Monday, April 25, 2011

Blonde in pink shoes

When Little Miss Brat (aka my daughter) told me the other day that pink is not a color for adult women, I could not help but reflect on my shoe collection. This is not strange, as my shoe collection is, uhm... predominantly pink. A variety of shades of pink, of course, not just one shade as that would probably be strange. 

I decided to soothe my growing anxiety. The method I decided on was to decide on was to  very quickly choose my favorite shoes in each category. The results were as such:

In the daily slopping around the house shoes category the winner was: My shocking pink crocs.  Naturally - I wear them most days and they're in my favorite color.

In the beach category:  My pink slip-slops!  I soothed my conscience again, as the walk to the beach is basically just across the road and then I take them off to feel the sand beneath my feet. Nobody actually saw them, so they did not count either. 

I decided to make it harder. What is the hardest category I can think of? Hmmm... Aha! A dressy daytime shoe for "going out". 

Immediately my 4-inch, wooden sole sandals came to mind. They are gorgeous, with a beautiful rhinestone embellishment. I can wear them with jeans and a top or with a pant-suit or with a dress... Working from home, I sometimes wear them with hot pants to the office (at home, which I share with hubby - nudge, nudge, wink, wink).  

Their color? Dark pink. Yup - it is clear that I like pink shoes. So shoot me! 

I guess my daughter probably has a point about all the pink. Will I change it anytime soon? I can't say. Wearing pink clothes with my massess of blonde curls sort of gives me a bit more leeway in terms of what I get away with. People are more forgiving and expect less of me when I am just a "blonde with pink shoes"!


  1. I don't own many pink shoes. In fact, I checked and i offically own ZERO pairs of pink shoes. I do however love my aunts pink crocs and wear them proudly whenever I take out the trash.

  2. I love pink but I can't say I have a lot of pink shoes. I certainly wear a lot of pink shirts and dresses though! I think it's fabulous that you wear pink shoes. Don't change and stay a beautiful blonde in your pink shoes!


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