Friday, March 30, 2012

$25 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway

It's been a little while since we ran a giveaway, so I thought we'd kick off the weekend by running something to let our wonderful readers, and hopefully some new friends know we're thinking of them!  Of course we love shoes, but we also love to shop for all kinds of things, so for this giveaway one lucky person will get a $25 Amazon Giftcard.  Good luck to all!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Perfectly Printed Pumps

Lately I've been seeing a lot of printed pumps arise for spring fashion trends, and I'm not just talking about floral pumps that we saw last season. This season I'm seeing a ton of printed pumps like polka dots, zig zags, lines, different colors with unique designs, and more. Since I'm seeing a lot of printed pumps I thought I'd get your take on this trend.

It might seem rather bold, but the reality is that this is a great trend if you love to wear the basics - such as black and white. Putting on a pair of printed pumps that have bold graphic patterns will become a focal point to your outfit. You may not want your shirt and jeans to stand out, but why not your feet?
I love how patterned shoes have so much personality. They are bold, playful, and like I mentioned before, they also become an instant focal point. Printed shoes will go nicely with an outfit that needs extra color as well. Can't you just picture wearing a red frock with red printed shoes? The pumps will look fabulous with polka dots or a leaf design and will instantly make the outfit come alive!
Besides printed pumps, there are also flats and more to consider. If heels aren't your shoe of choice there's fun and fabulous oxfords and flats that will also look amazing with a fashionable ensemble too. Plus flats might be a bit more comfortable to wear if you plan on being on your feet for a long period of time.
So what do you think of all of these prints? I think I'd like a few printed pumps or flats, but I'd only incorporate them into my outfits sparingly. They are beautiful and bold though and I can't wait to see more printed shoes revealed as they continue to come out in the near future!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shoes for a Test

Tomorrow morning I'm taking the second part of a huge exam.  It's been a lot of years since I've had to study like this to take these standardized types of exams.  I took the first part of this exam two weeks ago and just barely passed (not something I'm proud of), despite 3 months of intense studying.  Now the second part is looming.

Last time I threw on comfy clothes and sneakers and ran out the door dressed like I did when I was in college (oh so many years ago).  A part of me wonders if I how I dressed had an impact on how I did.

I have a feeling that when I wear sweats and flip flops, my attitude and actions are much more relaxed and I pay less attention to detail.  I know that when I wear business clothes--a suit or dress and heels--I walk, sit, and speak differently; in fact my whole demeanor changes. It's almost like I have a "work" costume, and when I put it on I go into "work" mode.

So I'm trying to figure out -what shoes and clothes should I wear to get my head into the game for the test tomorrow?  I know I want to stay away from the sweats - too easy to relax and let my brain slip into "spaced out" mode.  Any suggestions?  I"d appreciate them.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blisters and Foot Pain!

Yikes!  I went out the other night and wore pair of my favorite Michael Kors heels that I don't wear very often.  These are awesome strappy platform sandals with leather, gold rivets, and 4 inch heels that make me feel, well - just incredible and feminine!There is something about these shoes that are special.  Whenever I wear them someone always compliments me on them.

The problem is that when I wear them they also rub my foot and I end up with a blister or sore across my instep.  This explains why I end up resigning them to the back of my closet for several months, not to be worn again for a long time. 

I've tried baby powder, bandaids, foot petals and somehow I still end up with a big owie!

Someone has to have a trick or a tip that works? What have you done to deal with this?  Please share your solution to this problem.  Thanks!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Into the time machine

Perhaps there comes a time in all our lives when we reflect back on the past. I just didn't expect to be doing it at my age, because I'm not that old just yet - or am I?

That is the danger of social media, especially when you get connected with people from your past - people who are much younger than you. You see things that take your mind back to the distance past. 

My friend's kid sister recently received the most gorgeous boots from her boyfriend and that took me back to my old Doc Martens days. Man I loved those shoes. I wore them with everything: jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses...
John Deere Boots 9

Dan Post Boots Wynona 13

Lane Boots Groovy Girl (Women's) - Blue Leather
I even wore them to school, which was not allowed. I was supposed to wear those really ugly black Mary Janes with short white school socks. In order to save myself from the fashion police, I would tell the teachers that I had a foot problem and had to wear my Docs. Somehow I got away with it.

However, this has made me want to buy myself a pair similar to my old Doc Martens, hence I have been checking out some shoes online. 

Here are some of my top choices.

Monday, March 12, 2012

$50 Xperience Days Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to try something new?  Not just a new pair of shoes (that's always good too), something like skydiving, rock climbing, or high speed racing? Maybe you'd rather stay grounded so perhaps wine tasting, cooking classes or a chocolate tour sound better to you. Or maybe you're looking for an awesome, unique gift to give to someone. Well, Xperience Days has the coolest selection of experience gifts you can find! 

Xperience Days has thousands of awesome gifts you can choose from nationwide.  There are tons of options including a relaxing Day at a Spa, an exciting Drive in a Race car, a chartered Sailing Excursion,  a breathtaking Aerobatic Plane Ride or Dance Lessons! there's something for everyone...and Shoenistas, you can change your shoes for every outing!  :-)

Seriously, I would love to do sooo many of the things Xperience Days offers! I'd have a hard time choosing between the Saks Fifth Avenue Club Experience, Perfume Making, and a Trapeze Class.

The fantastic news is that the wonderful folks at Xperience Days are giving a $50 gift certificate to one lucky ITSDF blog reader. The winner will be able to put it towards their own Xperience Day. Prices range from $44 and up for Xperience Days depending on the activity and location, so the winner will be able to have a fantastic time!
Enter today!  Good Luck! 

I received no compensation for this post.

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