Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Animal Print Shoes

  We know you've got animal magnetism, 
but it's the animal... print that is...
 on your feet that everyone's talking about this season!
 Today's guest blogger Liberty
 helps look at the latest in animal print trends!

Animal print is an enduring trend, and seems to be big news on the catwalk season after season; from the classic leopard print to mock- snakeskin and zebra stripes. While some of us are brave enough to pull off the top-to-toe animal print look, others would prefer a more demure take on the trend, and that’s where shoes can be the perfect way to showcase it; by providing a playful flash of print you can add a bit of sophisticated edge to any outfit. The best thing about animal print is that it can be dressed up or down, and it works well as a pattern on both flats and heels.

Five Of The Best

Give a seductive edge to your footwear with these multi-tone shoes by Christian Louboutin. With their exotic-skin print, these heels will be the most prized pieces in your accessory repertoire; and the graphic approach to leopard print makes them stand out from the norm. Wear with a simple black top and a colour-pop skirt. 
Put a fashion-conscious foot-forward in these bi-colour high heel shoes by Chloe. With their contrast-tone python panels, these luxe accessories are the perfect homage to the textural trend, and the chunky heel is hot right now, too.
Punctuate your look with some serious style in these black and leopard-print Scarlett embellished shoes by Sam Edelman. Slip them on with thigh-skimming shorts for a fierce finishing touch to any outfit! 
Step into summer and tap into on-trend highlighter hues with these faux python and neon sandals by Stella McCartney. Add vibrant denim and a rainbow stripe top for a fashion-forward daytime ensemble, or pare it down with a black dress for a simple but effective evening look.
Last but not least; keep a stylish step this season in these multi-tone leopard-print shoes by Tory Burch. Wear these fashion-forward flats with chic urban apparel for a spot-on finish.

Liberty is a UK based fashion blogger currently writing on behalf of Matches Fashion, who sell designer dresses and shoes.

All images courtesy of Matches Fashion. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sam Edelman Boot Giveaway!

It went so well, we're gonna do it again!
If The Shoe Doesn't Fit, the auction site for shoe lovers, is giving away a pair of brand new Sam Edelman Shaolin Boots  Smokestack Grey thanks to a donation from one of their vendors Sadiesmom. You can see some of the cool shoes she has for sale in her store at Sadies Shoes.

Note: This giveaway is for a pair of size 8M boots, brand new in their box!

Some details about these fabulous boots: 
  • Faux fur and suede upper in a pull-on dress knee-high boot style with round toe
  • Adjustable collar with toggle closure
  • 15 inch shaft height, 13 1/2 inch circumference collar
  • Textile lining, cushioned insole
  • Rubber traction outsole
  • 3 1/2 inch heel
  •  MSRP $199
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    Sunday, February 26, 2012

    Oscar Winning Shoes

    The Oscars are upon on and are you as excited as I am to see all of the fashionable dresses and of course the shoes?! There are several different shoe designers who are all vying for celebrities attention this year (and the last year at the Oscars too): Atwood, Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Roger Vivier, Giuseppe Zanotti, and Sergio Rossi are all a few of the main designers to date.

    Gwenyth wore these stunning Brian Atwood "Martina" ankle strap pumps!
     Michelle Williams wore sparkly Jimmy Choo shoes last year,
    except they were the “Crown” pump closed version, not the
    open toes version that you're seeing above.
    Mandy Moore wore Jimmy Choo “Viola” sandals last year 
    underneath her gorgeous champagne gown.
     Sweet looking Hailee Steinfeld walked the 
    Red Carpet in satin Ferragamos shoes last year.
    Check out the Prada shoes on Carey Mulligan (below)!
    Even though I couldn't track down a pair of Christian Louboutin
    shoes on a star on the Red Carpet,
     I'm sure we'll be seeing Christian Louboutin shoes 
    and many other stunning pumps
    this year on beautiful actresses. 

    I'd love to see a shoe like this {Christian Louboutin} on an actress:
    Stunning, right?

    So are you looking forward to the Oscars?

    Enjoy watching the Academy Awards!

    Thursday, February 23, 2012

    Finding the perfect pregnancy shoes

    Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman's life, 
    but sometimes she needs a little help finding shoes
    that will keep her feet feeling fabulous. Today's guest blogger Olivia
     will help us find the right shoes for this special time of our lives!

    Once you've got your positive pregnancy test, the chances are that you will be running to the lady's room every five minutes because of the onset of pregnancy signs  like morning sickness and a magically re-filling bladder. Later on, as your baby bump grows, your center of gravity will decidedly shift. All that extra weight will also put some strain on your lower body, especially the ankles and feet. And then there are swollen ankles! But where do find the perfect pregnancy shoes?

    It's obvious that stiletos are out. In fact, women wondering how to get pregnant  can start with ditching killer heels, along with taking their folic acid! They put pressure on all the wrong places, make most pregnant women look and feel really clumsy, and definitely encourage falls and slips.  Pregnant women should also stay away from shoes that make them scrunch up their feet because they are too small, or the back keeps popping off. 

    Flip-flops make some women tense up their feet constantly, though others are used to them and find them comfy. Tense feet may cause cramps, and will affect the way you walk, and your body's posture. Shoelaces are a nightmare for moms to-be who can't even see their own feet. I was stubborn and stuck to my lace-up Timberland boots, but surrendered in my seventh month of pregnancy... after I had to ask a shop-assistant at a maternity store to help me get them back on! Boy, that was embarrassing. 

    Finding the right shoes is clearly not as easy as it sounds! Ballet pumps may seem like the ideal shoe to pregnant women who like to look fashionable or have a dress code to adhere to at work. But beware — those shoes with a very thin sole and no heel at all won't offer an expectant mom the kind of support she needs. Shoes with a sole that's completely smooth underneath are risky, because it's easy to slip up on them, particularly while you are expecting a baby.

    What does that leave? Trainers are probably the most comfy and they keep the wearer's health in mind, but they are hardly suitable for every situation. In hotter weather, pump-style shoes with a tiny heel can be a great choice for pregnant ladies who like something more elegant. Pick good, flexible leather or fabric for those swollen ankle days — and make sure that they either offer good support themselves, or that you add orthopedic insoles. During the winter, boots with the same qualities are probably the best choice. Do make sure you can get them on unassisted before you buy! 

    Olivia, a mom of two, is passionate about female health and fertility. Visit her blog,  Trying To Conceive , for everything from how to get pregnant to weight loss after pregnancy.

    Monday, February 20, 2012

    Our First Shoe Giveaway!

    If The Shoe Doesn't Fit, the auction site for shoe lovers 
    wants to give you some shoes! 
    Why? Just because we like you!
    It's our first shoe giveaway!
    Manufacturer suggested retail is $84.99

    These pretty Lolita shoes from Pinup Couture come in a variety of colors all with a nice 5 1/4 inch platform. Pinup Couture is cool retro and vintage-inspired footwear. We liked them... so we are giving them to one lucky winner. It might be you! 
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    Saturday, February 18, 2012


    Just a quick post for my fellow shoenistas to let you know that you are not alone. While you may be misunderstood by those who don't understand your deep need for shoes - I understand. In fact, I have come up with the perfect explanation for you to use.

    Juicy Couture - Crista Woven Double Buckle Heels (Black/Natural/Caramel) - Footwear

    Next time you come home with another pair (or three or five) of shoes and your guy starts complaining, you should tell him that buying shoes is important. It is therapy.

    He may not be convinced right away, but don't worry about that. This trick is fail-proof! If he doesn't buy into the "therapy" theory, there is a back-up plan.

    My husband sometimes says that I always shop, but I still always complain that I have nothing to wear. Well, I suppose I have failed at shopping for shoes. I have been shopping for 20 years and still have not found the right pair of shoes!

    And that, my darling, is why I need to shop for shoes a lot more. It is therapy!

    Thursday, February 16, 2012

    Designer vs Cheap: Why Paying for Designer Shoes is Ultimately Worth It!

    We've all wondered whether expensive designer brands are worth it.
    Today's guest blogger Zoe shares with us some thoughts about why
    designer shoes are a good value at any price! Check it out!
    In today's tough financial times it's always the best option to seek out a bargain. We've all celebrated finding a great cashmere bargain, a reduced rump steak or a half-price Dior lipstick. But is the cheap option always the good option? After all, a silk dress for $40 is fantastic, until it falls apart after two weeks. Your designer silk dress might be $400 but if it lasts you 10 years, you've only spent $40 a year, which certainly beats $20 a week. Finding a designer bargain is tricky. Designer ladies boots aren't always plentiful in charity shops, as people tend to hang on to them. But some things really are worth paying for.

    Materials used in shoes such as ladies designer boots and high street heels play a big role when it comes to a product's price. An exotic snakeskin or speciality leather will obviously set you back more than something in basic leather, and Swarovski crystals break the bank far more than rhinestones. These aren't the only things that affect shoe pricing though.

    Creating comfortable and quality shoes takes time, effort and research. The costs of manufacturing as well as the methods involved also vary massively. Designer ladies boots and shoes will often use handcrafting techniques and these are paid for each time a new pair of shoes is produced. High Street shoes will usually be made using machines that don't need paying by the hour and increasingly cheap labour is being employed abroad, raising ethical questions.

    If you see a pair of shoes you just can't live without, it stands to reason that a talented designer is behind them and that costs money! Time, creativity and the ability to produce uniqueness - that's definitely worth your money in the long run. There's more to a pair of Louboutins than their iconic red sole.

    However, this doesn't necessarily suggest that a pair of designer $400 shoes will be 10 times better or more comfortable than its $40 High Street equivalent. Some of the time, a designer label costs more because there are people out there who will pay more for the exclusivity and label prestige. 

    Designer ladies boots and shoes are often copied (or paid homage to) on the High Street. What's hot on the catwalk will always make its way eventually to Topshop, Faith and even Primark. But if you want to be wearing the real McCoy your best bet is to buy designer and enjoy admiring glances from fashion-forward women who know shoes.

    If you want to guarantee that the ladies designer boots or high street flip-flops you're contemplating buying are right for you, the best thing to do is try them on. Walk around for a few minutes and you'll get an idea of whether or not they're worth $500 or $25. Take friends with you who will give you an honest opinion on whether the shoes suit you and then whether they suit your bank balance!

    Zoe is an avid blogger and experienced freelance writer, and loves to share her knowledge through content on the internet. Zoe is currently writing on behalf of heritage handbag and footwear brand Jane Shilton.

    Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    Boots! Boots! Boots!

    Our boots are the best when we buy them,
    but keeping them that way isn't always easy! 
    Today's guest blogger Danae Matthews
    shares some great ways to keep out boots beautiful! 

    We love our boots don’t we ladies? They are the perfect way to step up any outfit and give it a little vava-voom. But boots, especially tall or over-the-knee, can pose one constant problem after wear, where to put them? At least I know that this is my main problem.

    So frequently I see my beloved winter companions slouched over in my closet, getting banged around and I wish that I had a better solution to store them. Well ladies, we’re in luck because in case you didn’t know there have been some major boot storing revolutions made in the last couple of years! 

    Boot Boxes, Amazon.com $30.00 for set of five
    Great for storing out of season boots, boot boxes are tall boot storage containers that are lidless. They simply open from the front or the back and that way can stack one on top of the other with access. They protect your boots from mold and temperature damage, as well as give you a great visual of the contents inside!
    Boot Hooks, Container Store, $9.99
    For the few lucky women with closet space to share boot hooks are a great way to store boots, as well as keep them from slouching over. 
    Boot Holder, Container Store $4.99
    Boot stands are great because they keep your boots in perfect pairs, upright, and can easily go from the closet floor to the hanging rack!
    Boot Shaper, Container Store, $9.99
    One of my personal favorites, the boot shaper goes inside of your boot and on your closet floor. Not only does it keep your boots perfectly in shape all season, but it keeps them from being a crumpled mess when you actually go to use them.
    Danae Matthews writes for the on-line women’s health resource, Women’s Health Base. On WHB she keeps her on tip and lifestyle blog, Danae’s Corner.