Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Health Benefits of Wearing Five Finger Shoes

Ever since my brother invested in his Five Finger Shoes I've found myself entranced with looking at his feet, wondering how they feel and wondering if I should get myself a pair. He wears them to the gym all of the time and tells me that he finds them so comfortable! I've never been a fan of the socks that have the separate "fingers" that separate my toes because it feels so odd, but maybe the Five Finger Shoes have a special way of making my feet feel at home.

If The Shoe Doesn't Fit actually has quite a few available that are up for auction and I am loving all of the different colors! Go ahead and click on the picture - it will send you straight to the live auction!
Now that you've seen a glimpse of all of the Vibram Five Fingers available, let's talk about health benefits of wearing these shoes. According to the site their are five reasons to invest in these shoes:

1. It strengthens your muscles in your feet and lower legs. By strengthening your muscles in your feet and legs, it improves your foot health and prevents injury!
2. Wearing these shoes also improves your range of motion in your ankles, feet, and toes. You don't have to worry about your feet being restricted because you are free to move around your toes.
3. They also stimulate neural function that is important for your balance and agility. A good fact to know is that your neurological receptors send your feet messages from the brain. In turn this improves your agility and balance.
4. Because your heel is not lifted, your body weight becomes evenly distributed. This results in proper foot alignment and a happy spine because your spine now has better alignment due to these finger shoes.
5. Overall you can move your feet, which allows your body to feel more natural, which is fantastic!

The health benefits for the Five Finger Shoes are pretty remarkable, and did you know that you can even run in these shoes? However, they have recommended shoes that are made specifically for running, so be sure to check them out on their website.

At this point in time I'm pretty much sold on these shoes. I love their style and the vibrant colors such as green and hot pink are awesome! If my brother thinks they are comfortable I think they would be too. Plus - you don't have to wear socks. I think that would be nice for a change. Excuse me while I head to a store to try on these shoes. After that I might just have to buy a pair on ITSDF's website!


  1. Cool info - I've read about them, seen them on sites - but don't know anyone who owns them. If you do buy them - please do a post with an update of what you think and let us know!I'm curious.

  2. Sure, I definitely will and thanks! :) They are so cool looking and hopefully they are as comfy as they look! :)

  3. Truthfully, I find them downright ugly. hahaha. I tried wearing those socks with the separate toes and I was so uncomfortable. I prefer my toes touching one another.
    I read about the health benefits before but, it did nothing to change my mind.

  4. LOL!!!THey are a bit out there... but so am I! I'd love a pair myself.

  5. A guy at my uni doesnt wear shoes because they hurt his feet. I wonder if this would be an alternative for him... I'm always scared he's going to cut his foot on something.

  6. @Sharon - thanks for your honest opinion and that makes sense! Not all people like them. :)

    @Lizette - they certainly are unique!

    @Danielle - You should suggest them, they might help!

  7. i bought a pair and my heels used to hurt all the time, with the finger shoes no more pain and no more pain in my lower back love them.

  8. cool info, thanks. i have never tried them but they look so uncomfortable! Probably one of those cases where they might look funny but are actually pretty comfortable.


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