Friday, August 5, 2011

Shoes, shoes everywhere

Many women dream of having a little girl with whom they can play live dress-up and put little bows in her hair... My dream exploded when my little girl became big enough to develop her own sense of style, particularly since it involves my make-up, my clothes and my shoes.

Of course she prefers the higher heels

Yesterday, my husband decided that we should clean out the garage. This would be the first time in almost 12 years that my husband has uttered the C word, so obviously I jumped at the opportunity. (Today I could kick his behind with my spiky heels, if it weren't for my painful muscles)

So we started in my closet - the folded items were neat, but I really needed to sort out the hanging side (which I don't use so much). At first I was a bit perturbed as there were hardly any of my favorite dresses and blouses hanging up. Some of my shoes were missing too.

Then I remembered - Little Miss Muffet just loooooves to use my blouses as dresses, although she's nearly my height. She'd tie them around her waist with scarves, put on Dad's fedora and mom's sexiest shoes and turn up the Hannah Montana full blast to perform rock concerts for the family.

Am  the only one who loves wooden heels?

I finally found a mountain of clothes, which I never knew I owned buried under a mountain of shoes, which I never knew I owned. 

On to the garage to make space for Father-in-Law's car, as he's coming to visit next week. The place is completely full of winter clothes that we have not worn in 2 years  and that we are keeping "in case we move to a colder climate" (Hubby has clearly not heard me say that the only place we're moving to is the Isle of Crete, where we won't need Eskimo gear) and clothes, shoes and toys that I wanted to give away to the poor, but we are "keeping in the garage for now" as well as books that we will read "when we get time", etc. 

However, my darling, trusting husband once let his little girl loose in the garage and the neatly stacked boxes were now discarded and all the contents strewn all over the floors. It was a disaster zone of note. 

On a positive note, we managed to find so much stuff that we thought were missing! Hubby found his old running shoes, slippers and some dress shoes. My boy found some trainers he got from his gran (that were a bit too big at the time) and we found a pile of shoes for my daughter who always walks around barefoot because she "doesn't have shoes".

I realized that it's just a ploy to get her more shoes. Perhaps she's her mommy's girl after all - wanting shoes doesn't mean you have to wear them, does it?

Just like diamonds, shoes are a girl's best friends - they look pretty and if you are lucky to find a gorgeous pair that you can wear too, you are in shoes heaven!

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  1. Ooooh I would love to see all of your shoes! Having a variety of shoes is always a great thing - more to choose from when going out!


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