Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Introducing ITSDF's Incredible Intern Part 2

Thanks for those of you who visited yesterday's post. Today I'm back with a few more interview questions that Danielle answered. I just love learning more about her! Don't you?! :)

What are you hoping to gain from If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit as an internship?
That’s a hard question! There is so much that I’m looking to gain. First and foremost I’m looking to gain a better sense of myself before I enter the “real world”. I’d like the hands on experience with professionals while also making real and genuine connections. Not just networking in a business manner but making connections and keeping them. Second, I’d like to develop, improve and refine my social media skills. I’d like to become aware of my market on a more professional level and be able to draw up a social media marketing plan. Third, I love fashion and I want to work more on the business side of the equation rather than retail. While my studies don’t include fashion or give me an ability to study fashion in any way an internship with If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit allows me to work on something that is fun and is just for ME! :)
 What are your goals for If The Shoe Doesn't Fit? or What will you be doing as the Intern for If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit?
My goals for ‘If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit’ would be to gain more recognition on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc… and to be a recognizable online auction site to a larger population. I’d like more people to use If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit and spread the word that If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit is a reputable, fun and valuable resource for shoe lovers of any budget.

Thanks for answering our questions with some amazing answers Danielle! I love social media too and I can't wait to see you interact with everyone on Facebook and Twitter. :)

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post with more incredible answers from Danielle! :)

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