Friday, August 19, 2011

Black Never Left!

Black is back…OK...let’s be honest, black apparel, whether it’s shoes or dresses or suits, never goes out of style. Black has always been in and really, it always will be.

Think about it, almost everyone you know has one black outfit in their wardrobe – a little black dress that can be simplified for daytime or accessorized for evening, and when it comes to footwear men have to have a pair of black shoes and women need a pair of black high heels...well, at least one anyway!
Kusuma - Black Suede
Really, it’s a must for each woman to have black high heels shoes in her shoe collection! Whether they are black patent leather, suede, satin, pumps, peep toes or rocker styled, whatever kind of shoe you like you'll be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn’t own a pair of some kind of black heels. In fact, many women have several pairs of black heels, often varying heel heights and styles.
Zest Heel - Black
Black heels are versatile. They can be worn year round and match almost anything. Some colors, like red or white can be harder to wear depending on the season or the outfit you have to coordinate with, but black can be worn with virtually anything and everything!
Ebonee - Black Patent
While diamonds have been called a girl’s best friend, a great pair of black heels can make your legs look longer, slim and well toned. When you wear them, you stand taller, and walk more confidently – can a diamond do that? Personally, I love my black heels, so much that I have 7 pairs of them...hmmm I just realized that's one for each day of the week. Now I have to find someplace to go...

Hey - how many pairs of black heels do you have?

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  1. I always wear black.Black clothes make you look thinner and black shoes go with everything. Black heels can dress up jeans nicely too. I LOVE those heels with the chains!

  2. Devilish me - click on them and you can buy them LOL!

    Agreed - black is definitely thinning.


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