Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rue21 Silhouettes that go with Spring Shoes

Now that spring is on it's way you've most likely picked out your spring shoes, which includes sandals, flats, high heels, and perhaps a few pairs of wedges. Or, if you're shoe obsessed it may be all of the above! If you are one of those fashionistas that always picks out her shoes before buying a few new seasonable outfits, don't forget about your spring silhouettes! Luckily rue21 has a variety of silhouettes, including women's activewear that will help you enjoy each season and get into shape before summer rolls around. Here are some suggestions on what rue21 clothing to pair with your fashionable shoes (since you know that you already have way too many pairs!)

Graphic Tees Paired with Flats

Flats always seem to look great paired with graphic tees, and that's because graphic tees are so versatile and trendy! A foil lace draped back top would look adorable paired with your favorite pair of jean shorts and a comfy pair of flats. This is the perfect spring and summer staple because it will keep you cool while making you still looking very chic. Plus, quarter length sleeves are perfect for when it's just starting to warm up. You won't get too hot but you will stay cool enough in this type of unpredictable spring weather.Your favorite graphic tees on rue21 are hard to pass up, especially since you have so many shoes that would look great with this tee and others! 

Pair Printed Leggings with Running Shoes

Perhaps you are obsessed with running shoes, and if that's the case pair your favorite printed leggings  (found at rue21 of course!) with your favorite running shoes for a casual style or workout style if you love to head to Pilates or cardio classes or the gym on a regular basis. Diamond Tribal Leggings are tons of fun (they would look great with a black tee and hot pink shoes) and so are Aztec Striped Leggings if you're looking to really amp up your style. Can't you just imagine heading to a workout class in these sassy leggings?! You would be showing everyone that you can't wait to work your hardest! 

Dresses Paired with Pumps

Dresses paired with pumps are always a fun outfit to wear, especially if you plan on heading out with your girlfriends or just feel like dressing up to go to the movies. A high low dress or striped skater dress would look fabulous with your pumps and make you feel like the lovely fashionista that you are. Just don't forget to accessorize and switch up your shoes occasionally because even though pumps are fun, dresses can also easily go with flats or flip flops too! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Reef Footwear - Extremely Comfy & Chic!

For as long as I can remember I've always loved wearing reef footwear. In particular I started wearing Reef's comfortable flip flops in college and today I still wear them wherever I go. Reef flip flops and their other shoes are extremely comfy and versatile, and they go basically with any outfit. I wear them easily with a pair of jean shorts, a skirt, and even with my Yoga pants. I love how the shoes contour to your feet and they even give you the arch support you need unlike other brands of shoes. What's more, Reef doesn't only have sandals and flip flops! They have boots, adorable flats, and fun accessories such as bags. In particular here are some shoes that I have my eyes on:

Reef Boots are Sassy and Stylish

I'm really loving the reef boots because they are very unique and would make a great pair of booties to wear during the spring and summer. Their patterns are bold and bright on some pairs and would look fabulous paired with a hot pink shirt and a short pair of cut-off shorts during the hot days that are quickly approaching. Plus, currently during the winter you could easily wear these boots with leggings and a comfy long sleeved shirt. With Reef boots the possibilities are endless really. I love creating the perfect outfit and Reef boots would definitely allow me to do just that. See what I mean by checking this pair out: 

Fabulous Flats

Since I hardly ever wear heels, flats are my shoes of choice, next to flip flops. The reef shoes are endless on their site, and I love their flats especially. Right now they have quite the variety of flats with some pretty hot patterns that I adore. What's more, their flats are made with a mattress inspired PU foam footbed with anatomical arch support. I love this because my feet always need more support and it's hard to find cute shoes that also provide the support your feet need. You have to check out this sassy pair of flats that I can't wait to add to my collection in the near future:

I hope you plan on adding some comfy and chic Reef shoes to your wardrobe in the coming seasons because I certainly do! 

Have you tried wearing Reef shoes 
and what is your favorite 
feature about them? I'd love to hear!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

NYFW - The Best Looks

Whether you were able to attend New York Fashion Week in the flesh or relive it through online videos or by reading your favorite blogs, it seems like everyone thought it was a great success. Not only did the A-listers show up, but the top brands and designers spent even more time making this year's Fashion Week a week to remember. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see all of these latest trends come to life on the streets! In fact, spring 2014, when all of these fashionable items of clothing appear, couldn't come soon enough. Speaking of the latest trends, who were your favorite designers? Here are a few that are making their rounds on the web due to ever increasing popularity:

Mark Jacobs Spring 2014

Jacobs' collection was gothic, sporty, and Victorian. He mixed Victorian blouses with embroidered jackets and dressed-up board shorts. The line also included such pretty hip shoes, that were slip ons and that were designed in a modern and sporty type of way! Even though this seems like a strange mix, it worked for the line. The epic set also caught everyone's attention: it included sewer pipes, a wrecked RV, and other "destroyed" decor that make the set come to life in an eerie sort of way.

Calvin Klein Spring 2014

The Calvin Klein brand always showcases a vision of classiness, sexiness, and modern chic appeal with their brand. Most of the silhouettes were easy and breezy, allowing the body lots of room. The dresses included sheer panels, stiff hems on pants, and an extra flap on cream skirts and dresses. Shoes were lovely with simple wedges that matched the classy dresses and made everyone yearn for spring. A love of art and architecture was used for the set and it seemed to create a modern vibe that made the fashionable line all the more appealing. 

So what do you think of these two lines? They were both very different, but both styles captured the audience's attention and will look fabulous worn on the streets of New York and everywhere else in the world.

What was your favorite line and fashion show 
during New York Fashion week?