Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 8 of the 10 day Challenge

Eight Fears... hmmmm

  1. Spiders and crawly things... yuck!
  2. Scary movies - I don't understand paying to be frightened!
  3. The dark - yes I still have at least one light on at night.
  4. Revolving doors - OK I know it sounds silly but I've gotten stuck in them more than once! 
  5. Trains -they are much tougher to get right than airplanes - at a busy train station you only have a minute or two to figure out what track to run to and get on the right train and although someone is supposed to check your ticket, I've ended up on the wrong train! I can laugh at it now and call it an adventure - but I admit I'm afraid to travel on them alone.
  6. Failure -sometimes I won't try something because failing is too scary.
  7. Success - sometimes I won't try something because succeeding is too scary...hmmm starting to see a pattern here...
  8. Rejection  - like me.. me please..
So tell me - what are you afraid of? 


  1. I'm afraid of much of the same things and also having my husband (hopefully BK) die before me and I'm also afraid of heights. It's nice learning more about you and thanks for your vulnerability! I think I need to do this on my blog. xo.

  2. I know - being alone is scary -but I can say I have found that with faith, I never feel totally alone. I've learned the difference between alone and loneliness.


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