Monday, June 25, 2012

Gladiator Sandals - Latest California Shoe Trend

Whenever I'm in California (I split my time between CA and UT), I always pay attention to the latest shoe trends. Not only is it fun to see what type of shoes people are wearing, but it's fun to scout out the current trends and fashion statements! When I was out and about on 2nd Street in Long Beach the other night (and many nights after), I saw gladiator sandals left and right. Many girls were wearing them with shorts, dresses, and even leggings. Apparently they are the latest fashion statement for beach wear! I can understand why though. They're super comfy and adorable looking.
I admit I myself don't own a pair of gladiator sandals, but now I want to! Sandals in general are super comfy and gladiator sandals seem to be perfect because they add the perfect amount of edge to any style. They also are very boho chic and remind me of films like The Gladiator (ha ha), and films about Cleopatra. It's fun to see how history comes around again (via the Romans), and it's fun to see the trends reflected through fashion. Here are some gladiator sandals that are calling my name:
Anything that's tie dyed and blue is exactly what I love. These gladiator sandals look perfect for the beach. I can imagine wearing them with a beach maxi dress stat. What do you think? They also look very comfy and the top design is creative. I love the way the fabric twists and besides, these shoes are just very cute!
These Mud gladiator sandals are also very cute; I especially like the jewels on top! Since they are neutral they're great to wear during a number of occasions and they will go great with a variety of outfits. I would definitely wear this pair of sandals with a favorite pair of shorts or with a empire waist dress.
I love florals so naturally these gladiator sandals are lovely. Plus, with the sequins they look rather sweet! I might be annoyed tying them up occasionally, but with their sweet styling I think I can cope. ;) These gladiator shoes have the perfect combination of sassy and sweet!

Chinese Laundry sandals that are clear?! Yes please! I can only imagine that these sandals are extremely comfy and not to mention, jelly sandals are always so easy to clean! These are a great pair of sandals that I would love to add to my summer shoe collection.

So what do you think of gladiator sandals? I used to not like them, but now I have a new appreciation for them! Plus, since they seem to be trendy in CA, just maybe I'll cave and buy myself a pair. They'll look fabulous and will go with many of my outfits too!

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