Monday, August 22, 2011

Top 16 Uses for Shoes

Shoes are very versatile and have many uses. However, the fashion world would only like us mere mortals to believe that there is one use for shoes which is to wear them on our feet. However, I after nights of searching, asking the tough and hard hitting questions have uncovered the REAL uses for shoes. I am going to expose the top 16 uses for your generous collection of shoes. While their most common use is to be worn for function or fashion shoes have a number of uses that have been long covered up and kept from the public. I, Danielle Vanessa the Intern plan to expose the top 16 ‘other’ uses of shoes!

1. Anchoring a small boat to a dock
2. Hammering in nails
3. Door Stopper – Don’t have real door stopper on hand. Throw a shoe in there and continue on with your day.
4. Nifty candy bowl holder – Pretty, functional and now sweet. Just wipe the shoe out first… no one like’s foot smell.
5. Flower Planter – Shoes and flowers? What more could a girl want?!
6. Book end – Unstable? Put to shoes at the end of it.
7. Paper weight – Windy? Put a shoe on it.
8. Weight – Too lazy to go to the gym? Just grab those 80’s throw backs out of your closet and get to lifting.
9. Soup Ladle – Don’t want to wash the dishes? No Problem!
10. Bug Swatter/Killer – Scary Spider in the corner? No issues here just grab a shoe!
11. Handy Dandy back scratcher
12. Impromptu Mic (you can use it to sing like a rock star in the shower, or in the privacy of your own room.)
13. Incognito Money Hider (Ever been robbed? Want to prevent your rainy day money from being stolen?) Most robbers look between the mattress, toilet bowl, and freezer and in drawers. Your shoe will be a random and therefore safe place for your rainy day money.
14. Art – Place your shoes in thick edged frames and “frame” them. Take them down when you want to wear them. No one will be able to call you out on your shoe habits because it’s art!
15. SOS Flag – If you’re going through a natural disaster and need to let everyone know you’re in trouble and need help - just tie a white or cream colored shoe to the end of a stick and wave it around. Remember: Shoe’s save lives.
16. Toy Dog Bed - Have a toy poodle? Don't know where to put the little guy for his nap? Try a sneaker! They're warm, cozy and allow you to carry your little guy where ever you go.

Have you ever had to used a shoe for a more “creative” use than it was intended for?


  1. this is awesome. gotta love shoes. 14 is my personal favorite.

  2. @Mary Louise – I have a friend who does that. She actually stores them as if they were art. This is to hide the fact that she’s obviously addicted to buying high heels. Just thought I’d spread the wisdom!

  3. Oh my word! I've actually done several of these. Some parents also use them as kid-swatters and say it's pretty effective. The same works on husbands who don't listen.


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