Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You're Invited

Mr. and Ms. Blog Reader

The honour of your noble presence is requested at the scene of fashion failure by

Danielle M.

You will be taken on an adventure through
the wonderfully confusing world of outfit coordination

It’s about 5:30pm on a Saturday evening. A month ago you received word that you were invited to a wonderful event that you’ve been looking forward to for months. The wonderful evening starts at 7:00pm. Two weeks ago you scurried through the mall looking for the perfect dress. And guess what?! You found the dress. You know the dress, oh boy you know the dress very well. It’s the kind of dress that hugs your curves (it seems almost magic…because sweetie this dress was MADE for you!), it’s the kind of dress that gives your body just enough “oomph” to turn heads and get a few smiles.

You’ve spent all afternoon getting ready. You put your hair up, because you wanted to project confidence as well as poise. Your make up is simple but your lips are a bold and beautiful red. Your eyes sparkle with just a hint of shimmer and your blush is barely there and you look divine. With just a spritz of perfume and a smile of self approval to the mirror you run downstairs to have a congratulatory glass of wine. You’ve done well; you look gorgeous, you have your dress all planned out and you have all night to drink, dance and enjoy. You look at the clock and it says 6:00pm. Your personal moment of celebration turned into a party hour. You run upstairs with only an hour to spare you put down your glass slowly, raise from your seat and walk to your bedroom. You pull out the magical dress and slip it on. You put on your gold necklace and matching earrings, you’ve decided against the bracelet because you feel it may take away from the exquisiteness of your dress. You smile again with a sense of inner approval and you head back downstairs… You grab your purse, coat and keys as you head out the door you feel a cold and rough feeling on the bottom of your feet. In a moment of panic you the flip flop goddess, the girl with the closet full of gladiator sandals, UGGS remembers one thing: YOU NEVER BOUGHT A PAIR OF SHOES TO GO WITH YOUR DRESS!!! YOU FORGOT A KEY PIECE OF THE OUTFIT: THE SHOES!!!

What would you do in this situation?

I’m 100% guilty of doing this. Usually I’ll just grab the closet pair of heels or flats that I can find. However, the “look” I was going for usually is compromised because of this. Have you ever been so wrapped up in other aspects of your outfit that you forget about what shoes you’re going to wear? How do you successfully pull different pieces together to make an outfit?

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  1. I usually build the outfit around the shoes cuz their the only thing I know for sure will fit! But I know people who do what you do - and look at it as an upside mirror of myself - I'd walk out with just shoes on at times cuz that's all I planned! (no worries - no naked shoenista's here!)


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