Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Does Your Hairstyle Say About Your Taste in Shoes?

What does your hair have to do with your shoe selection? Well, a lot actually. Depending on your hairstyle the shoes that you wear says a lot about your hair preference, and vice versa. In addition, depending on your hairstyle, this will reflect your fashion preference in turn what your favorite type of shoes are. Here is an assessment of what kind of shoes you might like depending on your hairstyle.

If you have a pixie cut there's no doubt that you aren't afraid to be who you really are, because you are okay with cutting almost all of your hair off! This means that you most definitely will be seen in a sassy pair of cowgirl boots or black shoes with some sparkle. On casual days we might even see you wearing an edgy pair of Ed Hardy high heels because these types of pumps definitely scream a bold personality and originality.

Are your locks long and lovely? Then there's no doubt that you are very relaxed with yourself and your style is laid back and casual. Most of the time you might be seen wearing a dress that's cute yet comfy and you also love wearing flip flops, which goes with your elegant locks.

Taking care of longer locks takes time and patience, but they definitely are worth it. You also can get hair extensions if you want to skip the growing out stage. Once you have your desired longer locks, they will look great with a pair of elegant pumps or fancy decorated wedges, that will show off your romantic side. Wear flip flops when you're enjoying the summer time, but switch over to romantic pumps when it's time to enjoy a seaside escape or you're grabbing a nice bite to eat at your favorite restaurant.
 via Tobi

If you have super straight hair and you like to keep it that way, you might be high maintenance. Even if you aren't high maintenance you probably just set in your ways, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. You crave style and originality, which is why you're seen in tall stilettos that offer plenty of height and add the perfect amount of fashion to your style. 

Straightening your long hair takes time, so there's no doubt that you love shoes that show off your composed personality that craves structure. But - you still like to have some fun. Finding tall heels or craving designer shoes for that matter is important, which is why your favorite pair of pumps might be by Christian Louboutin or another well known designer.

As you can see your hairstyle says a lot about what kind of shoes you crave and wear. Obviously everyone is not alike and shoe preferences change depending on different personality types, but isn't it fun assuming which shoes go with which hairstyles? If you have a certain hairstyle and you'd like to add your take on which shoes go with your style - feel free to share in the comments below!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Workwear Mistakes - What Not to Wear

  One challenge many of us face is how to stay stylish in the workplace 
without making mistakes--there are so many possible missteps! 
Today's guest blogger Lisa gives us some great ideas.
What do you think?
When deciding on your wardrobe for the day, there are several things to take into consideration. "The clothes make the man (or woman)" statement may not be as outdated as we may think.

  • The first thing to consider is the appropriateness of the outfit to the position. What may be acceptable for a position that is more behind-the-scene type jobs may not be fitting for a receptionist in a law firm. A good rule to follow is to watch how your supervisors dress and follow their lead.
  • One of the major workwear mistakes that are made is poor fitting clothing. Whether you are wearing a $50 suit or a $500 suit, it will not look right if the fit is poor. Too tight looks cheap and too big looks frumpy. Muffin tops are a definite no-no.

  • Check to make sure that undergarments are not showing. Bra straps that are exposed are not in the least attractive in the work place, not to mention the tops of panties or thongs.

  • While it may not be a good idea to underdress for the work place, it can be equally bad to overdress. Cocktail hour dresses do not belong in the office. If you want to be ready for a night on the town right after work, a great little black dress always works. The dress can later be accessorized to make it look a bit more formal.

  • Shoes are another tricky topic in the work place. There is nothing wrong with a nice pair of flats and you cannot go wrong with a nice pump and they will fit in with most work places. Strappy sandals are another one of those items that I feel is best left to after hours and don't even consider thong sandals in the office. I have actually heard of some workplaces that do not even allow open toe shoes at all.

  • Much of what you wear in the work place will depend on the type of work that you do. Jewelry that is constantly clanging and getting in your way may not be the best option as part of your wardrobe. The same is true of flowing scarves and hair that is constantly hanging in your face. Someone that constantly has to readjust their accessories or hair does not appear to be organized and efficient.

  • Fashions are constantly changing and most of the clothes out there are a lot of fun. Bright colors, scarves, bangles and sandals are great fun to wear and should be enjoyed, but depending on where you work, not in the work place.

Lisa is a freelance health, beauty and fashion writer with over five years of experience. She is currently writing on behalf of Corporate clothing and work clothes from top brands based in the UK.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Meet Poetic Licence Shoes

About a month ago I was shopping with my mom and I came across some gorgeous shoes. These shoes weren't just any shoes, they were beautiful in every single way. They were sparkly, artsy, and extremely poetic. Their style certainly matched their name, Poetic Licence. And yes, the "c" in Licence is correct (they are based in London).
I love these shoes because their details are exquisite and the shoes are just so artsy. Art breathed into shoes creates something truly incredible and lovely. I think these shoes are no exception. Take a look at the pumps I snapped a picture of below and tell me you don't see the same thing I do - that these shoes are simply breathtaking.
Now, the image above is mine, but I'd like to introduce you to some other shoes by Poetic Licence that I came across on the internet and I also think are stunning. You'll have to let me know what you think about all of these gorgeous shoes.
I think these shoes are very retro looking with their bow and beautiful design. Plus - you don't see the color green every day either. I would love to wear these pumps. They are so sweet and would look beautiful with a black dress or even a sweet coral dress.
These pumps are also very unique looking. Even though this isn't my favorite pair, I like how different they are. Their shoes are definitely different looking, which I think sets them a part from other shoe brands. The flower and the pop of orange is just too much fun - this would be a great pair of pumps to wear. They would brighten up a fun outfit during the summer time!
I think this pump looks like candy. Matter of fact, it reminds me of the board game "Candy Land." Ever played it? It's fun. But anyway, with the fun orange and pink color - these shoes would be fun to wear with a spring time staple! These shoes make me excited for summer to truly be here.
Poetic Licence also offers sandals and flats, which are equally beautiful. I love this shoe above because it has the perfect amount of detail, and it definitely marries vintage with modern. Just look at the beautiful colors and the cute embellishment - I'm about ready to take these shoes home with me right now!

I look forward to seeing what else Poetic Lincence has to offer. They certainly have gotten my attention with their stunning shoe designs. Expect for me to own a pair of these shoes soon and when I do I will definitely be blogging about it! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Benefits of a Garra Rufa Fish foot spa

It's one thing to get a pedicure in the summer, 
But today's guest author Lisa is telling us about a different
spa foot treatment.  Sounds interesting... Let us know what you think!

Gaining Popularity

Garra Rufa fish therapy is considered to be one of the latest in exotic foot spa treatments. Spa owners are quickly realizing the benefits of this novel spa treatment and are taking advantage of the present demand by offering it to their clients. This somewhat unusual treatment utilizes the Garra Rufa fish, a bottom-feeding freshwater carp native to Turkey and the Middle East where it has been used for centuries in the treatment of skin conditions. Reports from those who have undertaken the procedure consider it amongst the best pedicure they have ever had. Spa clients immerse their feet in a warm water tank where a hundred or more tiny fish nibble away. It is a painless, albeit somewhat ticklish experience, as the little carp don’t bite; they have no teeth. They gently suck and lick your feet, eradicating dead skin cells softly and naturally. What you feel is a tingling sensation that imitates a stimulating, yet relaxing, foot massage, as the inch long fish run their little suction cup mouths over your tootsies.
This method of foot spa therapy offers clients the additional advantage of an organic method of exfoliation.

Save A Doctor Visit

Customers can enjoy supple skin after this service, which results in skin that is primed for easier moisture absorption. In addition, the Garra Rufa fish benefits individuals that require help to promote blood circulation. Garra Rufa fish are not only utilized for their benefits in the foot area, but they are also recognised for their benefits on the whole body. Spas are now offering Garra Rufa fish therapy which treats the body as a whole. These incredible tiny carp also mico-massage the skin, as they work diligently to exfoliate all the areas that they can reach. Individuals who have minor scars can look forward to the fading of these imperfections as well as the lightening of older scars with every treatment session. Dermatologists often recommend Garra Rufu treatment to patients that suffer from psoriasis and eczema all over their body. These tiny fish aid in the almost immediate relief of these medical conditions and can greatly improve these skin conditions over a certain period of time. This treatment has gained extreme popularity in individuals that suffer from calluses, corns, and bunions on their feet. These conditions can results from ill-fitting shoes and working long hours. If you have small feet, prevent damage by looking at quality
small shoes available online. In addition for those women who wear heels regularly, a Garra Rufa fish procedure can deliver soothing relief.

Soothing Relief

One of the biggest advantages of this unique therapy is the fact that it is a non-invasive skin detoxifier. It allows spa patrons the opportunity to experience a range of benefits without having to go “under the knife,” of having to hire a medical professional in order to find relief from certain skin conditions. Those that take advantage of Garra Rufa fish therapy enjoy smooth, clear, gorgeous skin, while having the opportunity to relax in their own personal soothing environment. Customers also enjoy the simple act of watching the fish hard at work. The Garra Rufa fish provide more than medical, topical, and dermatological benefits. They have the ability to bring a sense of rejuvenation and relaxation that brings any spa experience to the next level.

Lisa is a freelance health, beauty and fashion writer with over five years experience. She is currently writing on behalf of hand made stylish small shoes for women

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jessica Simpson Offers Perfect Pumps

Whenever I go shopping I like to snap pics of pumps, especially if they are trendy or super cute. You all know my love for Jessica Simpson shoes, and coming across her pumps (especially new ones), are my favorite!

What I love about Jessica Simpson shoes is that they are all so creative and comfortable! To be honest the last time I've owned a pair of Jessica Simpson pumps was quite a few years ago...but a girl can appreciate them from afar, right? I think it's about time I own a pair of JS pumps and go out and have some fun with them on.
This is a picture I took in Nordstrom I believe when I saw this shoe design. It definitely looks better in person as opposed to on the website. I love the fun colors on the blue, yellow, and green shoe. I think JS definitely did a great job at infusing creativity into these pumps, don't you think?
This pump is my personal favorite. The blue suede and the peachy orange bottom part of the pump looks amazing. So I'm definitely ready to find a fun pair of pumps from Jessica Simpson. Are you?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best Shoes to Wear When Traveling

It's vacation time and that means travel!  Lucky for us 
today's guest author Amy Fountain has some thoughts 
to share with us about the best shoes to wear while traveling.

1. Loafers

Loafers are coming back with a vengeance. What is great about them is that they are flat, they are comfortable and they are stylish. They are great for different kinds of outfits. Jeans, dresses, shorts – loafers are perfect. On the other hand, these are not ideal when traveling to countries with heavy downpour of snow.

2. Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes are great for travel because they are so stylish and comfortable. You can even choose from breathable oxford shoes with cut outs on the side, heeled oxfords, wedge oxfords, flat oxfords or half oxford shoes. Choose the one most suitable for your traveling needs.

3. Sneakers

Sneakers should definitely be included. These are great if you are planning to do a great amount of walking when traveling. It is also ideal for driving. You can choose from denim sneakers, glitter bling sneakers and even hand-painted sneakers. There are so many designs to choose from. Those people who want a bit of height to their shoes even when traveling can choose from wedge or low-heeled sneakers.

4. Sandals

They are perfect for the spring and summer season. Today, you can choose from ankle strap sandals, Mary Jane sandals, double strap Mary Jane sandals or slip on sandals. Pair it with a nice floral dress, high-waisted shorts or even jeans and you are good to go. On the other hand, they are not as great during rainy travel seasons.

5. Creepers

I find creepers really ideal for traveling. If you choose your creepers well, you’ll find one as comfortable as sandals. They add a bit of high without stretching your calves or the soles of your feet. In fact, they are as flat as loafers and sandals. If you want more height to your shoes sans the pain, creepers are ideal choices. You can also choose from different edgy and stylish designs that will go so well with any casual travel outfit.

Make sure you break your shoes in before you bring them for travel. New shoes, no matter how comfortable they are, still hurt when they are new.

Amy Fountain enjoys writing about fashion, style, and the current trends. She is also a fashionista in the home. Check out her Home D├ęcor Art and Tabletop Fountains website.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Morbid Question?

I'm a little hesitant to write this post cuz I think it might come across as a bit morbid, but it is on my mind and I think / hope I can do it with respect. 

The famous fashion and hair styling icon Vidal Sassoon passed away yesterday at age 84.  He was incredibly influential and known for changing the way hair was cut and styled from hairspray laden beehives to his ideal of touchable hair that was shaped into wash-and-go wedges, short bobs, sleek styles or Mia farrow's pixie cut.
Vidal Sassoon

We've seen whenever music icons pass away (for example Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson) that their music takes on a sudden immediate popularity.  My question is this: do you think that this will happen in the fashion and hair styling world as well?  Will we see a sudden resurgence in pixie cuts or bobs?  Will the Sleek Sassoon hair become fashionable again? What do you think?