Monday, August 29, 2011

Fashion V. Style

Time and time again I become frustrated with the Fashion world. Time and time again my closet seems to have nothing in it that I can wear and the season’s pieces are just out of my reach. So, I decided that Fashion wasn’t for me. Before you gasp and scold me forgiving up so easily hear me out.
Fashion is defined as a currently style or practice. Which means to be in fashion, is hard for a student and also means to be in debt. While I love everything about fashion, and I really do. I just can’t bring myself to reinvent my closet every time a magazine or celebrity comes up with a new hot trend.
Fashion to me is runway. Fashion to me is what is hot. Anyone can be fashionable. All it takes is a credit card, and the will to buy whatever a magazine tells you. If we look through the history of fashion has slowly changed. I mean thank goodness we no longer wear corsets. Can you say restrictive? But, no being Fashionable is not what I want.

What I want is something more refined and unique. I want to have style. I want to live my life in style. I want to define on my own terms about is and what isn’t “in style” for me.

I say personal style is obviously influenced by Fashion. It’s impossible to go to any retail store and avoid trends. What makes style unique is your ability to wear the pieces in your way. To pick out different pieces and dress yourself according to your own rules. Anyone can go to a Lookbook, pick out a look and wear them… It takes an ability to dress yourself for your own wants and needs. While Fashion is predicted, decided and ultimately out of your control.

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