Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Girls and Their Shoes

Little girls love shoe shopping almost as much as their mommies love it. (Little tomboys also do, but when it comes to wearing the shoes it is another story for another day.) This can be very frustrating, as they are bound to choose the most stylish shoes with the biggest price tag and end up not wearing it very often as it's uncomfortable - they have not yet developed the ability to grin and bear it! 

Before you know it, they have grown out of the shoes.  The nice thing is that If The Shoe Doesn't Fit allows you to swap or sell the shoes online. But how do you actually get some value for your money?

Many mothers wait until their daughters complain that shoes are uncomfortable before buying new shoes - don't do this!  By the time they become uncomfortable the shoes may already be doing damage to your child's growing feet. Rather do a periodic check to see whether the shoes are still fine.  Stressed seams are a dead give-away as are bulging, tightness and curly toes.

The best time to shop for shoes is late afternoon. While you may want to buy her the latest, cutest pair of shoes available, you should avoid overspending. Children's feet grow very fast and for some moms it seems as though they have to buy a new pair of shoes as part the weekly grocery shopping.

To prolong the next shoe-shopping trip, some moms are tempted to buy a bigger size. Experts say that you should not do that. Shoes should fit snugly, but not too tight. If the shoes are more than one size too big, it can cause your child to develop foot problems, or at the very least to trip right in front of the hottest boy in middle school.

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