Thursday, September 22, 2011

foldflops Review and Giveaway!

I'm excited to review and then announce an exciting giveaway for our readers and shoe lovers! So make sure you stay tuned until the end of this post...however, this does not mean skip over my review, lol.

Disclosure: I was not paid for this review of foldflops; I did receive a free pair to try.  All opinions are my own.

Foldflops has already met If the Shoe Doesn't Fit. Now it's time for the If the Shoe Doesn't Fit readers to meet foldflops.

I was given a pair of my own foldflops to try out so I could tell you about them. I am fortunate to have a very comfy and convenient pair of flipflops that fold up and conveniently fit in your purse, gym bag, or wherever else you would like to store your convenient pouch. I think for me they will be fantastic if I want to wear heels but then have my foldflops as an option to switch to super comfortable flats and flipflops, which are even better!

I took some pictures of my foldflops to demonstrate how they work (because visuals are always better) and to honest, at first I was afraid that my foldflops would break in half! But silly me...these foldflops were designed to be durable, safe, and lesson the space it would take to carry normal foldflops. They definitely prove that functionality and comfort can co-exist.  I think they work quite well!
Here are what my foldflops look on my feet. I think my favorite feature is that they are very comfortable and stylish (they come in additional colors such as pink, black, and red). They feel very soft and are not hard like other flip flops are. I love this feature about them.
I really liked the side of the box that they came in. Cute design!
Okay so are you ready for a foldflop grand tour? I'm going to show you step by step instructions how to fold them up and how they fit in their cute little pouch. I know it doesn't take rocket science how to fold the foldflops, but I found it really interesting how it is done so I wanted to demonstrate via pictures because I think it's a really innovative idea. ;)
So as you can see, there is an indent where you fold the foldflops in half. Then you use the stylish red rubberband and keep them folded together like this:
Now that your foldflops are folded and ready to go (they are also very lightweight by the way,) you can stick them in the convenient pouch and then you can be on your way! As for me, I can head to the beach and wear heels while I'm walking near the shops and then switch to flip flops to head down to the sand and water! Hooray!
Now to the exciting part! We (thanks to foldflops) are going to give away one pair from foldflops to our readers! The giveaway will end on September 29th so hurry and enter while you can! Thanks for reading and entering! Be sure to check out their website to stay updated on their foldflops and new product.


  1. Fold Flops are in my travel bag, Fold Flops are in my purse, Fold Flops are in my car! Don't want to ever be anywhere my Fold Flops are not!

  2. Thanks so much to those who have entered so far! Glad you love foldflops! ;)


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