Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just Some Shoe Quotes to Brighten Your Day!

It's amazing how much fun we can have with shoes, huh? Shoes are a blessing in disguise - they carry us where we need to go while looking fashionable, trendy, and full of color. Shoes also reflect our personality and with so many different pairs of shoes it's hard to not keep "collecting" more!

We recently started a new Pinterest page and one of our favorite folders is the Shoe Lovers Quotes. We thought we would share some of these quotes with you to brighten your day and just to remind you how much fun shoes really are! If you didn't already know that, that is. ;)

Have a great day and remember - you deserve more shoes!! ;)


  1. I always appreciate quotes but "Fashion or Shoe" quotes...those are my favorites!

    Thanks for sharing. xo


    1. You are welcome Maria, glad you enjoyed the quotes!


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