Tuesday, May 3, 2011

President Obama's Shoes Do The Talking

After spending a few hours on the golf course on the weekend, President Barack Obama usually goes to the residence quarters of the White house. However, last Sunday he rushed straight to the West Wing offices. In retrospect, the fact that he had his golf shoes on should have raised a few eyebrows.

On Sunday, Obama only played 9 holes on the Andrews Air Force Base golf course, and not the usual 18 as he does on most weekends. The reporters who accompanied him assumed that his early departure had to do with the rainy, chilly weather.

The golf shoes in the Oval Office, the clenched jaw and tense look on his face should have been a clue that there was more to it than just the weather. The President was needed urgently for a top-secret meeting in which the final preparations for the Bin Laden operation were discussed.

In 2009 Obama made it onto the Vanity Fair Best Dressed list and revealed his favorite shoes to be Cole Haan dress shoes and white Asics sports shoes. His most special item was his Hart Shaffner Marx Suit with an inner pocket that was printed with the inscription "Specially Made for Barack Obama".

He is usually seen out and about wearing his Secret Service baseball cap, gray shirts and black sports pants, his Jorg Gray 6500 watch and Ray-Ban 3217 sunglasses. He loves shopping on the Secret Service shopping site (I guess he has not found ITSDF yet...)

President Obama says that he has not changed his approach to dressing much since becoming President, despite Michelle's requests. She says that he buys 5 of the same suits.

In addition to his now famous golf shoes, Obama once said that he owns only 4 pairs of shoes. I guess that after his announcement on Sunday night (and being a guy of course) he can get away with that.

Note to Pres. Obama:  It is true that shoes can tell you a lot about a person and now you know you have the world at your feet. Watch your step, unless you want everyone to know your every move. (every single pun intended!)

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