Thursday, April 7, 2011

Size Matters!

I guess size really does matter...except in shoes!

I was looking at some press releases tonight and there it was; a screaming headline:

Plus size model ROBYN LAWLEY makes cover and 10 pages of French ELLE magazine!!!

I've worked my way through almost all sizes at least a few times, so it's nice to hear that big girls are getting noticed in fashion. 

But just a few lines down, there was another press release.  This one was for a book written by Janice Celeste, the momager of a supermodel. The book is intended to prepare parents of aspiring fashion models for what to expect when working with the fashion industry. One example she gives is of girls who managed their weight by eating cotton balls dipped in orange juice to feel full. UGH!!

Reading those to articles, I kept thinking how glad I am that my obsession is with shoes, where I am not ridiculed for what size I wear, or how wide my feet are, even though I wear a 6.5ww.  They just are what they are.  I can't diet into a different shoe size, or get a pedicure to fit into a narrower shoe. And funny, I never think twice about it, never apologize for it, explain it, or rationalize it.

Maybe someday I'll be just as confident about my dress size as I am about my shoe size... but in the meantime, the shoes make me feel fabu - cuz they always fit - no matter what size I am at the moment.  And so, I picked up a fantastic pair of Madden Girl peep toe pumps on sale this weekend; they were the perfect size - the one that fit!

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