Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Live in Flip Flops

I have a confession. We already know that I'm an ocean dreamer. But did you know that I live in flip flops almost twelve months out of the year? Part of the reason why is because you might know that I lived in California for seven years. I technically still live there because I travel back and forth between California and Utah. I absolutely love California and the fact that I became addicted to flip flops there.

You see, flip flops tell my story. I remember my freshman year in college I was so excited to go to the beach with my new friends! There was one night especially that I went madly running into the sand near the water in my flip flops, so excited for my future. I was a freshman in college, I just started living on my own, and I had the whole world at my finger tips. I couldn't wait to take on all of the challenges and happy moments that were about to come my way.
Flip flops symbolize a lot of things to me. One of the most amazing things they symbolize is the summer time. Whenever I went home during college (home is Utah,) I would always be wearing my flip flops during my three month break from school. They reminded me that I would soon be back to California, and they reminded me that now is the time to enjoy my summer time! I'm sure Danielle, ITSDF's intern,  if you wear flip flops, can relate to this. 
Flip flops almost always symbolize the ocean and all of its mysteries. After all, the ocean is the reason I became so accustomed to flip flops and the ocean is what always draws me back to California. I'm so flip flop crazy that when I used to go home for Christmas, I went home in my flip flops! I decided to bundle up in a warm coat, pants, and gloves, but that didn't stop me from wear flip flops! Unless there was constant snow that is. They are just too comfy and a part of who I am to take them off for very long.
What do flip flops symbolize for me now? They symbolize my future by the ocean and the fact that I will live there again and very soon. It is my heart and my home. Flip flops also symbolize freedom and adventure, and we all need adventure in our lives, right? Now that I work in my home when I am in California my boyfriend and I often take a lunch break and head to the water. Of course I'm wearing my flip flops. It's like heaven on earth.
If you wear flip flops, what do they symbolize to you?

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  1. I agree flip flops symboliize summer and I too wear them all year round. For me flip flops let me show off my individuality. Being from new england I often get strange looks on a dreary fall day when I am rockin' the flips while out running errands, but they make me happy. I have over 10pair of regular flip flops and probably just as many dressy ones. The part I like best is that they show off my pedicure which is typically a wild color...right now they are midnight blue with a silver and white design on the big toes. :) let your feet be happy in whatever they are in!

  2. I love that you get to live your dream and go for walks by the ocean! Flip flopos are my relax and lounge around shoes - like you they meant Summer was coming or finally here (Nantasket Beach and Paragon Amusement Park - YAH!)and that meant lazy days - so on my lazy days, I still wear'em.

  3. I also wear them (when I wear shoes)as I also live on the beach. Today is freezing cold though, so I am about to go put on some socks and crocs (very sexy I know!) - think I'll keep on my fluffy gown though... :D

  4. So wonderful for you to post about flip flops. Especially when you describe how it has impacted your life in such a personal way. They are truly the best when you are by the beach!
    Love your post doll!

  5. Thanks for your comment Kim - I love that your flip flops show your individuality and fun and funky nail polish!

    Ellen - lazy days and flip flops are just the best, I agree. :)

    Lizette - I like Crocs too! Once I had to buy a pair in Northern CA because my feet got so cold. But yes, flip flops at the beach are perfect.

  6. Fashionista622 - Thanks for your sweet comment, you know how much I love the beach! :) I know you love shoes and I've bet they have impacted you as well. xoxo.


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