Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 9 of the 10 day Challenge

Time for Nine Loves- as promised, these will be a bit lighter!
  1.  Shoes.. do I even have to say that? High heels, flats, you name it I love'em.
  2. Chocolate....even though I can't have it anymore, I still love it.  I gave it up because I don't have an off switch- literally, I start and never stop - so I gave it up.  But I love it so much I dream about it!
  3. My dogs: Morgie is 12 partially blind, has arthritis, and is afraid the water monster lives in her water bowl, but she is the sweetest old gal! Lacey is 7 and lazy; she prefers to be put on a red wagon and taken for a ride instead of walked! Sadie is just about to turn 2 and she loves shoes as much as I do; in fact when I first got her she ate one of my coveted Louboutins! Good thing she is adorable!
  4. Ballroom dancing - I've never worked so hard at something to be mediocre in my life - and I love every second of it!
  5. My sister-she inspires me, makes me laugh, keeps me grounded and makes me a better person.
  6. My friends - I am blessed with people in my life who are there for me; thank you!
  7. Fall - there is something magical about that moment when a leaf that changes color drops off a tree and floats to the ground and the air is cool and crisp...mmmmm.
  8. A hot cup of tea (I'm a Salada gal) in a great big cup.
  9. Musicals - especially the old ones!
So what about you?  What are your loves? Leave me a note!


  1. We are so different, but a few things we have in common: CHOCOLATE!, we are both pretty sensitive and we have the same kind of sense of humor. I love my family, my PC, living by the sea, spring, reading and my friends (in no order of importance). It's cool to read your 10 things - I think I'm going to do it over on my blog too.

  2. Thanks for sharing about yourself as well. I love that you're going to do it too! Can't wait to read more about you.

  3. I LOVE chocolate so much too but thankfully my sweet tooth does come to an end, well, most of the time. ;) Glad you have your sweet doggies and I absolutely love fall time. It's my birthday month and there is something magical about the tree leaves falling.

  4. I love birthdays - taken me a long time to say that- I used to avoid them like the plague - now I can say I am happy I have them cuz the alternative isn't so great!


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