Sunday, April 3, 2011

One Day Without Shoes

Will you kick off your heels for a good cause? I hope so!

There are several "good soles" in the shoe bizness and without a doubt, TOMS is one of them. Most of us are familiar with their well known One-for-One campaign, where for every pair of shoes purchased, one pair of shoes is donated to a child in need.

A lesser known, but growing and equally as important promotion is TOMS One Day Without Shoes which will be held on Tuesday, April 5th this year. This is a day to spread awareness about the impact a simple pair of shoes can have on a child’s life.

TOMS is asking people to go the day, part of the day or even just a few minutes, barefoot, to experience a life without shoes first-hand, and inspire others at the same time.

In 2010, Demi Moore took off her shoes on Jay Leno, and other celebs such as Kristen Bell, Charlize Theron, the Jonas brothers, Demi Lovato and more supported the cause.  Can't wait to see who bares their feet this year!

Barefoot boosters are encouraged to post photos here on the photo wall.

Leave a comment and let us know when or where you'll be taking off your shoes!

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