Friday, September 23, 2011

Celebrating Shoes in Advertising & Shoe Fridays

All of us at ITSDF and all our readers love shoes. Before I started writing here, I didn't realize just how much shoes feature in our lives and those of others.

Of course most of us wear shoes every day, but I didn't realize just how much time we spend thinking about shoes and just how creative we can be with shoes. I only became aware of it the other day as I was sitting on the beach with my daughter making sand Crocs for me and taking photos of it. 

Then I started noticing how shoes feature in advertising:

- Mobile phone adverts almost always feature youths doing hip-hop moves while wearing bright neon sneakers.

K-Swiss California R (Women's) - Neon Pink/Silver/Neon Lime

- The women in hair care or make-up adverts are always well heeled, usually in red.

Pleaser Kiss 209 (Women's) - Red/Red

Laundry detergent or breakfast cereal ads always feature curly-haired blonde kids, often wearing shoes like these.

Cienta Kids Shoes - 51000 (Infant/Toddler/Youth) (Red) - Footwear

Another popular shoe-related advertising ploy / charity fund raiser is to name days after shoes.

A bank recently started allowing employees to wear sneakers to work on Fridays to deliver "faster" service to clients.
Keds - Champion-Canvas CVO (Black Canvas) - Footwear

Flip-flop Friday is for coastal dwellers to enjoy the fun, the sun and the sea.
Vera Bradley - Rubber Flip Flops (Viva la Vera) - Footwear

On Casual Friday, people are encouraged to wear slippers to work.

smartdogs - Joy (Pink Microterry) - Footwear

So how do you celebrate shoes? Do you have special Fridays?

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  1. hmmmm - you made me think - do I do anything different on Friday than any other day? Not sure... I guess I do - I wear my most comfy shoes during the day because I know I'll be wearing funky heels when I go out at night!


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