Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just Some Shoe Quotes to Brighten Your Day!

It's amazing how much fun we can have with shoes, huh? Shoes are a blessing in disguise - they carry us where we need to go while looking fashionable, trendy, and full of color. Shoes also reflect our personality and with so many different pairs of shoes it's hard to not keep "collecting" more!

We recently started a new Pinterest page and one of our favorite folders is the Shoe Lovers Quotes. We thought we would share some of these quotes with you to brighten your day and just to remind you how much fun shoes really are! If you didn't already know that, that is. ;)

Have a great day and remember - you deserve more shoes!! ;)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Confessions of a Shoe-a-Holic

 Welcome back to Kat, the guest blogger who shared with 
in a previous post why she is team boot.
If you enjoyed her perspective and writing style in that post, 
 you'll absolutely love this one!
My name is Kat and I'm a shoe-a-holic. There really is no other way to put it, my obsession with shoes has reached the point where my wardrobe strains when I close it and my other half is scared to open the door in-case he’s attacked by a ballet pump avalanche. I have shoes in every color, style and shape; from sandals to sky high heels the list is endless. Today I had a look through my ever expanding collection and separated them into the shoes I wear and the ones I don’t. Only five pairs made it into my ‘everyday’ wear category whilst the ‘never worn but aren’t they pretty?’ pile needed its own room.  I know I’m not alone when it comes to hoarding pairs of shoes so I’ve decided to look at why I do it, is it just because I’m a sucker for well made heel or am I mentally preparing myself for any possible event that I may need footwear for? 

One of the main trends I discovered when raiding my shoe closet is novelty shoes. Point me towards a pair of shoes with a strawberry pattern or a cat face on the front and I will be handing over my bank card quicker than you can say ‘gimmick’. I do have my fair share of comfy shoes like my trusty Lotus Boots, but another common theme is the ankle crunching, blister inducing heel. I have skyscraper heels and towering wedges in almost every color yet when I do wear them I have to pack a spare pair of flats in my bag to inevitably change into after half an hour. 

I’ve decided that from now on my shoe purchasing will be a much more controlled affair, perhaps with stringent comfort and quality checks and multiple trips to the shoe shop. Ah who am I kidding, there’s a pair of 6 inch leopard print wedges with my name on them!

Kat is a full time writer, blogger who loves nothing more than being asked to write about her second passion in life, fashion (her first being shopping!). She is known for her love of Vivienne Westwood  and Lotus Shoes

Monday, June 25, 2012

Gladiator Sandals - Latest California Shoe Trend

Whenever I'm in California (I split my time between CA and UT), I always pay attention to the latest shoe trends. Not only is it fun to see what type of shoes people are wearing, but it's fun to scout out the current trends and fashion statements! When I was out and about on 2nd Street in Long Beach the other night (and many nights after), I saw gladiator sandals left and right. Many girls were wearing them with shorts, dresses, and even leggings. Apparently they are the latest fashion statement for beach wear! I can understand why though. They're super comfy and adorable looking.
I admit I myself don't own a pair of gladiator sandals, but now I want to! Sandals in general are super comfy and gladiator sandals seem to be perfect because they add the perfect amount of edge to any style. They also are very boho chic and remind me of films like The Gladiator (ha ha), and films about Cleopatra. It's fun to see how history comes around again (via the Romans), and it's fun to see the trends reflected through fashion. Here are some gladiator sandals that are calling my name:
Anything that's tie dyed and blue is exactly what I love. These gladiator sandals look perfect for the beach. I can imagine wearing them with a beach maxi dress stat. What do you think? They also look very comfy and the top design is creative. I love the way the fabric twists and besides, these shoes are just very cute!
These Mud gladiator sandals are also very cute; I especially like the jewels on top! Since they are neutral they're great to wear during a number of occasions and they will go great with a variety of outfits. I would definitely wear this pair of sandals with a favorite pair of shorts or with a empire waist dress.
I love florals so naturally these gladiator sandals are lovely. Plus, with the sequins they look rather sweet! I might be annoyed tying them up occasionally, but with their sweet styling I think I can cope. ;) These gladiator shoes have the perfect combination of sassy and sweet!

Chinese Laundry sandals that are clear?! Yes please! I can only imagine that these sandals are extremely comfy and not to mention, jelly sandals are always so easy to clean! These are a great pair of sandals that I would love to add to my summer shoe collection.

So what do you think of gladiator sandals? I used to not like them, but now I have a new appreciation for them! Plus, since they seem to be trendy in CA, just maybe I'll cave and buy myself a pair. They'll look fabulous and will go with many of my outfits too!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Let's Get Intimate with Shoes: Lace and Lingerie

Have you ever noticed how shoes look, well, a bit like lingerie? With their lacy details and romantic elements, I can't help think that shoes are designed with romance in mind. Today bras and underwear are so beautiful looking, and that's why I love seeing all of their feminine designs. In fact, because I am such a hopeless romantic it's impossible not to "fall in love" with some of the pretty designs on both the shoes and lingerie that I come across.

If you were going to turn a shoe into lingerie, what would it look like? I think some designers have done a pretty great job at turning shoes into lovely pieces of lingerie, per-say. Here are a few lovely pictures that I think complement one another. You'll have to tell me if you feel the same way.

So let's get intimate with shoes, shall we?

I can understand why a bride would choose lacy pumps that lace up, because not only do they look gorgeous with a wedding gown, but they certainly compliment the lingerie underneath as well. If you think about it, lace-up shoes coincide with a corset, which also laces up. A corset is a beautiful piece of lingerie that is delicate yet beautiful and it just so happens to be worn by brides quite often for their wedding day. In fact, it's quite perfect for a bride to wear a corset underneath her bridal gown and lace-up heels. She's ready to get married to her prince charming and have a wonderful honeymoon.

If you look close enough shoes often look like sweet underwear too. With their floral designs and comfy fit, shoes easily look like your favorite pair of underwear. I love how floral shoes remind me of spring time and also of all of the lovely lingerie that's available. If you're feeling really matchy matchy it's fun to match your shoes to your underwear and bra of the day! Maybe it's time to find a pair of sloggi maxi briefs like Carrie Bradshaw and add them to your floral underwear collection? I'm thinking this is exactly what I want to do. ;)
 via lov3

Besides a floral bra, lacy elements, pretty underwear, and matching floral shoes, there's also a little black dress, black lacy lingerie and matching lacy black shoes. Isn't it fun matching your under clothing to your shoes? With a little bit of creativity finding the perfect pair of romantic pumps and incorporating it with your lingerie can be fun. Whether you're a bride, mother, or a girl on-the-go, it's never too late to bring in some lace and lingerie into your wardrobe. I personally love matching my shoes to my under clothing, and I'm not ashamed to say it! Of course an outfit is not complete without the perfect pair of lacy shoes that match!

About the Author:
Paige One loves writing about fashion and beauty and offers services for many companies who love fashion and more.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Get The Kate Middleton Look: Nude Heels!

Every girl wants to be a princess,
but Kate snagged William!. 
So the best we can do is dress like one...
Today's guest blogger has share insights about her famous nude  heels! 

The one type of shoe that nearly every girl loves are high heels. Not only do they lengthen the leg and compliment most outfits, they provide a perfect opportunity for you to get seen. Heels are incredibly versatile and regardless of whether you team a LBD with a simple black high heel or go for something more flamboyant, they represent the ideal way to be noticed at the bar on a Saturday night.
One type of high heel which is incredibly in vogue at the moment, however, are nude high heels. A large part of the reason for this is their endorsement by Kate Middleton. It is easy to see why the shoe was so embraced by Prince William’s wife – even more so than other colors, nude heels they provide the illusion of a lengthened leg and their color makes them a perfect companion to an array of different outfits and styles.

Kate Middleton’s fondness for these high heel shoes have led to her wearing them for a large percentage of the time she is in public, leading some to speculate they are the only pair she owns (this is, of course, factually inaccurate). Whereas most royals operate on the principle that outfits should rarely been seen in public more than one time Kate has been, to use a term favored by the tabloids, “recycling her clothing”. This phrase, to you or I, simply translates to “Kate isn’t afraid to wear the same item of clothing more than once”.  Recent public events where Kate has worn her £185 ($285) LK Bennett heels have include two times during the diamond jubilee weekend, to Zara Phillips wedding, and a staggering, by royal standards, six times during her tour of Canada. The princess clearly loves her shoes and, why shouldn’t she? She manages to keep them stylish and classy and uses them as a perfect match for an array of formal styles.

 Fashionistas worldwide have attempted to replicate the English royal’s look and, to capitalize on this, LK Bennett have used the boost a princess’s endorsement has given their brands by launching a new issue of the famous show, the Sledge 2 Patent version. It is very rare in the fashion world that clothes worn by a member of royalty could be considered “cool” and even rarer still that the person to kick off the trend should be the royal herself so, in this instance, LK Bennett have received somewhat of a marketing and global branding coup.

Despite the price of the shoe being relatively low for someone who’s husband will one day take the throne of England, £200 ($310) is at the top end of the spending scale for those looking at high street prices. Thankfully, the subtle look of Kate’s shoes means it is possible to get very similar looking heels from chain stores at a much lower rate. Whilst they may not be designer branded, a pair of sophisticated nude heels can be bought and worn with outfits that are suitable for weddings and night clubs alike. It has rarely been easier to feel and look like a princess!

Kieron Casey is a UK based writer who blogs regularly on fashion and the latest trends in shoes and high heels.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Why I Will Always be Team Boot…

Call me crazy but if you make me choose between a skyscraper heel and a pair of comfy boots to wear on a night out, I will always be team boot! Fashion lovers across the globe may take in a collective gasp but it’s true, I would rather be able to dance all night in my boots than have to hobble round in my bare feet after being crippled by my stilettos. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a good pair of heels as much as the next person and have often be found pressing myself against the window of the Vivienne Westwood shop wondering if there was a way to steal a pair of her quirky Melissa shoes.  My wardrobe is full of ankle threatening wedges and heels that will often get a public showing however if I’m faced with a night out with my girlfriends, it’s the trusty (yet stylish!) Lotus boots that come out to play!

Although my friends are all now well aware of my aversion of nights out in heels, they know that by the end of the night it will be me not wanting to leave the dance floor whilst they are wincing in agony. I have tried converting my friends to the way of the boot however unless the forecast if for thick snow, my efforts have gone unnoticed. My boot collection now rivals my shoe collection and I love choosing whether it’s going to be my knee high leather boots or dance all night wedge boots that will be paired with my new outfit. The next time you find yourself absolutely dreaded the morning after blisters or spend hours reading up on old wives tales on how to numb your feet with vodka before a night out, give team boot a chance, your feet will thank you!

Kat is a full time writer,blogger who loves nothing more than being asked to write about her second passion in life, fashion. She is known for her love of Vivienne Westwood and Lotus Shoes.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two Summer Shoe Trends!

I was just looking at some of the latest Summer shoes and noticed a couple of trends I liked.  It's really clear just how much color there is this year- I mean really clear!.  Bright colors seem to be a big trend in all styles of shoes.  Some of them mix colors together, while others just feature fun brights. Take look:

Another trend that caught my eye was the unique design(s) on the shoe itself - whether the shoe is woven or made of leather. There seem to be more shoes with detailed patterns on them.  It's almost as if the shoe is becoming more of a canvas.  Like these:
Bee Bee - Jeffrey Campbell
YASHA - RED 80/20
I appreciate both of these trends because they add more individuality to the shoes.  When shoes have this much detail, you don't have to worry about wearing the same thing as anyone else.  What do you think? 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Planning a 4th of July Picnic & the Perfect Outfit

Since the 4th of July is on its way why not plan ahead and have a picnic on that day? After all, the 4th of July is a great day to spend with friends and family members and not to mention pick out a fabulous outfit for the occasion. Many people have picnics on the beach, picnics at a park, or a barbecue at their home. Their are a lot of fun ideas that you can make for the 4th of July, so the important part is to plan ahead and come up with an activity and outfit that will work out perfectly for the holiday. Here are some ways to incorporate a picnic and what to wear on the fourth of July.

Set Up a Picnic in Your Backyard

Don't have a beach or time to go to a picnic spot? Set up a picnic in your own backyard. If your yard is spacious enough and you are having guests over, set up individual tables with picnics baskets, inviting guests to grab whatever food they want to eat from within the basket. The food could include pre-made sandwiches, small chocolate desserts, to side dishes in nice looking tupperware. Use your imagination and made your 4th of July backyard picnic one to remember!

Traditional Baskets design by Pottery Barn

 Pack a Picnic and Watch the Fireworks

Don't have time to plan a backyard picnic because you want to catch the fireworks? Pack along a picnic basket dinner and bring it with you. It will be a great to hold all of your food items in the basket while you're hurrying along to get a great spot to watch the fireworks. Save yourself from trying to juggle multiple accessories and items (such as a blanket, purse, and frisbee), and carry all of your food items (be careful with perishable items), in stylish Picnic Baskets. 
 via Poppytalk

4th of July Outfit

If you're all set and ready to enjoy the 4th of July with a fun picnic too, there's just one thing you're missing: an outfit! Depending on if you'd like to be patriotic and go with a red, white, and blue theme or just wear whatever you'd, like, find a comfy outfit that will be okay to wear throughout the long evening ahead. If you're going out to watch the fireworks you'll need to be in a breathable outfit that allows you to move around and sit on a blanket for a long period. This also includes your shoes, which should also be comfortable. Plan accordingly and bring along a sweater for when the evenings get cold and you'll be all set to enjoy the holiday.

  via Forever21

About the author:
Paige One writes a variety of articles, from fashion to fitness. Find the perfect Picnic Baskets for your 4th of July holiday.

Friday, June 8, 2012

What Whimsical Outfit Will You Wear During a Garden Party?

It's fun to plan events during the summer, but what's even more fun is planning the outfit that you're going to wear to the summer party! If you'd like to have a garden party for your birthday or you'd simply like to have a party during the summer time that will be a great way to get friends together, why not start planning now?

With a garden party everything will look magical. From a whimsical garden with gorgeous flowers to magnificent garden fountains, there are many beautiful elements that will make a garden party come alive with style and ambiance. Once you've planned a garden party, what would you like to wear? Here are some lovely ideas (and of course shoes are included!) that will get you in the right outfit planning mode for your outdoor summer party.

via Kinetic Fountains

A Floral Dress or a Sparkly Frock

Since a garden party will no doubt be magical and most likely warm if it is hosted during the summer time, find a dress that's not too heavy. As well as being a light weight frock that's make out of cotton or another light weight fabric, find a dress that will fit in with the garden theme. Think of florals, beautiful pastels, lots of color, or a dress with sparkles. All of these elements will aid you in finding a dress that will look lovely. When it's time to arrive to the party, you will fit right in and have a great time during the garden party.

via Betsey Johnson

Whimsical Wedges or Comfy Chic Flats

Obviously if your dress is already floral you'll want to go with something a bit more basic in regards to shoes. However, if you end up finding the perfect dress in a neutral shade like beige, it will be nice to add to the outfit with floral wedges. Floral wedges will be suiting for a garden event and they will also look very lovely surrounded by all of the flowers in the garden! Remember, comfort is important so even if you find a perfect pair of wedges, make sure they are comfortable as well because you will be socializing and probably walking around a lot during an event like this.

via Modcloth

Let's Talk Makeup - Bright and Bold

Make a statement with your makeup. Bright lipstick (think Lime Crime lipstick!) will be a lot of fun to wear on your lips during a whimsical garden event. Plus, if you have pops of color in your dress or shoes, a bright shade of lipstick will certainly pull the entire look together. Don't forget about blush and foundation of course and you should also consider wearing blue eyeliner. Colorful eyeliner hat's just as bold as your lipstick will create a bold and fun garden party statement. All together your outfit, shoes, and makeup will look electric.

 via Modcloth

Once you have an amazing outfit picked out, have fun accessorizing by adding a simple necklace or a fun cocktail ring. Remember to keep it simple by incorporating pops of color - it will blend in well with the garden ambiance and will also make for great pictures with friends. Have fun at the garden party in your fashionable outfit and everyone will love seeing your gorgeous silhouette!

About the Author:
Paige One writes a variety of articles, from fashion to fitness. Plan for your garden party and incorporate beautiful water features to use during the event!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Style Tips For Creative Scene Kids

 Today's guest post from James tells us how to get 
the scene kid look but still stand out and be unique. 
He has some great ideas for making our own shirts a couple of ways!
Uniforms are great, and it’s a great feeling being part of a subculture that has a similar dress code for its members. However, in the past there were always those that stood out ahead of the crowd; the Mod with the best suit; the punk with the best hair, the rocker with the best patches on their jacket. But what can you do to stand out these days when every other kid is a scene kid and they all have the same t shirts, the same polo shirts, the same trainers and the same hair, because all these components are so accessible these days. What chance do you have at being unique and identified as a style guru, rather than a style sheep?

Here's one  answer....Customized clothing! Put on your idea hat because we’re about to get creative.

Step one. Decide if you’re a t-shirt kinda guy (or gal) or a polo shirt kinda guy (or gal) or both!
Both t shirts and polo shirts are extremely popular among scene kid circles at the moment. These both tend to be skinny fit, and from designer brands like Atticus and Fred Perry (respectively). Have you decided which suits you best? If you’ve chosen a t shirt, then it’s time to get out your paper and pencils because we’re going to design a killer t shirt.

What makes a great unique scene kid t shirt? If I could tell you that, it wouldn’t be unique would it? Here are some ideas though to base your idea around, all of which are popular scene kid themes.
  • 1Zombies – preferably eating the brains of some terrified victims.
  • 2Graffiti – scene kids love urban graffiti, a t shirt is the perfect place to display your tag.
  • 3Skate boarding – draw a skateboarder doing a difficult trick and add your own logo design.
  • 4Slogans – If you have your own witty saying or slang catchphrase, then make this into a t shirt!
Have you got your design ready? OK good!
Step Two. Scan the design into your computer and head over to any personalized t shirt company and upload your design. Select your colors, size and style of t shirt, and click order! The cost of having a t shirt printed is cheaper than buying a branded t shirt from a fashion label or catalog, and you’ll be pleased with the quality and fit.
Hang on... did you say you were more of a polo shirt kinda guy or gal?

Step one - again. It’s your lucky day. Have you got a cool bit of graffiti or an image you think would make a great logo?
Step two – again. Get this design out and get it scanned into the computer. Go to any embroidered polo shirts company website and upload your design (use an online logo designer if you’re struggling). Again, pick your fit, style, size and color and click order. Your top should be with you very quickly!

What is another way can we customize our clothes? This next one isn’t for everyone but if you aren’t into spending much money (hey! What kind of scene kid are you!?) then the thrift shop is your next port of call.

Have a look for any old t shirts that are extremely un-cool, vintage, out dated or rare (like staff t shirts for breweries, or pub events) and grab these. You shouldn’t pay much for a t shirt in a place like this, even if it is like new. Oh yea, the t shirt needs to be colored, our tricks won’t work on white!

Next head over to the super market and buy a big 2liter bottle of cola and a bottle of thick bleach. It has to be proper bleach, not toilet cleaner with bleach, and brand names work best. Go home, open all the windows and clean the bath. You’ll need to make sure the bath is completely clean and dry. Get a washing basket, bucket or seedling tray and make sure this is also clean and dry. Place this into the bath, and place your selected t shirt flat as possible in the basket, tray or bucket.

Stop for a break and drink the entire 2liter bottle of coke. It might help if you have some friends to help you with this. :-) Clean out and dry the bottle.Go back to the bathroom. Are all the windows still open? Good. Skewer three small holes in the lid of the plastic bottle, and pour in a liter or so of bleach into the bottle, careful not to get it anywhere else and attach the lid. It’s time to put on a pair of your mum’s marigolds (gardening gloves), because you don’t want to get bleach on your skin.
Now comes the fun part. Flick or pour bleach over the t shirt, sparingly. Watch as the bleach transforms your t shirt with a colorful tie-dye effect. Careful not to breathe in the fumes from the bleach, it will irritate your lungs!

Once the t shirt looks how you want it to (don’t leave the bleach on long enough for it to eat through your t shirt...) take the t shirt out, place the tray to one end of the bath and run the t shirt under cold water to get all the bleach out. You must do this thoroughly. Once all the bleach is out, pop it in a hole-free plastic bag and take it to your washing machine. Wash it on a standard wash to get the last of the bleach out, and allow to dry fully before wearing (or you’ll look like a drowned cat).
When it’s dry, you’ll have a completely unique t shirt! Decorate with badges, patches, safety pins and spray paint to make it truly yours.

Written by James from, a custom clothing company.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What To Look For When Buying Mens Shoes

When you hear "shoe shopping" the image that comes to mind is typically
women, but today's guest blogger shares some tips for
 male shoe shoppers who also shop for footwear!
Women could shop for shoes until they drop. But men, generally speaking, are less skillful when it comes to buying footwear. Even though a man’s choice of shoes is usually selected according to his personal taste, there are certain rules about what to look out for.

If you feel that you need pointing in the right direction when it comes to buying male footwear, you may find the following pointers helpful.

One general rule of thumb is to try and choose a pair of shoes that match the shade of the trousers you are going to wear with them, or are a little bit darker. A lighter shoe at the bottom of a pair of darker trousers is generally considered to be a fashion faux pas! Having said this, the rule is not as essential during the summer months, when lighter colored sandals, loafers and desert boots take center stage on the catwalk and high street.

Clarks have a diverse range of light and airy casual shoes, loafers, sandals, canvas boots and desert boots. From pale blue and beige to bright white, this year’s Spring/Summer collection of Clarks mens shoes comes in a variety of colors.

Shinier shoes tend to suit more formal occasions, and look best when worn with a suit or a smart pair of trousers. So, when choosing a pair of new shoes, avoid picking a shiny style if they are going to be worn with jeans or shorts. Stick to loafers, sandals, sneakers or boots instead.

There’s a wide selection of loafers in this season’s Clarks collection, available in a whole range of shades and textiles. Choose ebony suede, sand suede, walnut leather or navy leather for an unusual feel.

When dressing casually – a polo shirt with a pair of chinos or khakis, for example – retro-style shoes provide a relaxed and fashionable feel that’s great for the summer months.

If you’re shopping for a pair of formal shoes, buying footwear that matches accessories – like a belt – will give the outfit an even smarter edge. Less bulky heels and soles will ensure you stay looking sharp. 

This is a guest post by , one of the leading online retailers in the UK. It offers stylish and comfortable clothing and footwear for all the family in a wide range of sizes.