Friday, April 29, 2011

Stars and Their Love for Vera Wang Shoes

I always enjoy searching the internet for the latest trends and fashion statements. It's fun to see an actress, star, or singer wear one of your favorite designer's shoes so you can get a good idea what they look like on their feet! One of my favorite designers is Vera Wang. It's easy to understand why. Vera Wang is timeless, classy, and elegant. Her shoes sparkle and it's hard to turn away from such beauty. I went on a hunt on the internet for some actresses who wear Vera Wang and what kind of outfit they paired their stunning shoes with. Let me tell you - they all look fabulous in their Vera Wang shoes and outfits!

Click on each picture and it will send you to its source. :)
Paired with a gorgeous rose colored and form fitting dress, Nicky Hilton looks gorgeous in her pumps and dress at this Vera Wang event!
I love these shoes that Mila Kunis wore. Vera Wang is exquisite with its design in these platforms. They look comfortable and Mila even paired them with black nail polish. I love it!
Reese Witherspoon makes Vera Wang shine in this outfit. I love these black pumps on her, especially since she's shorter so I'm sure she likes the added height. I think she would look amazing in a pair of Vera Wang flats as well! Let's take a look at some of the Vera Wang shoes If The Shoe Doesn't Fit has on its site right now from various sellers.

So what are your thoughts on Vera Wang? Do you feel like a princess if you own a pair of Vera Wang shoes? When I think of Vera Wang I think of Sex and the City and I think of going to a royal ball. Now if only I could save up some money to get myself a pair! The "Nabia" Platform Pumps might be a great start. I love the way the silver glistens! If The Shoe Doesn't Fit has some fantastic sellers that have great taste in shoes: they have Vera Wang for an affordable price! ;)

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