Monday, August 15, 2011

For The Curious

The intern is actually away. Far enough away that my cellphone service is "pending" whenever I send tweets or facebook updates but close enough to get all my texts nine hours later (thi is truly the age of wonderous and reliable technology!) how am I sending this blog post you ma ask? Well... The internet connection here is what we'd call dial up. Because I'm away (I have pictures to show you guys when I get back!)I don't have a big story to tell on this wonderful Monday morning but I d have information to share.Information that is charming, surprising and even bit cool. The Bata Shoe Museum has a wonderful new exhibit: Footwear Through The Ages. My best friend had the wonderful oppertunity to go and explore the Bata and now I think I'm going to be planning a trip to the Bata myself.

For any of you looking to save on airfare, hotel and any othr costs you can check out thier totally awesome online collections. But seriousy.... From the tiny cellphone picture I got via SMM I have to say I was totally turning green! So please for all the shoe lovers out there take a moment and check out this totally cool an rather awesome exhibit preview :)


  1. Those are intense museum shoes - on ITSDF there are a pair of cool retro Norma Kamali booties for sale that are similar in style (although updated and red) check them out

  2. Sounds like an awesome museum! I love seeing vintage and old shoes like that. Have fun wherever you are!

  3. Sounds amazing. From your connection, it seems like you are in South Africa :( - I know just how you're struggling!


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