Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What To Look For When Buying Mens Shoes

When you hear "shoe shopping" the image that comes to mind is typically
women, but today's guest blogger shares some tips for
 male shoe shoppers who also shop for footwear!
Women could shop for shoes until they drop. But men, generally speaking, are less skillful when it comes to buying footwear. Even though a man’s choice of shoes is usually selected according to his personal taste, there are certain rules about what to look out for.

If you feel that you need pointing in the right direction when it comes to buying male footwear, you may find the following pointers helpful.

One general rule of thumb is to try and choose a pair of shoes that match the shade of the trousers you are going to wear with them, or are a little bit darker. A lighter shoe at the bottom of a pair of darker trousers is generally considered to be a fashion faux pas! Having said this, the rule is not as essential during the summer months, when lighter colored sandals, loafers and desert boots take center stage on the catwalk and high street.

Clarks have a diverse range of light and airy casual shoes, loafers, sandals, canvas boots and desert boots. From pale blue and beige to bright white, this year’s Spring/Summer collection of Clarks mens shoes comes in a variety of colors.

Shinier shoes tend to suit more formal occasions, and look best when worn with a suit or a smart pair of trousers. So, when choosing a pair of new shoes, avoid picking a shiny style if they are going to be worn with jeans or shorts. Stick to loafers, sandals, sneakers or boots instead.

There’s a wide selection of loafers in this season’s Clarks collection, available in a whole range of shades and textiles. Choose ebony suede, sand suede, walnut leather or navy leather for an unusual feel.

When dressing casually – a polo shirt with a pair of chinos or khakis, for example – retro-style shoes provide a relaxed and fashionable feel that’s great for the summer months.

If you’re shopping for a pair of formal shoes, buying footwear that matches accessories – like a belt – will give the outfit an even smarter edge. Less bulky heels and soles will ensure you stay looking sharp. 

This is a guest post by  http://www.kandco.com/ , one of the leading online retailers in the UK. It offers stylish and comfortable clothing and footwear for all the family in a wide range of sizes.

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