Monday, August 1, 2011

Big Brother: The Barefoot House

I’m a Big Brother fan. I haven’t always been a fan and I’m going to be honest for the first few seasons I wouldn’t watch it. I don’t know why and I’m not sure what inner issues I’ve had with it but CLEARLY my issues were resolved because now I can’t help but get in a fit when my favorite player is jerked around or voted off. The one thing that I’ve noticed for the long time on Big Brother is that they rarely wear shoes and when they do it’s a pair of UGG’s or flip flops. On special nights such as voting night they girls dress to the nines and usually wear a pair of heels or nice flats. I’ve always wondered why this is – I think the contrast from always seeing house guests in bare feet, flip flops or UGGS really messes with my mind when I suddenly see them dressed up. It’s like when your frumpy friend gets a well needed makeover. The other thing about this barefoot custom is that the men wear flip flops. I’m not sure about you ladies but a man in flops has always been something I can’t get down with. Especially when they wear a pair of flip flops with a hoodie and shorts. Why do it? Are you cold or are you hot? I just don’t get it. Seriously.

Feet have also played a very major role in Big Brother History:
- Rachel and Bredon’s showmance turn romance is notably famous for the moment Brendon pulls the cover over them so they can have their first makeout session without the world watching. The only part not covered? Brenden’s feet.

- Many of the competitors suffer from foot in mouth disease. This is a very dangerous disease and leaves competitors open to treachery, treason and high crimes of hypocritical acts.

Have any of you noticed the barefootness around Big Brother? Have any of you noticed how barefeet take a giant role in their social world?


  1. I'm a Big Brother fan- have been for years - but never really looked at the men's feet! I do notice the ladies always dress up on eviction night.

  2. I’ve noticed that as well and assume they’ve been asked to do so because otherwise they just all bum it in sweats.


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