Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Men Say About Our Shoes (when we are not around)

Horse Shoes or Horses' Shoes?

I was sitting at the tattersalls yesterday, waiting for Hubby to do his business. I was the only woman inside where the airconditioning was on. (Two other women sat outside in tights and rip-off Ugg boots in the blistering sun outside - not my scene.) I guess I was seen as "one of the boys" and that's how it happened that I overheard a conversation that made me smile. 

Five older gentlemen were sitting at the next table, with the one talking about his latest losing streak. He was down more than R1 000 ($152) in the last week. I was ready to grab hubby and drag him out of there by the ears at this point, but then the man looked at me with a sly smile and said:  "I will have to sell my wife's shoes this week!" and all the men at the table burst out laughing.

After an amused snicker, I realized that his wife would probably not be too amused had she heard that.

So my mind drifted to a recent survey that found that the average woman owns twenty pairs of shoes, of which more than half are barely touched. With the average pair costing about $59, ten percent of women admitted to spending nearly $1, 000 on shoes. Some of the shoes that they buy are too small, but too adorable to resist (Been there, done that!).

On the positive side, women look after their shoes. The average woman wears her shoes for 3 years before throwing it away - unlike some men I know who need new shoes every two months. 

Perhaps I should get hold of the man's wife and tell her that she could swap or sell her shoes, before her husband gambles her out of it!


  1. Men just don't have the options women do. If they could choose from 100's of different shoes they wouldnt be so quick to judge.

  2. Agreed - if we were talking "sports gear" there wouldn't be an issue - cuz after all they can never have too many pairs of sneakers!:-)


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