Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 5 of the 10 day Challenge

Five foods - I supposed there are other foods in the world besides chocolate huh?

  1. Is it any surprise... yes I love all Chocolate! Truffles so amazing and rich that the taste lingers on your tongue, hot cocoa that feels like it swirls in your mouth, fudge that you eat with a cold glass of milk...you name it -chocolate!  Just don't ruin it with fruit, or coconut or glazes - I'm a purist!
  2. Cheese - I love most cheeses - even stinky cheeses!  I don't think I've found too many I don't like.
  3. Steak - Yum! Medium-rare please.  I love Morton's Steak House Filet that literally cuts with a butter knife -oooohhh!
  4. Vanilla Creme Brulee - ok I know -odd for a chocolate gal to have vanilla on the list - but a really well made creme brulee can almost make you forget about chocolate...almost....
  5. Lobster bisque - I search for the best lobster bisque and order it where ever I go.  It has to be thick but not heavy, and have just the right balance of cream and sherry and a hint of pepper.  Some of the best I've had is at Legal Sea Foods or Morton's Steak House. 
What's your food favs?

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    1. Lobster bisque is the best! Yum! My favorite food is sushi but I also love Mexican food and Italian food. It's all good, lol!


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