Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Running shoes - buying tips

My husband used to be quite the runner, having completed several marathons and half marathons and he wishes to one day start running again. However, his running shoes are sacred (read: expensive). Whenever he finds a his running shoes on special, he is likely to buy two pairs in order to stock up.

However, since he has worked his way through 4 pairs of shoes in the last 2 months, despite walking around the house barefoot most of the time (we live on the beach), I thought I'd do a bit of research into why this is happening. I came across an article which said that runhning shoes start aging immediately after production. Seriously?

Running shoes should be replaced after every 350-500 miles in order to prevent injuries, but if the time they spent on the store shelf aged them too, it may have to be sooner.  According to a running shoe expert, the time the shoes spend in the box will not affect their performance. This is obviously great news for runners who like to stock up.

Experts agree that it is perfectly to stock up if you find a deal, as long as you try on each pair. Although each pair may be the exact same size, there could be small differences that occured during the manufacturing process. Ensure that each pair of running shoes fits perfectly and is comfortable enough to run in. It is suggested that you buy your running shoes in 1/2 a size bigger than your casual shoes, as the feet swell when you are running.

While this is great news for hubby, I will have to hide this post. See, Hubs has a tendency to be impulsive and with this news he is sure to buy every pair of shoes on which he can lay his hands. His shoe collection is (almost) bigger than mine already!

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