Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Introducing ITSDF's Incredible Intern Part 3

Hello! Happy Wednesday shoe lovers! I'm back with more questions for Danielle, and stay tuned to learn more about her incredible personality:

My favorite drink is… Pina Colada. It reminds me of a Tropical Escape.

I wish I was more…. Of a healthy eater. If you put a piece of cake in front of me… it’s gone within moments!

iPhone or Blackberry? Blackberry! I Love BBM.
I like…..Pine apple

I’m afraid of…..Spiders. Every last one.

My dream is to…. Be a lawyer in either the Entertainment or Fashion field.

I’d never in a million years…. Eat a chocolate covered bug. Ick!

I’d jump at the chance to meet… Ellen DeGeneres. I think we’d get along famously. 
The superpower I want most is… to read minds. That way I’d know what people really wanted rather than having to guess!

My music style is … I love everything! I’ll even admit I listen to country. But I turn the volume down so no one can hear!

My man style is … I like a guy that makes me laugh. I’ve never really dated a type. My man style is totally all over the place but I am a firm believer in smiling and laughing and if a guy can make me laugh. Well gosh he has my heart.

There you have it - a little glimpse into who Danielle is and wants to be. Stay tuned for our final set of questions that Danielle answers tomorrow. 

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