Thursday, June 14, 2012

Get The Kate Middleton Look: Nude Heels!

Every girl wants to be a princess,
but Kate snagged William!. 
So the best we can do is dress like one...
Today's guest blogger has share insights about her famous nude  heels! 

The one type of shoe that nearly every girl loves are high heels. Not only do they lengthen the leg and compliment most outfits, they provide a perfect opportunity for you to get seen. Heels are incredibly versatile and regardless of whether you team a LBD with a simple black high heel or go for something more flamboyant, they represent the ideal way to be noticed at the bar on a Saturday night.
One type of high heel which is incredibly in vogue at the moment, however, are nude high heels. A large part of the reason for this is their endorsement by Kate Middleton. It is easy to see why the shoe was so embraced by Prince William’s wife – even more so than other colors, nude heels they provide the illusion of a lengthened leg and their color makes them a perfect companion to an array of different outfits and styles.

Kate Middleton’s fondness for these high heel shoes have led to her wearing them for a large percentage of the time she is in public, leading some to speculate they are the only pair she owns (this is, of course, factually inaccurate). Whereas most royals operate on the principle that outfits should rarely been seen in public more than one time Kate has been, to use a term favored by the tabloids, “recycling her clothing”. This phrase, to you or I, simply translates to “Kate isn’t afraid to wear the same item of clothing more than once”.  Recent public events where Kate has worn her £185 ($285) LK Bennett heels have include two times during the diamond jubilee weekend, to Zara Phillips wedding, and a staggering, by royal standards, six times during her tour of Canada. The princess clearly loves her shoes and, why shouldn’t she? She manages to keep them stylish and classy and uses them as a perfect match for an array of formal styles.

 Fashionistas worldwide have attempted to replicate the English royal’s look and, to capitalize on this, LK Bennett have used the boost a princess’s endorsement has given their brands by launching a new issue of the famous show, the Sledge 2 Patent version. It is very rare in the fashion world that clothes worn by a member of royalty could be considered “cool” and even rarer still that the person to kick off the trend should be the royal herself so, in this instance, LK Bennett have received somewhat of a marketing and global branding coup.

Despite the price of the shoe being relatively low for someone who’s husband will one day take the throne of England, £200 ($310) is at the top end of the spending scale for those looking at high street prices. Thankfully, the subtle look of Kate’s shoes means it is possible to get very similar looking heels from chain stores at a much lower rate. Whilst they may not be designer branded, a pair of sophisticated nude heels can be bought and worn with outfits that are suitable for weddings and night clubs alike. It has rarely been easier to feel and look like a princess!

Kieron Casey is a UK based writer who blogs regularly on fashion and the latest trends in shoes and high heels.

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