Tuesday, January 31, 2012

4 Things To Look For in a High Quality Children's Shoe

Shoe shopping for little ones can be tough, but the tips 
about what to look for in high quality children's shoes 
from our guest blogger Mary Blanchard will make it easier! 

4 Things To Look For in a High Quality Children's Shoe
When shopping for a child's shoe, it is important to look for certain markers that will ensure that the child is able to wear the shoes comfortable for an extended period of time. Many parents purchase shoes that are too tight, but don't realize it until they are out of the store. Or, they rely on the child's knowledge of how a shoe should fit, which is not a great idea. If you plan to purchase some new children's shoes in the future, follow this guide to help you find high quality pairs.

Adjustable Options
All shoes for children should have the ability to be adjusted to fit snugly and provide arch support. Although it is quite common to find slip on shoes for young children, and many parents enjoy them because the child can wear them without needing to tie their shoelaces, they simply won't provide adequate support. Look for either Velcro closures across the front of the shoes or laces which can tighten to fit the foot perfectly.

Childrens Shoes

Value for Money
Although it is a good idea to find high quality shoes for your child, it is also important to remember that children will outgrow any pair of shoes in a matter of months. Therefore, you want to make sure you are able to get a great price on any pair of shoes. Rather than buying cheap pairs that may not provide enough support for your child's feet, find higher quality pairs where you can get a good deal. Look online for coupon codes that can used on shoe retailer's websites, or even great clearance sales at your local shoe store.

Even if a shoe has received great reviews and is made from high quality materials, it may not be comfortable for your own child. Allow them to try on a pair of shoes when you are not in a hurry and they are in a cooperative mood. Let your child walk around in the shoes for a few minutes to get a feel for whether they are truly comfortable or not. Put your hand in the shoe to feel for any thick seams which might irritate the foot after extended periods of wear.
ADIDAS - Model 633 (green)
Space in the Toe Box
Some parents purposely choose a shoe that is too large for their child in the hopes that they will grow into it and save on having to buy another pair in the immediate future. While it is correct to want to not buy a tight pair, it should not be too big. Once the shoe is on tightly, feel the space in the toe box between the big toe and the end of the shoe. There should be approximate 2 inches there for growth, but not more than 3.

By considering each of these factors and trying on several pairs before purchasing one, it is possible for your child to be wearing high quality and yet still affordable shoes. Use coupon codes or coupons to get great deals on the best shoes available.

As a stay at home parent, UK resident Mary Blanchard understands the importance of making her dollars stretch. She frequents the coupon croc site to access web discounts to stay within budget.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Would You Wear Fluorescent Shoes?

Since BRIGHT and BOLD tends to be the most recent fashion statement, it got me thinking about bright shoes. I personally don't think that I'd be able to pull off such a bold piece of footwear on my feet - what do you think?

Fluorescent colors need to be worn by a certain type of person with a bold and fun personality who is not afraid to stand out. Someone who enjoys a good laugh and someone who doesn't mind being stared at. I however, am not this person. I may seem outgoing, but in fact I'm rather shy. It would be hard for me to wear fluorescent shoes, but that's only because I don't want to be a sore thumb.

Bright and bold is fun, don't get me wrong, but could you pull it off? 
Would you be so bold to wear fluorescent colors and shoes?
 So what do you think...is fluorescent for you? 

Here are a few places and occasions you could wear fuorescent shoes:

*fancy restaurant
*dancing location
*costume party
*Valentine's Day

I actually owned a pair of bright yellow fluorescent heels and I wore them during my first corporate job. But I rarely wore them. Every time I went out in public with them on people made comments...they said: "Hey, I liked your shoes!" See what I mean? I became the center of attention and I wasn't a fan of that. If only we could wear bold and bright shoes without the commentary. Hence why I think that fluorescent is not really for me. Maybe in the future I'll wear brightly colored shoes, but not for now. :)

What do you think - is wearing fluorescent shoes something you would do?
Maybe you've already done it? 
Bravo if you have! ;)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fashionable Socks!

 Socks can be a great accessory if you know when to wear'em and 
how to choose the best ones for what you're wearing.
Today's guest blogger, Adam Bruk shares with us some great tips for
making your sock selections smart and fashionable! Enjoy!

Choosing the right pair of socks to keep your feet warm while looking fashionable can be rather tricky. There are some shoes that you can’t wear socks with at all, and others you would look silly not wearing socks with. Finding the right pair of socks to wear with your winter footwear is important for keeping your feet warm. You never know when you’ll need to take your shoes off when entering someone’s house or after stepping in a puddle and getting them wet. For these reasons, we’ve put together a guide on how to wear socks for a few popular styles of shoes.
Source: media.onsugar.com
High Heels and Pumps- If you asked us last year if it’s ok to wear socks with heels, we would think you were crazy. However, we’ve noticed more and more women this year fashionably wearing socks with their high heels. You no longer need to sacrifice comfort for style, especially during the bitter cold winter months. Knee socks are fashionable and will protect your legs from the harsh winter elements. We’ve also seen women wearing heels with crew or slouch socks as well. Knee socks are a bit more appropriate for office attire, while knee socks, crew, or slouch can be worn for a night on the town!
Source: stylebakery.com
Flats- While you can wear socks with flats during the winter months, it’s not very fashionable to wear them during the summer.  There are two styles you can go with when wearing flats. This year, we’ve seen many people sporting knee socks, or even thigh high socks, with their flats. This certainly helps to keep your legs warm and goes well with a shorter dress. However, if you don’t want your socks to show, you can always opt for a pair of liner socks. They fit around your feet and perform the same functions as no show socks.
Athletic Shoes/Sneakers- It’s very important to wear a pair of socks when working out or wearing athletic shoes. While going without them might be more convenient, it’s not healthy for your feet. The type of socks you wear depends on the cut of your shoes. For example, if you are wearing a pair of shoes that go up on your ankle, such as basketball shoes, a pair of ankle socks is stylish and provides the most comfort. However, they shouldn’t be worn with a low cut athletic shoe. As a general rule of thumb, if your shoe doesn’t come up your ankle, neither should your socks! Opt for a low cut pair of socks or no show socks to go with your lower cut athletic shoes or sneakers.
Source: deadspin.com
Sandals- Unless you don’t care how you look, socks are never to be worn with sandals! It looks rather goofy and is not stylish at all. Plus, if it’s warm enough to wear sandals, you shouldn’t need to wear socks with them.
We hope this guide helps you find the right pair of socks to keep your feet warm and fashionable this winter!

Bio: Adam has been busy this winter helping visitors find the right pair of socks to keep their feet warm and fashionable this winter. He also works with the diabetic online community to help people with diabetes find diabetic socks that are fashionable and fit their outfits.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Are You A "Shoe Person"?

Did you know that 39% of women consider themselves "a shoe person"  while 50% of women have more than 10 pairs of shoes, and 13% have more than 30 pairs of non- athletic shoes.

Take a look at this cool infographic from ShoeSniper.com, a comparison shopping site, and see how your shoe closet stacks up against the numbers! You should be able to click on it to see it larger if needed.

If you decide you have a few shoes in your closet you don't wear anymore and want to sell them - use code SHOES for 5 free listings on If The Shoe Doesn't Fit, the auction site for shoe lovers, or you can always swap them for free!

So how about it, are you a "shoe person?"

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bridal ShoesTrends for 2012

If you're going to be a bride this year or know someone who is,
then you'll want to hear about the latest 2012 bridal trends 
from our guest blogger Christina Lyttle! Enjoy!

Gone are the days when shoes took a backseat while shopping for one’s wedding because the increasing number of slender and petite wedding gowns have ensured that your shoes get the proper amount of attention. Also, the trend has shifted from white to more ‘colors’. So, if you are planning a gown which will allow some room for you to make your own style statement at your feet, you must know about the bridal trends of 2012.

·         Glitter - Every wedding needs a sparkling star and your shoes will ensure it. Bling and glitter is the trend of the season. If you are a little wary of sparkle, you can have just a hint of gold or silver but if you want to dazzle your wedding attire, go full throttle and remove all full stops on the oomph factor. You have various options in this fashionable development. You can go for a plain metal body but jeweled heels, or you can have gold dust all over your pumps. The added advantage is that, unlike your traditional footwear, this will be useful to you even after the wedding is over. You can pair these up with cocktail dresses or your little black dress and turn eyeballs.

·         Lace – Lace it up if you dislike the twinkle. Lace can pep up an ordinary looking stiletto. Dark colors like plum and deep red would look good on the light colors. You can contrast it with your wedding dress, or simply choose a color that compliments the fabric. Even a simple ribbon in a darker shade can do wonders to your prosaic shoe. Be willing to experiment and give a thumbs-up to lace because it is classy and elegant.

·         Mix and Match – There is no need to match everything, you must learn a little mixing along with matching. Go for a shoe that is totally unexpected and surprise everyone. There are many kinds of different and unique looking shoes available which scream chicness and style. Go for some glamour and pick those electric blue pumps. Add some ornamental flowers to them and you have balanced its eccentricity, thereby creating perfect wedding footwear.

There are many colors that are ruling the roost like Azure, Tiffany Blue, Cobalt, Plum, Cranberry etc. These colors will add to your look and ensure that you are the center of attention of your wedding, even fashionably. Experiment, innovate and research about the trends. Or better, create your own!

Christina Lyttle is a fashion expert with five years of experience under her belt. In her free time, she loves teaming wigs of different colors, like purple wigs, blonde wigs, and others to enrich the look of funny costumes designed by her.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tips for Buying Vintage Shoes

With shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire ruling the small screen, vintage styles are more popular than ever.  The person that buys vintage is the kind that likes the unique and special.  Some may even be considered old souls.  They are treasure hunters in their own right, searching through their grandmother’s attics, consignment shops, or the local thrift store; perusing the internet or seeking out funky vintage boutiques.  

While vintage clothing, jewelry, handbags and other accessories can be found with little effort, buying vintage shoes is not always as simple.  Unlike a vintage blouse, skirt or pair of pants, a pair of vintage shoes can’t be tossed in the washer, or tailored to fit; they show their age easily because of the nature of their wear.  This doesn’t mean they can’t be found though - you just have to know some tips.  Here are a few pointers for being successful in your vintage shoe hunt.

Ignore the size.  People always say Marilyn Monroe wore a size 12 dress, but guess what? That’s like a 4 or 6 by today’s sizing standards!  The same applies for shoes.  The only real way to know is to try it on but that's not always possible.  If you’re shopping online, ask the seller to measure the shoe’s insole and width or if that's not possible, know that the size may not be accurate and be prepared.  In some cases, leather can be stretched if the shoe is too narrow, but there’s nothing (spare a magic wand) that is going to make that shoe longer.  

Consider repair costs.  If you happen to find a pair of 40 year old shoes, it’s safe to say they’re not going to be in perfect condition.  Things that can be replaced are heel caps and soles; loose stitching can also be fixed.  Before buying you may want to check with your local shoe repairman on what the cost will be; that way you know what’s a bargain and what’s not worth it.  

Use a critical eye.  It’s easy to be blinded by the fact that you might, just MIGHT look like Jayne Mansfield in those vintage shoes, but you have to be logical.  There are some things that can’t be repaired or fixed; cracked leather, torn holes, missing buckles, eroding straps, strong discoloration, deep scratches, etc.  The only thing that shoes with these problems may be used for is perhaps decoration on a book shelf.  

Make friends with Google and Wikipedia.  Most vintage shop owners are honest people who are happy to be dealing in a medium they love.  However, don’t be taken advantage of because of lack of information.  Vintage is generally defined as anything older than 20-25 years.  Which means that the 80’s and early 90’s are all of sudden considered vintage!  Decide if you personally consider that vintage because you’re probably not willing to pay as much for a pair of shoes from 1992 as you would for something from 1962.  Also consider that designers make shoes that look vintage though might not be.  Take a look at the shoe and if you can find a designer name or label of some sort, plug it into Google or Wikipedia.  You should be able to find some information on that brand including a time frame, popularity, styles, etc.  Armed with this knowledge, you’ll have a better idea of how much you should be paying.  You may even find a similar shoe for a better price this way! 

Don’t be afraid to buy vintage shoes, it should be an enjoyable and rewarding process.  It should never be an impulse purchase, but you’ll be happy you took your time as soon as someone asks “Where’d you get those fabulous shoes?”

Friday, January 13, 2012

5 Hot Shoe Trends for Spring 2012

Not only are we thankful it's Friday, we're thankful for our 
fantastic guest blogger Christina Lyttle!  She helps us kick off
the weekend looking at some hot shoe trends for Spring 2012! Enjoy!

Have you been saving carefully to invest in the lovely pair of shoes you saw on television? Before taking the plunge, acquaint yourself with the top trends in the category of footwear this 2012. This would be a wonderful guide to help you shop the trendiest shoes for the season. 

1.       Metallic-toed shoes - These are a reigning favorite that is expected to rule the racks the coming season.  Not only are such shoes highly durable, but also the wide array of designs they come in make them more fetching. Glamour and practicality are well combined in this trend out to beat everything else in 2012. 

2.       High and pointed - Bid goodbye to the rounded toes that had been doing the rounds in the past season. The pointed toes and high heels are here! Get shoes with pointed toes and flaunt your attitude as you strut in them. However, in this context you must remember that the shoes shall only go the pointed way, while the sandals and the booties will keep reigning, in the rounded toed avatars. 

3.       Odd but trendy - This is a reference to the super mega platform shoes that celebs have been donning of late. Are you bit bothered about how comfortable they would be? Well, for starters you must not be that skeptical. Since the fashion pundits have been considering the mega platforms as highly popular, there must be some reason for the same. 

4.       Texture trends - As far as the texture of the shoes are concerned, transparent and shiny is in this summer. Were you thinking of teaming up a transparent pair of shoes for the Cinderella effect? Then go on ahead and don it. 2012 welcomes designer variants of the vinyl shoes. Of course, a bit of bling works to advantage and the designers have added shiny tones to their shoe materials. Gold and silver have moved on from dresses to the footwear.

5.       Color trends - After you are decided on the style of the shoes you want to wear, you are sure to spare a thought for the colors that are in fashion, right? In the contemporary fashion market, shoes too have become daring over the years and you can find a plethora of options—from bright orange to electric blue. However, nude is giving such bright colors stiff competition as are the pastel shades in pale lime, aqua and rose.

Decide on your comfort and requirements. Once this is done, go over the trend list and fill up your shopping bags with the latest shoes this year. 

Christina Lyttle is a fashion expert with five years of experience under her belt. In her free time, she loves making different kinds of Halloween and themed party costumes. You can click here to buy baby halloween costumes made by her. She is also the owner of the wrinkle cream site, http://www.wrinklecreamreview.org/. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Put a "Spring" in Your Step!

First of all, no, I'm not talking about being more energetic with my "Put a Spring in Your Step" title. I happen to be excited for Spring time to arrive, even though it's quite a few months away! So instead of being sad that Spring has not yet sprung...I thought I would post a few pictures to get us ready for the beautiful Spring time to be here already!

I know that Spring isn't technically supposed to be capitalized, but Spring is going to be capitalized in this post because I love it so much. Spring has everything to do with new beginnings, growth in nature, flowers, blooming, and pretty shoes that are pink, floral, and full of happy colors.

Here are few Spring like photos of delicious shoes that I've caught already on sites like Pinterest and WeHeartIt!  

Click on the photo to be sent to the original source.
So what's your favorite shoe out of the bunch? 

I'm seeing a theme here of lots of colors, florals, aztec prints, beige tones, and simplicity! I can't wait!!

By the way, that last pair of pumps is part of Christian Louboutin's Spring 2012 Collection = gorgeous!!

I can't wait for Spring to arrive. Not only will I put a "Spring" in my step, I am going to continue saving for a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps like you see above because they are to die for! Hope you are looking forward to Spring time just like me and I hope you find the perfect pair of Spring shoes to put a Spring in your step too!

What delicious shoes can you see yourself 
wearing when Spring time arrives?

Monday, January 9, 2012

How I redecorated my... er - FOOT!

Yesterday I decided to redecorate my house. It was a big story...

The large table and old queen sized bed had to be moved down into storage, which involved two steep flights of chairs. Hubby was traveling and I had to ask the gardener to help me, which he did a great job of. However, I had to help him.

In all the excitement, Blondie didn't think to put on some sneakers or something more supportive than bare feet. Right at the top of the first flight of stairs with the first and heaviest item, I "sripped" - that's when you slip and trip over your own feet at the same time. I somehow bounced down two of three stairs on my knees, scraping off some skin in the process. My poor toes bent over the wrong way and I broke the toe that was broken (in another spot) 10 years ago. It is also the same toe that I cut open to the bone two years ago. Can anyone say CLUMSY?

So by now you'd think that I had learned my lesson and that is to wear shoes - even at home.

Well, ladies, I am proud to announce that my black-and-blue, beach ball sized tootsies are now toasty and warm in a comfy pair of slippers. I hope nothing urgent pops up that requires me to go out of the house as I can't go in shoes (nothing is going to fit for a while) and I am not going barefoot.

My advice to you:

Wear shoes at home while you are cleaning up or simply walking around. Wet floors, slippery stairs and even rugs are all hazardous to your health.

My Slippery Suggestions - click on the links to find out where you can buy them.

These are nice for injured toes in warm climates -

Acorn - New Spa Slide- Wide (Powder Blue Fabric) - Footwear

Lovely Orthaheel Slippers (Just click on the link for some of the cool features of the Acorn slippers)

Orthaheel - Relax Slipper (Blue) - Footwear

Patricia Green - Marlys (Pink) - FootwearIf you live on the beach like me, you could probably get away with going to the mall in these...

For luxury comfort and warmth, you can't go wrong with this beautiful slipper from Arden.

smartdogs - Arden (Deep Violet) - Footwear

How do you keep stylish when you have injured toes?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

What's up, Baby Shoes?

Although I have not been active on the blog during the holidays, shoes have not been out of my mind for long periods at a time. Mostly, I spent my time as an observer, which has been most fascinating.  I also bought a few pairs of sandals and even some slippers during the season. 

While Ocean Dreamer glammed it up in sparkly heels this Christmas, holidaymakers to our little town walked around the malls barefoot. I am a bit of a germophobe, so I only did it once. On New Year's Eve, 10 minutes to closing time, my hubby decided to go buy more ice-cream. I had no time to put on shoes and when we got to the mall, it was very quiet, so I decided to get out and go look for some chocolate.  It was liberating!!!

Apart from that I spent a lot of time telling my daughter to "PUT ON YOUR SHOES!!!". Really, I know that we live on the beach, but there's a time and a place when shoes are necessary. I learned that the hard way just 3 days ago, when I walked to the beach and back barefoot. My feet are still hurting from burning on the hot tar road and the sizzling beach sand.

Most excitingly, my BFF had a little baby boy! He is so adorable that one can become broody from spending 5 minutes with him. Those tiny little hands... and precious little feet! Of course, the stores are full of the cutest little baby shoes.

Just look at these:

Primigi Clyd (Infant Boys') - Brown Nubuck

Stride Rite SRT Sophia (Infant Girls') - Silver/Tulip/Paradise Pink Leather/Mesh
Hush Puppies Kids Bryson (Infant Boys') - Black

PUMA Cell Turin Perf (Infant Boys') - Black/Puma Silver/Steel Grey

Don't you just want one too?

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Party in Style and Stay Smiling

 Today we are excited to have a guest post
from Amy Fowler that can help us make sure our feet
not only look good but feel that way too! Enjoy!

It is hard enough coping with blisters when you hit the town in a new pair of heels, let alone suffering from backache the next morning. However more and more women are believed to be suffering from back problems due to the height of their heels.

And this backache doesn’t discriminate against age either. 18, 26 or 40… wearing too high a heel can cause existing back pain to worsen.

So what can you do? Ditch the heels for good?

No. All you need to do is learn how to adapt, and more importantly understand how heels can worsen your back pain.

How can heels cause back pain?
You might be reading this and thinking, if heels caused backache then surely no one would wear them, but the reality is some people are more susceptible to back pain than others, and this is partially due to how you wear your heels.

For instance, did you know that wearing high heels all day long can lead to a shortening in your calf muscles, resulting in pressure over the front of your ankles and the flattening of the arch across the bridge of your foot? It is hard to imagine that wearing heels can do so much, but long term they can cause problems to your posture.

Another problem with wearing heels all day is the fact that your hip and bum muscles have to work overtime in order to help you stand up straight and resist the pull of gravity which is pushing your body forward. Work these muscles too much and this can cause you to trap the sciatic nerve in your spine, resulting in sciatica.

So I can never wear heels?
Of course we are not suggesting that you can never wear heels. But if you are interested in alleviating your back pain and benefiting for natural pain relief this holiday season, then it is best to try some of the following techniques when you next hit the town:

  1. Carry a spare pair of shoes – this may not sound very practical, especially when you’ve only got a small purse, but carrying a pair of ballet pumps when you are out will make the walk back home a lot easier on your back.

  2. Keep limber – and we are not talking about dancing. Before you embark on a night out, make sure you are stretched and limber. This will help to loosen your calf muscles and prevent any nerves getting trapped.

    Some good techniques for doing this include:

     - Straightening your leg and pushing your heel away before pulling your toes towards you. This will help to stretch the back of your calf. Alternatively,
     - Try to pick a pencil from off the floor with your toes. You might feel silly doing this, but practice this technique every night and you’ll have no problem hitting the town.

  3. Wear a smaller heel – at the end of the day, wearing a 4 inch heel isn’t everything. If your back is suffering, it is important that you acknowledge this pain and opt for a smaller heel.

    Now we are not saying that you have to go completely flat, but instead try to find a smaller heel which feels comfortable and puts less strain on your back.

  4. Remember to take a break – whenever you are not dancing or walking, try to take a break and sit down. Your heels will look equally as attractive when you are sitting down at the bar as they will when you are swaying away on the dance floor. We suggest, taking a break every 30 minutes if you can and slipping your heels off. At the same time, try to stretch your calves so they don’t go stiff.

As you can see, you don’t have to let backache spoil a night out. Simply remember to acknowledge your limits,  recognize what you are most comfortable in and showcase your heels in other ways. Bar or dance floor, with the right heels you can enjoy a night out free of pain.

This article was written by Amy Fowler, who is interested in methods of natural pain relief.