Friday, July 29, 2011

Loveable "Candyland" Vivienne Westwood Shoes

I was searching the internet the other night and I couldn't help but smile when I came across a gorgeous selection of Vivienne Westwood shoes. You see, these aren't normal shoes! They essentially take me back to my childhood where Candyland existed and I put playful and colorful high heels on my barbie dolls.

I love the playfulness and magical appearance of these adorable plastic shoes. With hearts, bright colors of pink and purples, I think I would be bold enough to wear a pair in the near future. What kind of child like films did you watch as a child that brought out the happiness in you? My Little Pony, Lassie, Disney movies, and Little Lulu are all movies that come to my mind. With the videos I just mentioned, Vivienne Westwoods' shoes now come to mind. Let's take a look at the edible shoes I'm raving about.

Just look at the sweet heart and purple pumps! I wish I could transport myself into a fantasy film and wear these shoes as the main part in the show.
Sparkly and delicious, this pair most certainly reminds me of a pair of shoes that I put on my tiny barbies small feet. I just can't get over the dark blue color and sparkles!
The cut out shapes on these flats are not only unique, it will also allow your feet to breath! I have a similar pair by Juicy Couture and my feet are just so comfy!

I'm loving the criss crossed look on this pair of heels and again, they bring me back to my childhood toys. Except, now you can dress like your toys in a fashionable way! ;)

I used to love playing Candyland, wondering which magical land I would make it to next and who would make it to the final candylicious land first. The colors, scenery, and imaginary characters excited me. They still do whenever I take the time to pull out my beloved childhood game. Still to this day I very much love the imagination within me and even love watching and reading films that take me away from the realities of the day and into my own dream land. I think this is why Vivienne's shoes are so loveable. They allow you to reach for the starts and stay there.

Based on all of the shoes you have just looked at, what do you think? Are they too barbie and Candyland like for you, or would you embrace them and wear them right now?!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When it's a good time to expand on your shoe collection

Since I've become a beach bum, I have been living in slip slops and sometimes crocs - but mostly barefoot. 

When we went through a very rainy period, I thought of getting myself some wellies, but never got around to it. This week I sure wished that I did.

This week was a very eventful week weather wise in South Africa. For the first time in many, many years, the whole country (or most of it at least) is blanketed in thick snow. Usually, it only snows in the mountains of two of our provinces and there'd be a light snowfall in some of the colder towns. 

However, the last two days saw heavy waves caused by deep sea storms and this also brought about heavy snow across the country. (I sound like a weather-girl wearing fancy Loboutins there, don't I?) We had a lot of rain on the coast and it was cold with snow an hour away on both sides -  everywhere but here.

Photo from
So it happened yesterday that I had to drag my old New Balance trainers from the back of the closet to go buy some groceries. 

I guess the fact that I have not worn them in ages also gives away the fact that I have not trained in ages either. My feet immediately protested, but what could I do. I have only summery shoes and I was really trying to think positively - I wanted snow!

Arriving home, I couldn't wait to take the shoes off. My daughter started screaming hysterically "Mom, you are bleeding!" and I instinctively grabbed my neck to see if I was somehow decapitated without realizing it (the screaming equaled that type of emergency). Glad that my head was still attached, I checked the rest of my body, all the while shouting "Where? Where?" and her screaming "There! There!". That's the neurotic nines for you...

Finally, I realized that my heels were so badly blistered that they started bleeding. Thankfully it did not feel quite that sore. 

I guess it's time to be out with the old and in with the new. These old ones are clearly no good for swapping or selling on ITSDF, but I'll cry for a week when I toss them out. They still look so nice...

I'd love a pair of these:

Although I prefer New Balance - their shoes are wide and perfect for the fuller woman.

A fashion trend that has not yet (and will hopefully never will) caught on with me is the miniskirt / hotpants and bikini-top combo worn with Ugg boots. Did I mention that they do this in the middle of summer?

Call me old fashioned, but I'd rather wear jeans and a hoodie with Ugg boots - when it snows, only.

Meanwhile, I'm still sitting here waiting for snow, but the sky has cleared up and I think I am waiting in vain.

What is your favorite snow outfit?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Stolen Purse = Stolen Life

I was going to write a post on what I wore this weekend (I was invited to a party) however my purse was stolen and my ticket and all major I.D’s were in there. As a result, I’ve been home most of the weekend except for a movie (which I wore sweats too) and to go shopping (sweats again.)
However, having a purse stolen has really got me to thinking. I got up that morning like it was a typical day. I got ready, had my coffee and packed my breakfast and was off. When I got to work I placed my purse underneath the desk and my Blackberry in a drawer. When I went to go make my meal I never thought I’d come back to no purse. When it happened I first thought “oh my goodness why am I so forgetful?!?” and blamed my own absentmindedness. But as I looked and I didn’t find my beautiful Nine West bag I realized it was not my Twenty One Year Old mind going haywire but my purse was actually gone. Since that day I haven’t been able to do what I normally do and that’s LIVE. I can’t go out because I can’t prove I’m legal which is 18 here. I can’t apply for various school programs etc… and I’m slowly realizing that women keep their lives in a portable bag. Which for the owner that’s great and dandy but for anyone else looking for a portable bag that isn’t theirs to claim as their own it’s really an inconvenience.

What do I propose as an alternative?
I haven’t the slightest. Why? Because as a woman that loves shoes and purses (I beleive one cannot be without the other) my philosophy is that if you have feet and you wear shoes the next step is to find a cute purse or hand bag that compliments your shoes because you have an arm it can rest perfectly on.

So I propose we go out into the world as normal, with our bags attached to us and we keep living and if it’s taken from us we cry our little cry and then replace all our I.D’s ( my SIN card and passport was in there mind you) and we move on with our lives. Giving someone the power to render us useless over a bag is pointless…

And that is what I plan to do.

I already got myself a new bag and complimentary shoes.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Christian Louboutin at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas

I'm back from Las Vegas and not only did I find a pair of Earthies that make me swoon, thanks to a user on Facebook that recommended them to me on our If The Shoe Doesn't Fit Facebook page, but I came back with some pictures of the fabulous shoe stores in Vegas! All I can say is that I've never been so tempted to spend some serious money so much in my life!
Sorry if my picture quality isn't the greatest - I snapped these pictures from my Droid phone because it's more convenient than carrying around a camera. This will give you a nice glimpse, none the less, of our dream shoes by the brilliant designer Christian Louboutin.
The shoes were beautifully displayed on many recessed shelves and every where you turned there were gorgeous Christian Louboutin pumps! I kept on finding myself wander back into the store over and over again...the sales clerk probably thought I was making a plan to steal all of their shoes, ha ha!
When I picked up a pair of shoes I was SO shocked and surprised in regards as to how light weight they were! I can only imagine how good they must feel on your feet. Next time I'm going to try on a pair to find out for myself. I was just afraid though that if I tried a pair on this time that I would want to buy them! :)
Just look at all of the sparkles this pair of shoes has! So pretty! I couldn't peel my eyes away from all of the glitz and glamour. Can you?!
Not only did they have a Christian Louboutin store in Ceasar's Palace, but they had a Jimmy Choo store as well. I didn't stop and visit this store for very long, but I snapped a picture for all of you!
This was my first Christian Louboutin shop to visit and I was very impressed. The same goes for Jimmy Choo - except I'm a bigger fan of Christian Louboutin and the shoe displays especially. The way the shoes were laid out was gorgeous and the lighting was just perfect to highlight every aspect of the sparkles and glamour. Have you ever been into a Christian Louboutin store? How was it decorated and how were the shoes displayed? I especially loved the round ottoman and the floral theme. So sweet!

Next time I visit Vegas my goal is to have one thousand dollars saved up so I can buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. When I buy my dream shoes you better believe I will be bringing a real camera! :) 

Friday, July 22, 2011

What does a beach bum wear to a business meeting?

As you all know by now, I am a certified beach bum who lives in flip flops.

My lifestyle doesn't really require fancy clothes or shoes, except when we go out to dinner. Our clients are mostly from abroad or from inland South Africa, so they don't see us (thank goodness, else I'd be completely broke!). However, it can't be all that bad...

Over the two years that we've lived here, we became friendly with people who have a little printing shop nearby. So it happened this morning that the lady who owns the shop invited us to take over her slot at a Better Business Bureau meeting next week in order to present our services to the members.

While that is VERY exciting - I have no idea what to wear!

It is currently winter here and while we have a mostly mild climate, it is rather cool that early in the morning. That means that something long would be appropriate. I think I'll go black, as it is versatile and can be worn with whatever top does not make me feel fat on the day.

Such as black pants and a nice blouse

...or a skirt like this one

The challenge is finding shoes (very quickly) that I can wear to this meeting and in future again.

These are pretty and versatile too, not too smart, but are open toes okay?

These are ideal for us heavier girls, but the open toe again...


I don't know what it is with all the peep toes hunting me down lately. Maybe it is a sign.

From what I understand, the meeting is relatively low-key and I could probably get away with it. If I take the last one with the bow, I could always keep it, even just to look at. Or I could sell it on IfTheShoeDoesntFit, even though I would make me cry.

What suggestions do you have for me? What is your favorite business outfit?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Not To Wear

We all love to showcase our fashion triumphs but today I’m going to share with you the biggest fashion mistake I’ve ever made.

Let me set the scene for you with a little picturesque description: I was a 17 year old High Student that was late for her morning job (yes! you read right a morning job that started at 5:30am.) More importantly it was a cold Manitoba winter morning. This meant that is was -40 without wind shield and in the -50 with it. While the bears, foxes, deer and other generic prarie wild animals had run for cover in the warmth of their dens, holes in the ground, gaves or where ever I was made to wake up at 5:05 and trudge to a neighbours house where I did morning proctoring. Loved the job. Hated the chilly mornings.

I had been dreaming well past 5:20am which is the time I usually left for work. And so I rushed out of bed, tripped over some random clothing on the floor and grabbed whatever was closest to me. This happened to be a t-shirt, a pair of 80's sweat pants, my uggs and a very puffy winter jacket.

The majority of the day is a blurr now but I can remember being pretty self concious even though I lived in a small town of maybe 2.700 people at the time. I remember thinking "What if people see me?" I'm kind of wondering who, I thought these "people" were but at the time I was really upset that I wasn't making a fashionable impression.I really wish I could relive that moment. Thinking about it now I’m still embarrassed but we live and we learn and hopefully we throw out the sweat pants that make us look like we just crawled out of the 80’s.

The wonderful hat that completed my fashion tragedy was borrowed from a school chum.

I used it to openly flaunt my shame and highlight my wonderful messy hair.

Do you have a fashion disaster moment you wish to relive? How would you change it?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Floral Shoes Bring Out the Happiness in You

You know how florals have been in style lately? Well did you also know that they can be seen everywhere on shoes as well? I happen to love florals because of their delicious patterns of pink, yellow, purple, and many other colors. They are so bright, colorful, and fun. Now that florals are absolutely everywhere, why don't we embrace them on shoes too? I love how they have taken over many styles of shoes, including pumps and flats.

Shoes are already like dessert, so adding additional colors and floral elements is just like frosting on a cake. In addition to florals, you will also find gems, sparkles, darling straps, and other elements that manage to look delicious on shoes. Speaking of edible dessert, let's take a look at the many styles of floral shoes that I will never grow tired of. In fact - they are so sweet looking that I wish I could eat them!
Betsey Johnson does not disappoint with her creative shoes. I love how there are splashes of green, pink, white, and black! Also, if you look closely there are two different floral patterns. Now that is what I call inventive.
These sweet pumps are super adorable and stylish with their edible florals and beige pumps. Can I please buy them right now?!
Floral flats are no doubt comfortable and cute at the same time. They also are dreamy and I love the shoe laces. Glance below for another sweet pair of shoes with laces.
 Wedges! Not only are these wedges tall, they are sassy as well!
These pumps have to at least be four inches tall and I love the shade of blue and the criss cross strap elements.
More blue! The stylish bow and the way the florals blend in with this navy blue color is perfect.
Jewels and florals?! I would buy these flats in a heartbeat.

Floral shoes are a great asset to a simple outfit because you have the opportunity to make your floral shoes the focal point. With a lot going on, on your feet, you can wear a simple tee shirt and a pair of jeans. Or if you are feeling brave, go ahead and wear a short skirt or dress with your four inch floral heels or wedge sandals!

So what do you think of floral shoes? Is there too much going on for you or do you think they are lovely like I do? Whatever your preference is, I still love florals and that is not going to change. ;) When the summer is long gone and you miss those hot days, you can pull out your floral shoes and dream of your happy adventures to come in the months ahead.

All photos are courtesy of

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shoes with holes

Peep toes.

When I grew up my mom once told me that she saw the most awesome shoes and took me to look at them the next day. I got all excited, until I saw them. They had a hole in front!!!

Okay - strictly speaking, they were peep toe pumps.

In my esteemed opinion (at the time) - shoes must either be open completely, i.e. sandals or completely closed, i.e. boots. I did not understand the point (or lack thereof) of peep-toe shoes.

To top off this notion, a lady at church wore peep toes with those old pantyhose with the reinforced toes. Since she was very skinny, the pantyhose were too big and a whole foot length of pantyhose sticking through the hole. To add to the look, she'd use bright red or bright pink nail polish to reinforce those parts that have laddered. Even at that young age, I recognized a fashion disaster.

However, recently some new peep-toe styles have become available and I can actually see myself wearing them - without the reinforced pantyhose, that is!

Peep-toes are great all year round (in areas with mild year-long temperatures)

Peep-toes are great for work (probably a bit too smart for sitting in your home office with your pee-jays though!)

Peep-toes look great with a range of evening styles.

I think I may just invest in a pair!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fierce Shoes & Red Shoes

Most often, you can find me walking around barefoot or in flip-flops and crocs. Living in a small town on the coast and working from home, I don't have much opportunity to wear fancy shoes.

However, I love shoes that make a statement. If it's to be sporty, it must be very sporty or if it's to be feminine, it must be ultra feminine. 

I like my shoes like I love my music - a great variety and lots of it. 

Stripper Heels
Lately, I have been obsessed with fierce shoes. What are fierce shoes, you ask?

Fierce shoes fit in the category between "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Stripper Heals". 

So it is sexy, yet sophisticated and ultra hot. It must make enough statement on it's own that you don't have to wear anything else. It must stand out above the sexiest clothes and it must make a sack-cloth look like a designer gown. Look at this pair of "fierce" pumps from Miu Miu:

I am also glad that red shoes have become less of a taboo in recent years as red is a power color. Red shoes are available in such a wide range of styles too.

What is your favorite style and color?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shoe Predicament - What Shoes to Wear in Las Vegas

Please help me shoe lovers, I have a bit of a predicament. I have the hardest time figuring out just the right pair of shoes to wear in Las Vegas. In about a week I am headed to Las Vegas with my boyfriend and I purchased a pair of flats that I like, but the problem is I never know if they are going to cause blisters or not because I never walk in them for the same long length of time that I walk while in Las Vegas, which is at least a few hours or more! When I'm in Las Vegas we walk a lot because it is the most practical way to get around the strip while gazing at the hotels and catching a few shows!

So I need your advice. What kind of shoes do you like to wear when you know you will be walking for a long distance but you want to remain fashionable at the same time? Do you wear flip flops, lace up shoes, heels, or flats? Right now I'm going to give my flats a shot but I'm also just considering my flip flops as well. Heels would be amazing but if I'm being honest there is no way I could get away with wearing heels when I'm walking on the strip. My feet would hurt way too much! I give the girls that can pull heels off on the strip major points because after a while I would either cry or walk bare foot, ha ha, which would be just gross.

Last year I wore a pair of Coach lace up shoes that were very comfortable, but my feet got hot and I actually got a few blisters too! For some reason my feet are very sensitive and I get blisters easily, which is why I am very particular in regards to what shoes I end up wearing when I know I will be walking for long lengths of time.

The pair of flats that I purchased are similar to the Vince Camuto flats you see below, with a jewel that embellishes the toe of the shoe. I'm thinking of wearing these flats because they will go with a lot of my outfits and still look cute with a dress. That's another consideration - most of my outfits are casual dresses, so a pair of lace up shoes don't go with my dresses. If I go with flats or flip flops they would go with my skirts and dresses, which makes sense for me fashion speaking.
However, when does comfort and foot care out rule fashion? If I really wanted to have comfortable and supportive shoes I would wear my Asics, but Asics don't go with my dresses now do they?! So this is my constant source of frustration. I want to wear something cute, comfortable, and something that will go with all of my outfits so that I don't have to bring multiple shoes. Just having one or two pairs to switch up would be perfect.

So I can't wait to hear about what you wear while traveling if you like to wear dresses like me. I just bought a pair of shorts (it was a stretch for me) because I needed to broaden my horizons this summer. The good news is that my legs will be cooler; the bad news is that I'm not so much a fan of shorts. But with my new flowy LOVE top I hopefully can pull it off. ;)

Keep in mind that Las Vegas is extremely hot this season (well usually every season for that matter,) so that is another reason to go with open toed shoes and my new jeweled flats are not open toed. Flip flops are. But - flip flops are not as supportive on your feet. I usually wear my flip flops with an outfit like you see above. See what I mean?! I have a predicament! Please give me the best shoe advice because I certainly need it! Thanks in advance.

Friday, July 8, 2011

It's not men and it's not PMS

In South Africa, we see television shows months after the fact or in some cases, years after the fact. We also see many re-runs of shows. 

We are great fans of sitcoms, which is why the whole family gathers around the television on Thursday nights to watch Mad About You.

The reason why I enjoy the show, is because it is such a humoristic look at real life and marriage in particular. My husband and I always give each other sidelong glances and "Hmmmm...typical man!" or "Ugh, women." comments.

Last night's show touched on something real in many of our lives. 

Whenever a women is in a bad mood, people (and men in particular) blame PMS. Women have retorted that it's not PMS, but men. Sometimes, our bad moods are caused by other things:  fashion disasters, nasty colleagues, bitchy bosses and the traffic. Perhaps if men had such complicated lives, they would understand better...

Jamie (played by Helen Hunt) cleared it up perfectly on last night's episode of Mad About You, when she stood towering over Paul (played by Paul Reiser) who was lying in bed, with a shoe in her hand. She said "It's  not men, and it's not PMS - it is high heel shoes!"

These shoes look more uncomfortable than any Gaga creation!

There is nothing as uncomfortable as a pair of uncomfortable shoes! 

Now we have all bought a cute pair of shoes that is a little too small, or uncomfortable in a different way. Do you wear them and if so, how do you ensure that they don't put you in a bad mood? If not,  what do you do?

Personally, I try to grin and bear it. The moment I get home, I kick them off and soak my feet in the foot spa.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Distinction between thongs and flip flops

We have been talking quite a lot about flip flops and thong sandals here on If The Shoe Doesn't Fit and I thought I'd just share some interesting info regarding one of our favorite styles and how it can be worn. See, I wear mine shopping, to the beach, to restaurants and other similar places. However, they say there is a time and a place for everything.

Firstly though, we should consider the distinction between flip flops an thongs as the two terms are often use interchangeably. Both types have Y-shaped straps and both make a flip-flop sound when you walk. However, I feel that thongs are more dressy than flip-flops.

Flip-flops are usually made of a vinyl, foam or rubber material and are usually flat. Thong sandals are dressier, come in a range of different styles and are from a little to a lot more expensive.

Typical cheap flip-flops

Some people will say that flip flops are inappropriate, but we tend to differ. After all, they are perfect for the beach. In fact, they are ideal for any casual activity such as shopping, hanging out at home, or for running errands.

You can wear them with anything from casual shorts to jeans.

Celebs like Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston and Miley Cyrus love flip flops

Flat thongs can be worn with denim skirts, capris, jeans, casual dresses and shorts.

Dressier thongs work well with casual skirts, jeans and dresses.

Stunning Diane von Furstenburgh  flipflops from  ITSDF

However it is not suitable to wear to work or black tie functions, business meetings, church, red carpet events or funerals.

Then there are the dressy thong sandals for evening wear, to be worn with dressy evening suits or gowns.

What is your favorite flip flop or thong style?