Thursday, September 29, 2011

Disney Princesses Shoe Collections Make-Over

We all have a princess deep inside and that's why we have to care about the girls who raised us: The Disney Princesses.

I remember my granny reading Cinderella and Snow White to me. I would slide down Rapunzel's hair and land right into Dreamland with Sleeping Beauty. I had a read-along book and cassette (did I just give away my antiquity?) with Rapunzel's story which I listened to until I was at least 10 years old. 

Oh man! I loved those stories. I could listen to them over and over without ever tiring. 

On my way to Dreamland last night, contemplating the much more gruesome book I am busy reading, the Princesses popped into my head for some reason and I realized that they need a make-over. Their shoes are just not sensible and I think they'll find their dream princes more easily if they wore sensible shoes. These ladies need some serious help and we're here to help them.

Here are my suggestions:

Aurora runs around in thorny bushes to rescue her dream prince. The girl needs some running shoes!

New Balance Classics NB410 Womens Athleisure Women Grey/Pink

Nothing like pink New Balance to help a girl pick up a guy speed!

Our beloved mermaid, Ariel has been complaining that her man wants her to wear fishnet stockings lately. So when the fishtail disappears and she shows of her pins, she has to make the most of it. 

Aria - Teal Soft Patent

Tell me this Aria - Teal Soft Patent was not made especially for her?

Snow White is a busy girl. She runs after seven dwarfs all day and doing that on heels is simply impossible. Finding something to match her dress style is hard, but I found something that we can both wear to compliment both our styles.

Lolly Flat - Red

Pretty cute, don't you think?

Jasmine is an adventurous and stylish jet setter - or is it a mat sitter? She loves bling and glamour and is a fun retail therapy friend!

Ku Doze - Multi Rock Glitter
These are so very amazing!

I don't know what the Fairy Godmother thought when she gave Cinderella glass shoes. Really, has she ever been to a party where the bubbly flowed and the music boomed? That is completely impractical, pretty irresponsible and potentially lethal!

Chance - Silver Glitter
Cindy would NEVER have lost these!

At the moment I feel as though I have a close affinity with Sleeping Beauty. It could have to do with a long day in the office, or just the feel of perfectly pedicured feet slipping into a pair of delightfully beautiful slippers...

Roxy - Snickerdoodle (Cream) - Footwear
I could fall asleep just looking at this comfy slipper!

Do you like my suggestions? Which princess are you? Me - I'm going to be Sleeping Beauty now!


  1. Oh my goodness this is my favorite post from you so far!! I love the shoes you paired with the princesses, just too perfect for words!

  2. Jasmine and I must have similar taste!! Love this post - and hmmm.... I might just buy Jasmine's shoes.....I'd love a magic carpet ride!


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