Thursday, June 7, 2012

Style Tips For Creative Scene Kids

 Today's guest post from James tells us how to get 
the scene kid look but still stand out and be unique. 
He has some great ideas for making our own shirts a couple of ways!
Uniforms are great, and it’s a great feeling being part of a subculture that has a similar dress code for its members. However, in the past there were always those that stood out ahead of the crowd; the Mod with the best suit; the punk with the best hair, the rocker with the best patches on their jacket. But what can you do to stand out these days when every other kid is a scene kid and they all have the same t shirts, the same polo shirts, the same trainers and the same hair, because all these components are so accessible these days. What chance do you have at being unique and identified as a style guru, rather than a style sheep?

Here's one  answer....Customized clothing! Put on your idea hat because we’re about to get creative.

Step one. Decide if you’re a t-shirt kinda guy (or gal) or a polo shirt kinda guy (or gal) or both!
Both t shirts and polo shirts are extremely popular among scene kid circles at the moment. These both tend to be skinny fit, and from designer brands like Atticus and Fred Perry (respectively). Have you decided which suits you best? If you’ve chosen a t shirt, then it’s time to get out your paper and pencils because we’re going to design a killer t shirt.

What makes a great unique scene kid t shirt? If I could tell you that, it wouldn’t be unique would it? Here are some ideas though to base your idea around, all of which are popular scene kid themes.
  • 1Zombies – preferably eating the brains of some terrified victims.
  • 2Graffiti – scene kids love urban graffiti, a t shirt is the perfect place to display your tag.
  • 3Skate boarding – draw a skateboarder doing a difficult trick and add your own logo design.
  • 4Slogans – If you have your own witty saying or slang catchphrase, then make this into a t shirt!
Have you got your design ready? OK good!
Step Two. Scan the design into your computer and head over to any personalized t shirt company and upload your design. Select your colors, size and style of t shirt, and click order! The cost of having a t shirt printed is cheaper than buying a branded t shirt from a fashion label or catalog, and you’ll be pleased with the quality and fit.
Hang on... did you say you were more of a polo shirt kinda guy or gal?

Step one - again. It’s your lucky day. Have you got a cool bit of graffiti or an image you think would make a great logo?
Step two – again. Get this design out and get it scanned into the computer. Go to any embroidered polo shirts company website and upload your design (use an online logo designer if you’re struggling). Again, pick your fit, style, size and color and click order. Your top should be with you very quickly!

What is another way can we customize our clothes? This next one isn’t for everyone but if you aren’t into spending much money (hey! What kind of scene kid are you!?) then the thrift shop is your next port of call.

Have a look for any old t shirts that are extremely un-cool, vintage, out dated or rare (like staff t shirts for breweries, or pub events) and grab these. You shouldn’t pay much for a t shirt in a place like this, even if it is like new. Oh yea, the t shirt needs to be colored, our tricks won’t work on white!

Next head over to the super market and buy a big 2liter bottle of cola and a bottle of thick bleach. It has to be proper bleach, not toilet cleaner with bleach, and brand names work best. Go home, open all the windows and clean the bath. You’ll need to make sure the bath is completely clean and dry. Get a washing basket, bucket or seedling tray and make sure this is also clean and dry. Place this into the bath, and place your selected t shirt flat as possible in the basket, tray or bucket.

Stop for a break and drink the entire 2liter bottle of coke. It might help if you have some friends to help you with this. :-) Clean out and dry the bottle.Go back to the bathroom. Are all the windows still open? Good. Skewer three small holes in the lid of the plastic bottle, and pour in a liter or so of bleach into the bottle, careful not to get it anywhere else and attach the lid. It’s time to put on a pair of your mum’s marigolds (gardening gloves), because you don’t want to get bleach on your skin.
Now comes the fun part. Flick or pour bleach over the t shirt, sparingly. Watch as the bleach transforms your t shirt with a colorful tie-dye effect. Careful not to breathe in the fumes from the bleach, it will irritate your lungs!

Once the t shirt looks how you want it to (don’t leave the bleach on long enough for it to eat through your t shirt...) take the t shirt out, place the tray to one end of the bath and run the t shirt under cold water to get all the bleach out. You must do this thoroughly. Once all the bleach is out, pop it in a hole-free plastic bag and take it to your washing machine. Wash it on a standard wash to get the last of the bleach out, and allow to dry fully before wearing (or you’ll look like a drowned cat).
When it’s dry, you’ll have a completely unique t shirt! Decorate with badges, patches, safety pins and spray paint to make it truly yours.

Written by James from, a custom clothing company.

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