Monday, May 30, 2011

Dreaming about shoes - quite literally...

Last night I had the strangest dream - no, that's not the line from the song. I actually did have a strange dream. I dreamed about shiny black patent 4-inch pumps.  I have never owned such shoes, as they are not really my style. This lead me to do some research into finding out what my dream meant, not that it helped much, but it was interesting, nevertheless.

According to dream interpreters, shoes represent the dreamer's approach to life. Perhaps that's why we say "If you were in my shoes...", etc. Aparantly, when a person is wearing shoes in a dream, they are well-grounded and down to earth. Technically, I was not wearing the shoes, but rather busy trying them on - I liked them, but was unsure as to whether I wanted to wear them. Could that mean I want to be down to earth, but "the shoe doesn't fit"? 

Reading further, the article said that changing shoes in a dream could mean that the dreamer is taking a new approach to life. However, the next part said that dreaming about new shoes could mean that you are over-confident in your success or you may be on an unfamiliar life path. Hmmm... I think the second interpretation is actually pretty spot-on. 

The shoes were not exactly "new" in my dream, but they seemed "new to me". According to interpreters, this would indicate that I have regained my foothold on life. Now that truly is excellent news!

The article contained several other great symbolisms that I found interesting. For instance, if you dream that you are going barefoot, it could indicate a low self-esteem or identity issues. Baby shoes would signify innocence, vulnerability, purity and a desire for love. 

Dream meanings as a subject is rather controversial. While some people belief strongly that they have meaning, others say dreams are the result of an over-active subconcious or simply nonsense. What do you think? Have you ever dreamed about shoes?

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  1. Interesting stuff!

    I think dreaming about going barefoot if everyone around you is wearing shoes, and it's an inappropriate-for-nekkid-feet situation, could mean self-esteem issues. But if it's not a situation like that, then I think it could also be indicative of positive emotions and aspects, like feelings of freedom and connectedness to the earth.

    And the shoes you dreamed about sound very similar to the Jessica Simpsons I just bought! They weren't patent leather and peeptoe, were they? lol


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