Friday, August 31, 2012

Good-bye Flip-Flops!

It's the last day of august and although we'll probably have a some more warm days in September, it always feels like flip-flop season is over.  Sadly I'll be putting my Teva's and Croc flops away soon enough in favor of booties and full fledged boots.  But before I do I thought I'd share one last look at a I really like.

Love these Vivianne Westwoods - they look so sophisticated!

Vivienne Westwood - Anglomania + Melissa Flip Flop II (Gold) - Footwear

And of course - Uggs are all-season right?
UGG - Tasmina (Lipstick) - Footwear

And I thought these were kinda different...
Sanuk - Ibiza St. Tropez (Brown/Gold) - Footwear

But these were probably my favorites!  They look like they could go with anything!  Luv them!
Minnetonka - Uptown Thong (Brown Leather) - Footwear
What about you?  Any favorite flip flops before the end of the season?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Casting Dating Show for Women that LOVE Designer Shoes! : Reality TV, Game Show, Talk Show, News - All Things Unscripted Social Network Casting Community

Check out this casting call for shoe lovers!
Go Go Luckey Entertainment, the creators of Laguna Beach and Newport Harbor, are URGENTLY CASTING beautiful single women between the ages of 30-40 for a FUN new dating show in NYC.

Are you an attractive, fun woman with a big personality?

Do you love fashion, looking your best, but especially SHOES?

Does the idea of going on a date with a romantic, successful man appeal to you?

If so, they want to meet you NOW!

They need a number of great women so please feel free to refer your friends and pass this along to them!

Casting Dating Show for Women that LOVE Designer Shoes! : Reality TV, Game Show, Talk Show, News - All Things Unscripted Social Network Casting Community

Monday, August 13, 2012

Your Shoes as Inspiration for an Interior Design? Yes, Please!

If you're a fan of many different shoes and designers, chances are you also love having a similar interior filled with inspiring elements from your shoes. Interiors can be inspired by many accent pieces, from a favorite color, to a band, and even your favorite pair of shoes! Love Christian Louboutin pumps? Design your room with pops of red and black and make your heels the focal point! Are Juicy Couture flats your favorite go-to shoes? Make your room playful and colorful, just like your love for the brand. Here are some examples to get you started:

If you love pastel colors because they make you happy and are very lovely, use this pastel wedge below as your interior inspiration. With sweet colors that cover many different elements, such as chevron pastel pillows and vintage towels and blankets, this sort of interior will become your own personal retreat.
Shoes via The & Pastel Interior via 79 Ideas

If you're looking to create a peaceful oasis, well, you need a dreamy pair of shoes to point you in the right direction first! Flip flops that are made with an easy going and tranquil design will inspire you to create a calming retreat. If you love the ocean there's nothing better than a dreamy room filled with ocean blue accents. Also, don't forget other elements such as water wall signs, plants, and turquoise pillows. You'll love relaxing and enjoying a room that will remind you of the ocean on a consistent basis.
Ocean Flip Flops via Nine West and Ocean Living Room via

If you'd rather go for a sparkly and glam interior, why not use a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps as inspiration? The shoes most likely glam up your life and make going out all the more fun due to their height, sparkles, and amazing design. Have fun coming up with an interior of your dreams that's as chic as your favorite pair of Louboutin shoes and you'll feel glamorous every single day.
Louboutin Pumps via and Interior via Diva Rocker Glam

So do your shoes inspire you to be creative now? Decorating a luxe interior is as simple as what you choose as your inspiration. Look deep inside your closet full of dreamy shoes and pull out your favorite pair. It's time to decorate and have some fun creating the space of your dreams!

Paige One loves writing about fashion and interior design. Infuse them together and you'll have glam interiors that are stunning!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Why Personal Hygiene is Pivotal for a Successful Fashion Career

via Motherhood Career Fashion

While it might be stating the obvious, maintaining oral hygiene is important for any career, especially if it is in the fashion industry. Not only does it make you look your best, it is vital for optimal attractiveness and excellent health. What is classified as hygiene? Well, it includes hair and face washing, wearing deodorant, taking care of your teeth, and washing your body daily with soap. Even though these forms of hygiene are apparent, many people still need help forming an everyday habit of taking care of their bodies. Just like anything else in life, practice makes perfect and in order to create a habit and maintain excellent hygiene, one must learn what is entailed in personal hygiene. Having the best hygiene possible will help you succeed in any career, especially fashion.

Wash Daily and Find Products that Work Well for Your Skin Type

No one likes to head to a meeting and smell a person next to them that hasn’t showered lately. More than just the effect of stinking from not showering, not cleaning your body regularly can lead to infections. Be the fashionista that you are and find a bar soap or shower gel that will keep your skin and body fresh and clean. But – don’t briefly wash your skin and think that you are done! Instead, take the time that’s needed to truly exfoliate and clean your skin with a wash cloth or sponge. Also, be sure to wash all crevices that you might not think of washing.

Go to the Dentist Regularly and Brush Your Teeth

via Etsy

Don’t allow plaque and other bacteria to build up on your teeth. Instead, be sure to brush your teeth morning and night and don’t forget to floss too. Some people will even brush their teeth three or more times a day, depending on how clean they like their teeth to be. Plus, if you have braces brushing your teeth is even more important so that you don’t get food built up which could potentially cause a cavity. A part of keeping your teach clean is going to a reliable dentist, such as a Dallas dentist who will offer a deep cleaning on your teeth and will also check and make sure that everything else looks great in your mouth too. Having shiny and beautiful teeth is certainly appealing in the fashion industry and besides, you want to look your best and have white and healthy teeth that are nice to show off too, don’t you?

Wash Your Hands Regularly

Throughout the day it is important to wash your hands. It is especially important to wash your hands if you are working in an office or are working with customers. It is recommended that you wash your hands before and after you eat, after using the restroom, after putting out the garbage and especially after treating a wound. Since being in the fashion industry will most likely require a lot of socializing, if you are out in public it’s important to keep your health in mind without letting it rule your life. There is a way to create a balanced life full of a fashionable career and healthy hygiene that will help you succeed in your day to day living.

Paige One loves fashion so the writers focus on maintaining excellent hygiene and recommends going to a dentist, such as that will help your teeth stay in excellent condition. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Wedding Style 101

Kat's back!  We're thrilled that she is becoming a
 regular contributor to our blog; 
her unique perspective and ideas always make us smile!

It’s that time of year again, the time when our weekends are booked up in advance thanks to the summer wedding boom. I do love a good wedding however when you have four to attend over the course of a month your wardrobe soon starts to feel, well a little bit empty! After making the mistake of purchasing new outfits for every wedding I was invited to last year, I have made a decision that I am going to far more wardrobe savvy this year. Here is my fool proof check list for staying stylish during the wedding season.

Unless you are attending four completely separate weddings where you are guaranteed no guest overlap, chances are you are looking to avoid the dreaded ‘haven’t we seen you in that before’ look. Instead of purchasing totally new outfits I have bought a wedding capsule wardrobe of plain colored dresses that can easily be jazzed up with belts, scarves, shawls and jewellery to create completely different looks. 

Comfort AND Style!
Naturalizer LennoxCourt. Source:
Footwear is one of the important considerations when putting together a wedding outfit. The lure of towering heels can prove tempting however since I discovered the Naturalizer shoe range I have been able to enjoy the flattering look of heels without the burning pain after too many renditions of the YMCA. A simple pair of black or nude court shoes will go with everything and will not break the bank, or your toes!

Hats Off
DIY Fascinator. Source:

Hats are all the rage since the Royal wedding last year and although hats used to be an essential requirement of a wedding outfit, there are plenty of alternative options that look just as stylish and won’t empty your wallet. A simple fascinator looks subtle yet fashionable, if you cannot find one to match your outfit why not pop into your local craft store and pick up some feathers, ribbon and sequins to customize your own? Not only is this a much more affordable option, you can avoid bumping into someone with the same one. Phew!

Kat is a full time writer, blogger who loves nothing more than being asked to write about her second passion in life, fashion (her first being shopping!). She is known for her love of Vivienne Westwood  and Lotus Shoes

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ridiculously Beautiful Runway Fashion

I've never been one to be into high end fashion simply because it's so expensive, but after seeing all of the amazing dresses on Pinterest this evening I just had to share! Runway fashion will certainly take your breath away, that's for sure! From plenty of ruffles and lace, to beautiful neutral and bright colors, these gowns are beyond exquisite. I can only imagine how it would feel to walk down the runway in a dress like this - except, I would be afraid to trip and fall {maybe on my face like Carrie Bradshaw!!} That's why there are gorgeous models like below to show off these beautiful gowns for us, don't you think? ;)
Elie Saab via
Elie Saab via
Monique Lhuillier via
Oscar de la Renta via
via Tumblr

In my opinion I saved the best dress for last, but I am dying to know who the designer is! So if you know please let me know, okay? Thanks. ;) As you can see there's plenty of couture elegance, lace, ruffles, and beautiful colors that I am in love with. Many of these gowns showcase fall fashion that's to come and if the knock offs in the stores are any indication that fall time fashion is going to look like this, then I'm definitely all in. ;)

Already I'm seeing these colors and hints of elegance in the stores. I've been shopping the last few days and scouting the fall time fashion is fun and then comparing what I've seen to dresses like this is even more entertaining! Obviously I would never need to wear a dress like you see above (no where to wear it too and way too fancy!), but seeing parts of the style or just the ruffles and lace show up in some fall time silhouettes is beyond amazing.

Are you obsessed with runway fashion? I used to never like it because it just didn't appeal to me. However, now the deeper I get into fashion - I more I like looking at the high end fashion dresses and walkway gowns. They're exquisite, that's for sure!

Are there any brand names on the runway that I should keep my eyes open for? 

I can't wait to see more of the fall time fashion that develops {thanks to fabulous runway fashion like this!}