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What Whimsical Outfit Will You Wear During a Garden Party?

It's fun to plan events during the summer, but what's even more fun is planning the outfit that you're going to wear to the summer party! If you'd like to have a garden party for your birthday or you'd simply like to have a party during the summer time that will be a great way to get friends together, why not start planning now?

With a garden party everything will look magical. From a whimsical garden with gorgeous flowers to magnificent garden fountains, there are many beautiful elements that will make a garden party come alive with style and ambiance. Once you've planned a garden party, what would you like to wear? Here are some lovely ideas (and of course shoes are included!) that will get you in the right outfit planning mode for your outdoor summer party.

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A Floral Dress or a Sparkly Frock

Since a garden party will no doubt be magical and most likely warm if it is hosted during the summer time, find a dress that's not too heavy. As well as being a light weight frock that's make out of cotton or another light weight fabric, find a dress that will fit in with the garden theme. Think of florals, beautiful pastels, lots of color, or a dress with sparkles. All of these elements will aid you in finding a dress that will look lovely. When it's time to arrive to the party, you will fit right in and have a great time during the garden party.

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Whimsical Wedges or Comfy Chic Flats

Obviously if your dress is already floral you'll want to go with something a bit more basic in regards to shoes. However, if you end up finding the perfect dress in a neutral shade like beige, it will be nice to add to the outfit with floral wedges. Floral wedges will be suiting for a garden event and they will also look very lovely surrounded by all of the flowers in the garden! Remember, comfort is important so even if you find a perfect pair of wedges, make sure they are comfortable as well because you will be socializing and probably walking around a lot during an event like this.

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Let's Talk Makeup - Bright and Bold

Make a statement with your makeup. Bright lipstick (think Lime Crime lipstick!) will be a lot of fun to wear on your lips during a whimsical garden event. Plus, if you have pops of color in your dress or shoes, a bright shade of lipstick will certainly pull the entire look together. Don't forget about blush and foundation of course and you should also consider wearing blue eyeliner. Colorful eyeliner hat's just as bold as your lipstick will create a bold and fun garden party statement. All together your outfit, shoes, and makeup will look electric.

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Once you have an amazing outfit picked out, have fun accessorizing by adding a simple necklace or a fun cocktail ring. Remember to keep it simple by incorporating pops of color - it will blend in well with the garden ambiance and will also make for great pictures with friends. Have fun at the garden party in your fashionable outfit and everyone will love seeing your gorgeous silhouette!

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