Friday, July 29, 2011

Loveable "Candyland" Vivienne Westwood Shoes

I was searching the internet the other night and I couldn't help but smile when I came across a gorgeous selection of Vivienne Westwood shoes. You see, these aren't normal shoes! They essentially take me back to my childhood where Candyland existed and I put playful and colorful high heels on my barbie dolls.

I love the playfulness and magical appearance of these adorable plastic shoes. With hearts, bright colors of pink and purples, I think I would be bold enough to wear a pair in the near future. What kind of child like films did you watch as a child that brought out the happiness in you? My Little Pony, Lassie, Disney movies, and Little Lulu are all movies that come to my mind. With the videos I just mentioned, Vivienne Westwoods' shoes now come to mind. Let's take a look at the edible shoes I'm raving about.

Just look at the sweet heart and purple pumps! I wish I could transport myself into a fantasy film and wear these shoes as the main part in the show.
Sparkly and delicious, this pair most certainly reminds me of a pair of shoes that I put on my tiny barbies small feet. I just can't get over the dark blue color and sparkles!
The cut out shapes on these flats are not only unique, it will also allow your feet to breath! I have a similar pair by Juicy Couture and my feet are just so comfy!

I'm loving the criss crossed look on this pair of heels and again, they bring me back to my childhood toys. Except, now you can dress like your toys in a fashionable way! ;)

I used to love playing Candyland, wondering which magical land I would make it to next and who would make it to the final candylicious land first. The colors, scenery, and imaginary characters excited me. They still do whenever I take the time to pull out my beloved childhood game. Still to this day I very much love the imagination within me and even love watching and reading films that take me away from the realities of the day and into my own dream land. I think this is why Vivienne's shoes are so loveable. They allow you to reach for the starts and stay there.

Based on all of the shoes you have just looked at, what do you think? Are they too barbie and Candyland like for you, or would you embrace them and wear them right now?!


  1. Oooh, I LOVE these! I played Barbies until I was...nevermind! lol. Just yesterday as I was cleaning out the garage I got excited about my daughter's Barbie shoes and lost myself in a moment of daydreaming. I can certainly relate!

  2. Yaaay thanks so much Lizette, glad I'm not alone! :)


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