Friday, April 1, 2011

Try On a New Pair of Shoes

You might be slightly surprised when you read that recently I've gained a new found love for pumps. I've always loved them, but after my first year at the age of 22 in the corporate world, I wore them almost daily and my feet hurt! I remember running into work a little bit late at times in my tight pencil skirt and 4 inch heels. I enjoyed how I felt in them, however my feet were screaming. Perhaps I should have only worn them for certain lengths of time to preserve my feet. I plum wore my feet out and my fashion sense in pumps gave way to flats.

After that year of working my first real job I rarely wore heels. I met a man who loved me in flats and I was happy to oblige and wear my flats and flip flops all of the time. However, a part of me missed that old Sierra. The girl who wore her pencil skirt and high heels. The girl who felt confident in her Jessica Simpson pumps while filing and talking to her co-workers. It added a little fashion in her daily routine.

Lately, about 5 years later, I've been in the mood to wear pumps again. I've worn them off and on throughout the years since my first real job, but not as frequently. I have to admit that flip flops have been my main source of shoe decor. So I'm coming up with a plan to revamp my feet and my shoe wardrobe. My idea is that I won't wear pumps and wedges for super long periods of time, but for shorter lengths of time so I can still have fun! After seeing all of the amazing shoes up for auction on ITSDF, my heart skips a beat when I see Christian Louboutin pumps among all of the other marvelous shoes. Then I begin to wonder inside my mind. Why can't I be like a girl from Sex In the City and pull off these shoes again? I don't see why I can't. So I am going to try wearing my beloved pumps again.

Oh, the boyfriend may be against my new 4 inch height enhancement, yet he should have no concerns due to his height, which is over 6'. Besides, I already have fallen in love with someone new. Well, not someone since my heart belongs to my love, but something new. New as in shoes! Yes! Recently I went to DSW and set my eyes on these amazing pumps:
I just had to have them. So guess what I did? I bought them. I couldn't help myself and besides it goes with my new goal to incorporate pumps and wedges back into my life! I love the comfort of these wedges. I'm constantly looking for shoes that not only have style and appeal, but that are comfortable too. If I can find a shoe that looks amazing and also has comfort, well then it is a great "fit!" This Zigisoho wedge shoe is a dream shoe for me. With its elastic and soft fabric cushioning the back of my heel, I know for certain I won't get blisters. In fact I know that the only discomfort I may have is from the added height!

However, I'm determined to try on a new pair of shoes. This pair of Zigishohos are my first shot at trying a shoe with some major height again. What do you think? Can I pull it off or will I fall flat on my face? I'd rather chance it and enjoy the wedges while I can. Besides, spring is here and I want to feel happy. I want to feel free. I want to try on a new pair of shoes and walk in someone else's feet for a time while still being me.
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I know I use this phrase quite often, but I still love it so here we go again: have a shoe-tastic weekend!


  1. oooohhhh - I like those - no hard edges but still stylish! Give us a report after a few wearings...

  2. Wow looks gorgeous!! Nice blog honey...try checking out mine-
    Hope you follow too...will def follow back:D


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