Saturday, May 21, 2011

Air Jordan Nike Heels?!

I've never been into basketball; instead I grew up playing tennis. I stayed mostly with Nike shoes, but really I just stuck with the tennis shoes that would help my feet glide across the court the best. When you are into sports you have to replace your athletic shoes quite frequently due to the use of them on a consistent basis. Later I gravitated towards Asics for running, but honestly, anything that looks fashionable while on my feet or has the color blue is good enough for me.

You see - I've always been one to incorporate fashion into everything, especially my shoes. I never bought just a boring pair of tennis or running shoes, I had to make sure they looked good. I think you would agree if you love fashion. It's hard to go running when you don't feel good about your feet, right? That's why I always make sure that I'm running, working out, or whatever sports related activity I am participating in, in style.

After I went to college I began to ran. I loved running so much that I ran in three 1/2 Marathons in the course of a few years, until I injured a muscle and made an unwise decision of continuing to run way too many miles  on an already injured leg. I haven't been running my 20 miles per week since. I admit I miss it a lot, but I think it was good to give my body some rest. Now I'm slowly getting back into it, even though I know it will take time, working out is worth it. Speaking of working out being worth it, what do you think of these?!

These, my friends, are Air Jordan High Heel Boots!! Can you believe it? I looove them. Not only for their style, but because I'm ecstatic that my love of tennis, running, and sports in general has been transformed into a work of art. This is one amazing pair of Air Jordan heels that I could wear on my feet over and over again without them being worn out like all of my other tennis shoes! Hopefully, that is, unless I wore them constantly. ;) Who would have thought?!

Now when I begin to miss tennis, which I haven't played in years by the way, or I begin to miss running, I might just have to consider going out and buying a pair of pumps like this. Who says you can't exercise with Air Jordan High Heel Boots instead? I might just give it a try and hopefully they will keep me from falling. What do you think of my new athletic, boots, heels, pumps, and it goes on and one... shoe want?

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