Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 6 of the 10 Day Challenge

Six places... not sure if it's places I've been or want to go or what, but I'll make my own rules :-). 

  1. The highlands of Scotland.  I believe in Brigadoon and I'm a hopeful romantic.  Someday I want to go to the highlands of Scotland, and see the heather on the hill. 
  2. The Kingdom Of Wisdom from The Phantom Tollbooth.  Although I enjoy Harry Potter and am transformed by Hogwarts like today's kids, I grew up reading different books and this was one!  The places this took me to: Dictionopolis, the Mountains of Ignorance and more, helped me grow and learn.
  3. The Emerald City - Oz - who wouldn't want to go there?
  4. Greece - all I can think of is Blue and White and amazing history!
  5. Stonehenge - what a fascinating place  it seems to be - how did those stones get there?
  6. While I don't want to go to this place too early - unless I could visit and come back - Heaven.  Wouldn't it be awesome to know what it's really like to be there? 
How about you?  What are your places? 

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