Friday, April 22, 2011

Introducing ITSDF's Incredible Intern Part 5

TGIF! I'm absolutely thrilled that I've been able to introduce you to Danielle this week. Not only is she one amazing gal, but I know that the ITSDF internship and her love for fashion is going to take her very far in life!

Here are the last few questions that I have for Danielle, but I promise this is not the last that you will hear from her! Be sure to be on the look out for Danielle as she interacts on this blog, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites with us.

Now you can find out what Danielle's favorite shoe is! ;)

The craziest thing (g-rated) I ever did was… It’s funny I know there are plenty of things BUT I’m drawing a blank. A think the silliest thing I’ve ever done was run away from a Bee that was chasing me. I was working up North as a nanny and a friend and I decided to tan during our break. Well… We were sitting around peacefully soaking in the sun and this huge honker of a bee started buzzing around us. Well, I’m scared of all bugs! So I jump off and take off running and screaming with my hands in the air… the only thing I can hear is the buzzing of the bee behind me. Luckily after a few moments something else catches the bee’s attention and he goes off to do something else but my goodness was I freaked out. I packed up my stuff and went back inside!

My dream shoe is: Louboutins!!
 Sigh. This is my favorite pair of pumps and shoes too. I mean - 
can a girl truly ask for anything more?
Just to throw some temptation your way - 
here are some delicious Christian Louboutin pumps that recently have 
been up for auction on ITSDF's auction website! If the auction is 
over simply type in Christian Louboutin in our search bar
for new pumps that are currently for sale.
Also - click on the shoe. It will bring you straight to the shoe up for auction.

Thanks Danielle for answering these series of questions! 
I know I've enjoyed getting to know you better and 
I can't wait to continue to get to know you. 

Plus, I love that we have the same passion for fashion!


  1. Omg I freaking HATE bees! I probably would have had a similar reaction.

    Those Louboutins are insanely fabulous. I want a pair! ;)

  2. Lol, It's funny now but at the time....I was scared for my life. An overraction maybe... But I just do not like Bee's them one bit!


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