Friday, June 22, 2012

Let's Get Intimate with Shoes: Lace and Lingerie

Have you ever noticed how shoes look, well, a bit like lingerie? With their lacy details and romantic elements, I can't help think that shoes are designed with romance in mind. Today bras and underwear are so beautiful looking, and that's why I love seeing all of their feminine designs. In fact, because I am such a hopeless romantic it's impossible not to "fall in love" with some of the pretty designs on both the shoes and lingerie that I come across.

If you were going to turn a shoe into lingerie, what would it look like? I think some designers have done a pretty great job at turning shoes into lovely pieces of lingerie, per-say. Here are a few lovely pictures that I think complement one another. You'll have to tell me if you feel the same way.

So let's get intimate with shoes, shall we?

I can understand why a bride would choose lacy pumps that lace up, because not only do they look gorgeous with a wedding gown, but they certainly compliment the lingerie underneath as well. If you think about it, lace-up shoes coincide with a corset, which also laces up. A corset is a beautiful piece of lingerie that is delicate yet beautiful and it just so happens to be worn by brides quite often for their wedding day. In fact, it's quite perfect for a bride to wear a corset underneath her bridal gown and lace-up heels. She's ready to get married to her prince charming and have a wonderful honeymoon.

If you look close enough shoes often look like sweet underwear too. With their floral designs and comfy fit, shoes easily look like your favorite pair of underwear. I love how floral shoes remind me of spring time and also of all of the lovely lingerie that's available. If you're feeling really matchy matchy it's fun to match your shoes to your underwear and bra of the day! Maybe it's time to find a pair of sloggi maxi briefs like Carrie Bradshaw and add them to your floral underwear collection? I'm thinking this is exactly what I want to do. ;)
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Besides a floral bra, lacy elements, pretty underwear, and matching floral shoes, there's also a little black dress, black lacy lingerie and matching lacy black shoes. Isn't it fun matching your under clothing to your shoes? With a little bit of creativity finding the perfect pair of romantic pumps and incorporating it with your lingerie can be fun. Whether you're a bride, mother, or a girl on-the-go, it's never too late to bring in some lace and lingerie into your wardrobe. I personally love matching my shoes to my under clothing, and I'm not ashamed to say it! Of course an outfit is not complete without the perfect pair of lacy shoes that match!

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