Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Confessions of a Shoe-a-Holic

 Welcome back to Kat, the guest blogger who shared with 
in a previous post why she is team boot.
If you enjoyed her perspective and writing style in that post, 
 you'll absolutely love this one!
My name is Kat and I'm a shoe-a-holic. There really is no other way to put it, my obsession with shoes has reached the point where my wardrobe strains when I close it and my other half is scared to open the door in-case he’s attacked by a ballet pump avalanche. I have shoes in every color, style and shape; from sandals to sky high heels the list is endless. Today I had a look through my ever expanding collection and separated them into the shoes I wear and the ones I don’t. Only five pairs made it into my ‘everyday’ wear category whilst the ‘never worn but aren’t they pretty?’ pile needed its own room.  I know I’m not alone when it comes to hoarding pairs of shoes so I’ve decided to look at why I do it, is it just because I’m a sucker for well made heel or am I mentally preparing myself for any possible event that I may need footwear for? 

One of the main trends I discovered when raiding my shoe closet is novelty shoes. Point me towards a pair of shoes with a strawberry pattern or a cat face on the front and I will be handing over my bank card quicker than you can say ‘gimmick’. I do have my fair share of comfy shoes like my trusty Lotus Boots, but another common theme is the ankle crunching, blister inducing heel. I have skyscraper heels and towering wedges in almost every color yet when I do wear them I have to pack a spare pair of flats in my bag to inevitably change into after half an hour. 

I’ve decided that from now on my shoe purchasing will be a much more controlled affair, perhaps with stringent comfort and quality checks and multiple trips to the shoe shop. Ah who am I kidding, there’s a pair of 6 inch leopard print wedges with my name on them!

Kat is a full time writer, blogger who loves nothing more than being asked to write about her second passion in life, fashion (her first being shopping!). She is known for her love of Vivienne Westwood  and Lotus Shoes

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