Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To The Women of The World

Today is my Mother’s birthday. So why am I writing about her on a shoe website? Well.. My mother is the queen of high heels. Standing at 5’0 she has ALWAYS since the day I can remember worn high heels. No matter where she goes, what she is doing the lady wears heels and she struts proudly. I’m not sure when she fell in love with heels and I’m not sure how she came to find out about them. She was a country girl from a small rural Mennonite area... High heels were not plentiful. But my mother the Queen of Heels found them and obviously fell in love. She wears her heels till their worn and need to be thrown out. She wears open toe in bright in bold colors, sandals in bold patterns, and boots in various shades and of course pumps! Her selection is endless and her feet... well they’ve learned to live with it. But most of all... my mom wears all her heels with a smile even when her feet hurt.
I still remember always wanting to be able to do that. I tried for a few months and I just can’t. I walk way to much and sit way to little. I’m always on the go and heels are not conducive to walking through snow, slippery sidewalks, and stairs and beyond. I still want to be like my mom when I grow up. Just in way more comfortable shoes. I want to own the heels. But not wear them all the time. I’d like to embody her ability to wear the fashion forward heels without the painful smile on my face. But most of all I just want to smile as much as she does and laugh as loud and freely as she does. She’s a woman who truly loves life in her high heels and see’s the world from a slightly elevated point of view.
So here is to all women who wear heels everywhere and anywhere. To the women who wear heels to the zoo, on play dates, to school meetings, the movies, the park, on walks, to school, to work, grocery shopping and beyond. To the women who are far braver than I, who have a larger pain threshold and obviously no how to walk the walk and talk the talk without limping!


  1. It sounds like your mom is a fantastic woman who has done many amazing things...among them and not the least of which was to raise a daughter with the values and heart that you have - seems like you already embody some of her traits! Happy Birthday mom!

  2. Yay Happy Birthday to your Mom! She sounds like one fabulous lady. xoxo



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