren’t so lucky; they’re more likely working on a shoe string budget instead (all puns intended).  What’s a girl to do when she wants fancy feet with floundering finances? 

If The Shoe Doesn't Fit is an online auction website for shoe lovers that offers a variety of footwear at a range of price points.  The site was created to offer a one stop shopping just for shoes and shoe related merchandise.  Shoppers will find brand new shoes as well as previously-loved shoes that may have been worn only once or twice and have been abandoned to the back of a closet. That translates into listings of designer shoes and boots, comfort shoes, even sports shoes in great condition, new or gently worn, at amazing prices. Good deal, right?

If Cinderella, Dorothy, and the Old Woman had access to If The Shoe Doesn't Fit it’s fair to say that they would have saved themselves a whole lot of trouble.  Pumpkins and poppies, boots and balls, step-sisters and scarecrows… yes, they could have saved a whole lot of trouble, time, and of course, money.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Size Matters!

I guess size really does matter...except in shoes!

I was looking at some press releases tonight and there it was; a screaming headline:

Plus size model ROBYN LAWLEY makes cover and 10 pages of French ELLE magazine!!!

I've worked my way through almost all sizes at least a few times, so it's nice to hear that big girls are getting noticed in fashion. 

But just a few lines down, there was another press release.  This one was for a book written by Janice Celeste, the momager of a supermodel. The book is intended to prepare parents of aspiring fashion models for what to expect when working with the fashion industry. One example she gives is of girls who managed their weight by eating cotton balls dipped in orange juice to feel full. UGH!!

Reading those to articles, I kept thinking how glad I am that my obsession is with shoes, where I am not ridiculed for what size I wear, or how wide my feet are, even though I wear a 6.5ww.  They just are what they are.  I can't diet into a different shoe size, or get a pedicure to fit into a narrower shoe. And funny, I never think twice about it, never apologize for it, explain it, or rationalize it.

Maybe someday I'll be just as confident about my dress size as I am about my shoe size... but in the meantime, the shoes make me feel fabu - cuz they always fit - no matter what size I am at the moment.  And so, I picked up a fantastic pair of Madden Girl peep toe pumps on sale this weekend; they were the perfect size - the one that fit!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

One Day Without Shoes

Will you kick off your heels for a good cause? I hope so!

There are several "good soles" in the shoe bizness and without a doubt, TOMS is one of them. Most of us are familiar with their well known One-for-One campaign, where for every pair of shoes purchased, one pair of shoes is donated to a child in need.

A lesser known, but growing and equally as important promotion is TOMS One Day Without Shoes which will be held on Tuesday, April 5th this year. This is a day to spread awareness about the impact a simple pair of shoes can have on a child’s life.

TOMS is asking people to go the day, part of the day or even just a few minutes, barefoot, to experience a life without shoes first-hand, and inspire others at the same time.

In 2010, Demi Moore took off her shoes on Jay Leno, and other celebs such as Kristen Bell, Charlize Theron, the Jonas brothers, Demi Lovato and more supported the cause.  Can't wait to see who bares their feet this year!

Barefoot boosters are encouraged to post photos here on the photo wall.

Leave a comment and let us know when or where you'll be taking off your shoes!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Try On a New Pair of Shoes

You might be slightly surprised when you read that recently I've gained a new found love for pumps. I've always loved them, but after my first year at the age of 22 in the corporate world, I wore them almost daily and my feet hurt! I remember running into work a little bit late at times in my tight pencil skirt and 4 inch heels. I enjoyed how I felt in them, however my feet were screaming. Perhaps I should have only worn them for certain lengths of time to preserve my feet. I plum wore my feet out and my fashion sense in pumps gave way to flats.

After that year of working my first real job I rarely wore heels. I met a man who loved me in flats and I was happy to oblige and wear my flats and flip flops all of the time. However, a part of me missed that old Sierra. The girl who wore her pencil skirt and high heels. The girl who felt confident in her Jessica Simpson pumps while filing and talking to her co-workers. It added a little fashion in her daily routine.

Lately, about 5 years later, I've been in the mood to wear pumps again. I've worn them off and on throughout the years since my first real job, but not as frequently. I have to admit that flip flops have been my main source of shoe decor. So I'm coming up with a plan to revamp my feet and my shoe wardrobe. My idea is that I won't wear pumps and wedges for super long periods of time, but for shorter lengths of time so I can still have fun! After seeing all of the amazing shoes up for auction on ITSDF, my heart skips a beat when I see Christian Louboutin pumps among all of the other marvelous shoes. Then I begin to wonder inside my mind. Why can't I be like a girl from Sex In the City and pull off these shoes again? I don't see why I can't. So I am going to try wearing my beloved pumps again.

Oh, the boyfriend may be against my new 4 inch height enhancement, yet he should have no concerns due to his height, which is over 6'. Besides, I already have fallen in love with someone new. Well, not someone since my heart belongs to my love, but something new. New as in shoes! Yes! Recently I went to DSW and set my eyes on these amazing pumps:
I just had to have them. So guess what I did? I bought them. I couldn't help myself and besides it goes with my new goal to incorporate pumps and wedges back into my life! I love the comfort of these wedges. I'm constantly looking for shoes that not only have style and appeal, but that are comfortable too. If I can find a shoe that looks amazing and also has comfort, well then it is a great "fit!" This Zigisoho wedge shoe is a dream shoe for me. With its elastic and soft fabric cushioning the back of my heel, I know for certain I won't get blisters. In fact I know that the only discomfort I may have is from the added height!

However, I'm determined to try on a new pair of shoes. This pair of Zigishohos are my first shot at trying a shoe with some major height again. What do you think? Can I pull it off or will I fall flat on my face? I'd rather chance it and enjoy the wedges while I can. Besides, spring is here and I want to feel happy. I want to feel free. I want to try on a new pair of shoes and walk in someone else's feet for a time while still being me.
Before I go, I'd like to announce that we have a giveaway going on at our Facebook page and we'd love for you to enter! Shoes & songs sound so good! Enter to win a $25 iTunes Giftcard on our Facebook Dare To Win giveaway! The contest ends on April 8 so hurry and enter!

I know I use this phrase quite often, but I still love it so here we go again: have a shoe-tastic weekend!